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Bongbong Marcos’ Millennials are the Majority Demographic of the Philippines


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

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While Vice President Leni Robredo tries to influence the millennials negatively against the Marcoses, Bongbong Marcos speaks highly of them. He considers them as the majority demographic of the Philippines. This is the reason why they should get involved. He urges them to speak out and help in revising the inefficient system of government if there is. The former senator’s backing among these young group of Filipinos is secured through the influence of his sons. In fact, they often overpower his popularity in gatherings.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos addresses the Millennials, and acknowledges them as the Majority Demographic of the Philippines today. If the Millenials could act together, they have the power to elect any official in any position. Despite the failures of the system, Bongbong Marcos still urges the youth to be involved to make the politics of today better.

Millennial Sons

Joseph Simon, Ferdinand Alexander, and William Vincent all have the bearing and intellect of a Marcos. Ferdinand Alexander “Sandro” Marcos, 23, recently finished his graduate studies at the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science. He accompanies his father often in public appearances. In fact, Sandro often substitutes the older Marcos during his absence in speaking engagements. The millennial crowds welcome this with glee and affection because of his wit and good looks.

The End of Misinformation

Fake news and the so-called “post-truth dominate the world not only today but even during the Martial Law Days. The only difference is, nowadays, it’s easy to seek for the truth with the IT technology. Young Filipinos should fight to win against misinformation in the past that affects the present. Numerous events and alliances during the EDSA revolution celebrations show all the truths that people should know especially when it deals with the Binay, Honasan, Marcos, ad Du30’s camps.

Dictatorship Black Propaganda

The word dictator attached to Marcos’ name is not even appropriate. There’s no dictator in a democratic country. However, there are politicians who are propagating the communism idealism. Not following the mandate of a president elected by majority votes like President Du30, for example, is one example of a communist move. The electoral protest of Bongbong Marcos against Vice President Leni Robredo is another thing – that a political party would do everything to disrespect people’s rights to choose their own leader.

Fact Checking

Senator Gringo Honasan who leads the military during Edsa 1 and former VP Jejomar Binay, a martial law human rights lawyer were important players of the EDSA Revolution that ousted the late President Ferdinand Marcos. They were at the Quirino Grandstand Freedom Celebration on February 25. They both support Bongbong Marcos’ return to the executive office along with President Du30. This is more than enough proof as to who millennials can fathom on who are the pro-democracy leaders in the country today.

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Justices Hint on Sereno’s Dictatorship – Is this Beneficial to Bongbong Marcos?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Associate Justice Teresita Leonardo-de Castro’s earlier testimony is supported by two other justices. She calls on the attention of the chief justice ever since. They claim that after 5 years, Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno still fails to ask the en banc. De Castro even asked; Until when will we suffer? As she implies on Sereno’s dictatorship at the SC. Bongbong Marcos, on the other hand, said that Sereno’s plight must not affect the recount for his election protest in February 2018 against Leni Robredo. Their proceeding is under the Tribunal. It might be favorable not to have an anti-Marcos as Chief Justice in a long run but for now, he can only see further delay in the ruling if she is impeached.

Video by;  Rappler

[VIDEO]: Four justices of the Supreme Court – 3 incumbent and one retired – stand as witnesses in the impeachment case filed against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.

Justices Criticize Sereno’s Dictatorship

Several associate justices of the Supreme Court openly criticize Chief Justice Sereno for mistakes she apparently makes during her 5-year term. “I believe that the actions of the chief justice from the time that she assumed her position showed no respect or courtesy to the court en banc,” said Associate De Castro. The House committee on justice continues to hear the impeachment case against Sereno.

Disregarding the En Banc

“I do not disagree with the characterizations made by Deputy Speaker Hernandez,” said Associate Justice Francis Jardeleza. He refers to South Cotabato 2nd District Representative Ferdinand Hernandez. Hernandez asks the SC justices if they are insulted by Sereno’s apparent habit of making decisions on her own. This is without consulting the en banc which refers to all 15 justices of the Supreme Court, including Sereno.

Advice to the Supreme Court CJ

“We are a very small group in the Supreme Court. I would tell her, don’t go that route. You are getting what you want through these devious means that are not right,” added retired associate justice, Arturo Brion. The House committee deliberates over 7 hearing days a complaint filed by lawyer Larry Gadon against Sereno. Among his allegations is that Sereno curtailed the power of the Supreme Court en banc, a collegial body, by making decisions on her own.

Complaints that Led the Impeachment Case

Aside from Sereno’s alleged dictatorship, the establishment of the Regional Court Administrator’s Office (RCAO) in Region VII is also under scrutiny. These are on top of t the issuance of a temporary restraining order in the proclamation of party-list group winners and the transfer of the Maute cases from Marawi City to Taguig City. The committee is set to vote by January 2018 – whether to accept or reject it.