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Eating Tips for Better Health


Mindless Eating
Mindless Eating (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ever since our first solid food when we were babies, our parents will always feed us until we are full – and we obviously get used to it until adulthood. This is basically why eating to the fullest is a normal habit by the human race and even animals regardless of where they come from. Now, it’s about time to read these eating tips if you want to live comfortably without suffering from dreaded diseases. This masterpiece has created a stir in the WordPress world and it is our intention to share this article with you:


Therapeutic Hunger: Habitual Mindless eating to Mindful eating


By: bhardwazbhardwaz


“Therapeutic Hunger” (TH) is the residual hunger that is still left when we don’t eat stomach full.  When we finish meals, and have eaten just the right quantity of food, that we don’t feel full and have left some space in stomach to properly digest the food . This sweet hunger is very therapeutic, as it helps optimise digestion, proper absorption of nutrients, and enough space for elimination of waste.


For sure, many of us will feel guilty upon reading this information – but better late than never. Let’s eat a little bit less than enough and feed our minors the same – so that the new generation will be healthier than we are now without too much efforts. It’s not just the right kinds of foods or the essential nutrients but also the amount of the total intake. Leave some space in your stomach so that the digestive system can function properly!


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