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BBM’s Election Fraud Narrative Made Him the Frontrunner for the 2022 Presidential Election

election fraud

By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: The VP election protest.

Massive Sympathy from the 2016 Election Fraud

Bongbong Marcos could be the VP today if not because of the massive digital election fraud in 2016. Witnesses point the anomalies to Smartmatic and the Comelec favoring the current VP. The people only had the mainstream media as the source of information then. But now, they seek for the truth using social media and discovered many things on their own.

Unfair Treatment Despite the Evidence

Despite the numerous evidence on the election fraud submitted to the Supreme Court, the en banc chose to ignore them. Their verdicts were unfavorable to BBM. The anger of the people are evident on social media when local authorities report on such cheating in their area.

The President is Against Smartmatic

The election fraud evidence is very obvious that even the president himself calls on the Senate to make a law that would discontinue the use of Smartmatic. Since the people were deprived of their VP choice in 2016, they vowed to support him strongly to win the presidential race in 2022. The BBM-Sara caravans are the living proof of most Filipinos’ burning passion on this matter.

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Glenn Chong Warns Singapore Consul of Election Fraud Possibilities in Private

election fraud
By: Elena Grace Flores

Game changer, Atty. Glenn Chong swears that his network of volunteers will not allow election fraud to happen. Reacting to the report of his active poll watcher in Singapore, the Senatorial candidate #21 calls the Philippine embassy consul directly to warn him of possible cheating due to their private system of feeding the ballots into the VCMs. Only the Comelec, embassy officials, and accredited watchers can witness the process inside a private room. In the Philippines the public must be able to see visibly what’s going on outside the precinct at least.

YouTube video byGlenn Chong

[VIDEO]: Irene Marcos was invited to Ateneo, and students are up in arms.

The Public’s Rights to Prevent Election Fraud

Chong urges voters to please do not agree that doors and windows are closed in the embassies or consulate room where the admission of mailed in balloting takes place. It should be open to the public and the entire process must be publicly visible. When they hide in a closed room, all kinds of cheating can happen. Please report immediately if this is not the case in your area, he added.

Warning to the Comelec

Comelec must make it clear that they should not hide the ballot in the machine. Only thieves can do this. To avoid doubts, they must open the windows and doors. All Filipino citizens must be able to observe and watch if the want or need to, Chong clarifies.

Aiming for the People’s Victory

The clean election advocate and senatorial candidate is determined to influence the masses to help in winning the people’s campaign. This is to generate a fraud-free election despite the incompetence of the Comelec. He is grateful to the many ofws who are helping in their respective ways.

Facebook Live Announcement

Immediately after hearing that Imee Marcos and him are top one and two senatorial bets in Hong Kong, Chong immediately goes live on Facebook to address the worrying report from Singapore. Such action is a great help for what the country is fighting for. He is certain to win because of the people’s help. Atty. Chong promises to make it up to his voters as soon as he becomes a Senator.

No Transparency

In the website of Philippines Embassy, Singapore, it says that The received ballot envelopes shall be opened by COMELEC-deputized Embassy officials only on Mondays and Thursdays for feeding into the Vote Counting Machines (VCM) (hours: 9:00 a.m. until completion of received ballots). This procedure can be observed by accredited Watchers only.

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Atty. Glenn Chong’s Election Fraud Evidence Reveals the Liberalism’s Attempt to Control the World

election fraud

By: Elena Grace Flores

The video interview is intended for English-speaking audiences around the world. It warns voters of the vulnerabilities and perils of the SMARTMATIC voting systems.  The Venezuelan operator offers its services to governments in a number of countries. The narration in this video is based on actual documented evidence. A Filipino lawyer and IT expert, Atty. Glenn Chong also shares his experiences on such election fraud. He presents them in the Senate of the Philippines. Despite the fight for 8 years now, the defendants just refuse to answer.

Youtube video by paradoxman316

[VIDEO]: Attorney updates us on fraud in the Philippines

Deceiving the World

Main-stream media has its biases and it may be shocking to learn new perspectives if you’ve only consumed mainstream news. There is a lot of fraud and lies being perpetuated by people who want to manipulate us.

Atty. Glenn Chong’s Story

One of the people trying to present his truth is Atty. Glenn Chong. He has seen corruption first hand and is challenging it. As such, he is working to expose the fraudulent activities of Smartmatic in the previous elections. The voting machines are reporting results a day before the elections. Furthermore, the company, Smartmatic, is going to various lengths to evade the truth. For instance, they kept poles open for 29 straight hours.

Unresponsive Defendants

With the public hungry for answers, the people involved remain silent. Both Smartmatic and the elections commission have yet to communicate their defense on the allegations they need to answer. There are 38 violations that Smartmatic have committed on the last three elections in the Philippines.

Election Fraud Cases Files

There are already 29 cases filed against Smartmatic and its conspirators since 2010. These cases are filed in different courts and agencies of the National Government. However, A key officer is avoiding criminal prosecution by fleeing to Panama.

Chong’s Plea

Chong is now asking the English-speaking public to do what they can to help. Please share the video so that it can reach people who need to be informed so that they can act accordingly. Remember, this case is not just in the Philippines but in the world. The deception often lies in the pretense of intolerable patience, fake human rights quests, and misleading democratic campaigns – which is the nature of the world’s Liberalism.

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Atty Chong Walked Out From Senate Hearing as Senator Pimentel Barred him from Speaking


By: Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Glenn Chong walked out of the Senate hearing on the electoral reforms as Comelec explained their answers to the allegations tolerated by Senator Koko Pimentel. The latter blamed it to lack of time. He apologized that not all resource persons were given the chance o talk. Chong urges the people not to vote lawmakers who are biased with Comelec’s nonsense explanations.

Youtube video by; DU30 News


Comelec Did Not Address the Anomalies

Comelec’s lengthy presentation made no relevance whatsoever to the specific anomalies raised by Chong in the previous hearing. Senator Tito Sotto even warned them that they have to provide factual evidence to counter the allegations because his sources are IT experts that can’t be fooled. However, Pimentel allowed Comelec’s nonsense stories to eat up the time.

Group Walk Out

The supporters of Chong followed suit after his walk out when they were informed that he is giving an interview outside of the hearing video. They swear that the event will be posted on social media as soon as they can. The people should know which bets for the seats of Senator do not deserve such votes in the 2019 elections.

Comelec to Retain Smartmatic for 2019

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV was seen at the beginning of the hearing. Sotto also left after a few minutes. The flow of the manifestations was solely in the hands of Pimentel. His partiality is very obvious here. However, he is open to the Hybrid treatment of the upcoming election that would clarify any surprises of fraudulent activities after the poll.

Fooling Around with their Answers

Those in charge of this very expensive propaganda campaign were so good at their job that they apparently even “convinced” government station PTV4 not to air the hearing live and the local gatekeepers of popular social media platform Facebook to take down pages that shared the YouTube video of the proceedings posted by the Senate, said the Manila Times.

A Big Election Fraud Against the People

Comelec now means the collector of Smartmatic proceeds. Social media marketers are one in making the call of Atty. Chong a massive campaign on letting the public know how he was ignored by the committee head. Many of them are publishing live coverages online. Few videos made it to the Youtube channel in real-time. The people must be aware that the manipulation of the country’s election is supported by some LP players as seen in the video.