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Speculations after Duterte’s Son Withdrawal: Is it back to the Original Marcos-Duterte Plan?

election 2022

By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Sara Duterte jokes about running for VP

Mind-boggling Strategy for the Election 2022

Davao City Vice Mayor and presidential son Sebastian “Baste” Duterte withdraws his candidacy for Vice Maor of Davao reelection. He refuses to divulge any details. But Baste confirms that it’s the instruction of his sister, Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio who wants to finish her term as mayor this election 2022.

BBM’s VP for the Election 2022

It’s only a week more to go prior to the substitution deadline. But people still cannot guess the final strategy of the opposition. All their alliances definitely knew the real score. But nobody dares to publicize it. However, reliable sources said that it could only be the President or his daughter for BBM’s VP this election 2022.

BLISS Housing Project

How could one turn his or her back to Marcos in 2022 if he or she lives in Imelda Marcos’s provision? The BLISS housing project of the former first lady gave security to long-time residents of many areas. So, her son Bongbong Marcos as he is fondly called is expected to have a landslide win. As many Filipinos are already awakened from the nightmares made by the Dilawans.

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Bongbong Marcos may Benefit from the Restrictions to ABS-CBN for the Election 2022

election 2022

By: Elena Grace Flores

It’s not only Honda that left many Filipinos jobless but more than 11,000 people can lose their jobs if ABS-CBN ceases operation. This is not easy for their employees. Malacañang already said that job replacements are sufficient. A resolution can actually allow the network to continue despite a non-renewal of their franchise with all the restrictions. Bongbong Marcos can actually benefit from this since he’s obviously not a favorite of this media entity for the election 2022.

YouTube video by CNN Philippines
DOJ: Resolution needed to allow ABS-CBN to still operate

Hope for ABS-CBN

ABS-CBN may continue to operate with an expired franchise. What would be the basis? A concurrent resolution of Congress. The Justice Department made this remark during a Senate hearing on the media giant’s alleged franchise violations.

Provisional Authority

If the Congress directs the National Telecommunications Commission to issue a provisional franchise, ABS-CBN lives temporarily. Some senators are calling for its renewal, Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra said. Guevarra attends the Senate Committee on Public Services inquiry into bills on ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal. They tackle the network’s violations.

Bongbong Marcos can Benefit from the Restrictions on ABS-CBN

Senator Allan Peter Cayetano said that ABS-CBN may be favoring political candidates in the past. Some also use them to destroy their opponents. Its closure during martial law by the father of Bongbong Marcos won’t give BBM the chance to get promoted by the network. However, some restrictions on the provision may force them to be Marcos-friendly.

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