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Bongbong Marcos: Pandemic Survival is Within Us


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

Disiplina ang Kailangan | Bongbong Marcos

Discipline is Needed for the Country’s Progress

Discipline is needed for the country’s progress is an old-time slogan. Now, we are back to basic. The police record of almost 300,000 quarantine violators clearly shows that the surge of the Coronavirus infections is due to a lack of discipline. The countries that did well during the SARS and MERS pandemic do not even need to impose a lockdown. They just follow the health protocols deliberately.

Pandemic Survival

The nations with citizens that follow the instructions of their leaders are likely to survive faster than those who are resistant. The front-liners already carry an unimaginable burden. This is why the President put Manila back to Enhanced Community Quarantine. The economic balance is not possible if the medical sector is in danger.

Rebuilding the Economy

Discipline is not only for the common citizens but also for the authorities. To lead is to be able to plan and structure measures on how to fight the pandemic. Then the people must follow them strictly without complaints. The culture of discipline already proves effective to fight a crisis. When each Filipino practices self-discipline, then that’s the right time to think about rebuilding the economy.

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

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Is the President Hinting on Bongbong Marcos who Promotes Discipline?


By: Elena Grace Flores
President Rodrigo Du30 speaks before the 121st anniversary of the Philippine Navy in Sangley Point, Cavite, Duterte. He laments the rampant corruption in government that he cannot solve. The President said that he cannot fulfill his promise to get rid of corruption even with 20 years as president because of the current constitution. He suggests to the public to look for another Marcos. Coincidentally, the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ namesake promotes discipline by supporting Senator Many Pacquiao’s bill for the return of the ROTC. This happens during a boat collision in the West Philippine sea that involves China.

YouTube video by
Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos versus Noynoy Aquino (Round 4) Talent Showdown.

Strengthen Nationalism

In his independence Day message, Bongbong Marcos reminds to strengthen nationalism. Finding ways to serve the country is a highlight. One possibility is to bring back ROTC. Senator Manny Pacquiao already files the bill for this. The President also deems this urgent. He supports the efforts as he explains that the Reserve Officers Training Corps is not only a reserve for war but an exercise for discipline.

ROTC’s Return

Senator Pacquiao’s bill paves the return of ROTC contrary to the disagreement of the opposition. It reminds the people of duty and honor, Marcos insists. National disasters can have trained individuals who have camaraderie, leadership, and courage. This is for the service of the country – not just for the war.

Peace Corps Discipline

Marcos also explains that the late President John F. Kennedy of America had the Peace Corps. This is the same as the ROTC. The training pushes an individual beyond his or her limit that can enhance self confidence. This is certainly one of the reasons why the youth during the Marcos time had more endurance and resilience in solving society’s problems.

Find Another Marcos

The President hints this; Find another Marcos. Or someday, somehow, somewhere that fellow will be elected in the generations to come, Du30 said. He speaks of his frustration in solving the corruption problems of the country. The constitution made it impossible to deliver on his promise, he explained.

The Opposition’s Outrage

Opposition Senator Risa Hontiveros slams the President’s statement as an “unwelcome distraction.” The recent remark made by President Du30 about former President Ferdinand Marcos really creates a stir among his detractors. However, the loyalists hope that this is the Filipino’s hint on his move to give way to Marcos whom they believe as the real Vice President of the Philippines. Have some discipline, folks.

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A Birthday Tip: Bongbong Marcos’ Discipline and Borgy Manotoc’s Gorgeous Body

By: Elena Grace Flores

Just prior to the April 9 birthday of Gov. Imee Marcos’ son, Borgy Manotoc, Bongbong Marcos releases his video about healthy mind and body. Marcos said that sports are not just about games. They teach us the importance of sacrifice, discipline, and camaraderie. To do well in sports is to do well in life, he added. At 36 years old, Borgy’s gorgeous body would not be so as a motel if not because of his discipline and determination. Nevertheless, his mom who runs as Senator for the May 2019 midterm election can only ask when would he get married. Perhaps, this is now the new trend for successful men in today’s world.

YouTube video byBongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: BBM VLOG #56: A healthy mind in a healthy body | Bongbong Marcos


The whole nation is the witness of how successes come about to the Marcoses. Despite the false criticisms against them worldwide, they play by the rules. Now that it’s one election away from their coming back to power, discipline plays a great part in it. For one, the former Senator never uses harshness or violence to get back the VP post allegedly stolen from him during the 2016 elections. This is indeed a total sacrifice and merely trusting faith to take its toll.


There might be groups that are trying to destroy the alliance between the Marcoses and the Du30 administration. However, it’s their discipline that drives their quest for a return forward. They trust that the President as constitutional as he can be would finally exercise the political power to finally resolve the 2016 election fraud that denies Marcos the Vice Presidency. It is evident in their patience as the line of succession is put into place. Not by media propaganda but by the lawmakers who are responsible with it.


The old staff of the Marcoses can attest how they preserve camaraderie in their households and workplaces. This is the reason why most Filipinos still admire or even love them. Their positive character can only be the result of the many trials they have been through. Their constituents would always be loyal because of the extent of their public service provisions.


Borgy, who is a shopping and cooking buddy of his mother can only prolong his single blessedness. Like many desirable men his league, there’s no point rushing into marriage when you are already doing your purpose in life. That kind of union may not be for everybody but when it happens, it better be a good one.

The End Results

As per the common predictions, the Marcoses are instrumental in the success of the nation. Bongbong Marcos for one is closer to his destiny to lead the country. The detractors won’t make it easy for him but if nature dictates, no man can stop it. The people can only trust and make the utmost effort for unity to exist. After all, a prosperous Philippines can only materialize when the people are one.

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The President’s EJK Sin Remark can Prove that He Follows the Rule of Law to Discipline People


By: Elena Grace Flores

Discipline is a necessary trait for progress and the Filipinos sorely need it so. foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano says that Duterte’s actions against drugs ultimately protects the rights of the Filipinos. He believes that we are on the right track and that we are saving the country from becoming a narco-state. This is what he says before the General Assembly of the United Nations. By law, no one can be prosecuted by bluffing that he or she killed someone. The due process of law requires an investigation to gather evidence. Therefore, the critics can investigate Duterte all they want and see if there’s probable cause. Logically speaking, the Filipino leader will not say such a thing if he is guilty of it. Surely, his only sin is EJK. He could have solved the problem quickly if he allows eliminating criminals at once.

YouTube video by GMA News

[VIDEO]: Pres. Duterte: Ang kalasanan ko lang ‘yung mga extrajudicial killings

Discipline is Vital to the Rights of Filipinos

To quote Cayetano, “We may sometimes differ in how we express ourselves, yet this should not be interpreted as turning our backs on the universal declaration on human rights. On the contrary, we are instituting all of these reforms to be able to protect the rights of every single Filipino.” This was Cayetano’s defense for Duterte’s drug war. He says that the administration will prioritize to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens first.

PI Adheres to the UN Stance

The Philippines adheres to the stance of the UN with regards to the protection of rights, according to Cayetano. However, if given a choice between the rights of law-abiding citizens and that of drug lords and criminals, the former’s rights are what we choose to protect.

Admittance or a Challenge to Detractors?

The Malacañang have downplayed Duterte’s supposed admission of his sin for extrajudicial killings. He was just being “playful” as they say. Now Cayetano’s remarks came days after this supposed admission. Furthermore, the Philippine delegation employed the same reasoning to the UN assembly at Geneva.

The Media’s Alternative Facts

Cayetano criticized the media and marked their arguments as “alternative facts”. He claims that they have been sourced from the critics of Duterte. Furthermore, he questions them for using a different definition of extrajudicial killings in the oast administration.

Misled International Communities

With the Universal Periodic review of the UN Human Rights Council in 2017, they summarize the 27 recommendations of UN member-states. They urge the Philippines to immediately stop the killings from the context of this drug war. Instead, conduct thorough investigations. Furthermore, Myanmar and Thailand call the Philippines to provide protection from the threat of drugs while upholding human rights as well as to provide appropriate health measures. Most of these countries can only judge Duterte according to what they read. Take the case of the millions of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar to Bangladesh. That should be a priority as far as human rights are concerned.

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Imee Marcos’ “Tambay” Views: Check for Crime because Discipline is Wealth


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Governor Imee Marcos and election 2019 bet for Senator explains that there’s no crackdown against “tambays.”  Tambays are out of work individuals who sit around the community as past-time. She also said that not all of them are innocent. Gov. Marcos adds that the president’s campaign is clearly not to hunt them but to investigate. Check if they are involved with any crime when there are suspicions against them. Discipline is wealth so she supports this move of the government.

Youtube video by;
[VIDEO]: Imee Marcos backs PNP’s crackdown vs ‘tambays’

The President’s Clarification

Contrary to some media propaganda that President Rodrigo Du30 is a killer, he is very particular with the rule of law as a prosecutor for a very long time. He said that his operative is not against the out of work citizens of the Philippines but to those who act as lookouts from crimes in the streets and the neighborhood.

Misled Social Groups

Despite the Filipino leader’s clarification, some social groups capitalize in the word twisting game just to discredit Du30 and stage some destabilization efforts for their own interests. It is already known that these protesters are backed by the oligarch-funded politicians for the power grabbing initiative that they are famous with.

The Blaming Game

Gabriela, a civic group that claims to protect the rights of women accuses the President as the one responsible for the increasing number of out of work people in the country. They seem to not have the logic of thinking straight that if only they use their ample free time in learning the skills that are in demand during the digital age then they have no excuse to hang around in the streets.

Discipline is Wealth

The President finds an ally in the lady governor. It is evident that the two really work hand in hand for the country’s progress. She has graces crowds to clarify his policies in many different locations nationwide. Du30 also asks the Congress to facilitate the return of the Marcos gold into the country. However, the opposition strongly opposes this for fear of exposing their own crimes in the last  3 decades.

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Gov. Imee Marcos: Filipinos Need Discipline to Progress


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos directly said that she agrees with President Rodrigo Du30’s disciplinary actions. She believes that Filipinos need discipline to progress. Her father, the late President Ferdinand Marcos was also known for his instilling the rule of law. No doubt, she would be a disciplinarian Senator.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Gov. Imee Marcos agrees to Tulfo’s reaction on the disciplinary moves of President Du30 as a disciplinarian herself.

Top 5 in the Survey for Senator

Gov. Marcos is surprised that she is in the top 5 of the latest Senatorial survey for 2019. She is actually not out to the public for a year until recently that she goes around town visiting fiestas and events with brother, Bongbong Marcos. Her interests earlier are confined in her very own province like farming and tourism.

Kuwait Move is Overdue

The recall of overseas Filipino workers from Kuwait, particularly domestic helpers is actually overdue, said Marcos. There were already reports of grave abuses during the previous administration but only President Du30 has the will to safeguard the welfare of the majority in this regard. Skilled workers are not strictly regulated because of the fact that they do not suffer the same fate as the many abused DHs.

Disciplinarian Leaders

Part of the greatness of Du30 and the former President Marcos is their being great disciplinarians. It cannot be denied that Gov. Marcos is the same. She reiterates that most Filipinos are already abusive. This needs to be balanced to progress as a nation. It’s about time to have a tough leader like Tatay Digong, she said.

Discipline in Doing What’s Right

Many people also feel that to clean up Boracay is a drastic move. However, the sea and the environment there already deteriorate badly during ex-Pnoy’s time. It would be too late if the President would not act now. Detractors of the Du30 administration take advantage of some people’s unfortunate plight for temporarily losing their livelihood. If they have the discipline to do what is right, they can’t be corrupted by the opposition. Instead, they better partake in the government’s alternative programs.

Gov. Imee Marcos’ Priority as Senator is Transportation – Facilities and Fuel Prices