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Election Day Seems to Wipeout Covid-19 Fears as BBM, Irene, and Imelda Marcos Cast their Votes


By: Elena Grace Flores

Manila Bulletin Online
[VIDEO]: Imelda Marcos casts vote in Ilocos Norte with Irene after BBM’s turn.

Presidential Frontrunner on Election Day

Presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos casts his vote in Mariano Marcos Memorial Elementary School, Ilocos Norte first thing in the morning on election day. Then his mother, former first lady, Imelda Marcos follows suit. Her daughter, Irene Marcos assisted her. Mrs. Marcos pushes for the presidential bid of her son. But at the age of 92, her family decided not to put her at risk because of the pandemic.

His Mother’s Dream

It’s the dream of Mrs. Marcos for her son to become president. Despite her old age, she made sure to cast her vote early. Spectators can’t help but peep through the windows of the said presinct. She attempted to run twice for the presidency herself in the past but ended up withdrawing her candidacy.

Pandemic Blues

The election day started normally with no obvious hiccups. The basic protocols for the prevention of Covid-19 spread are followed. One thing is obvious though, people are excited to go out to vote on election day without the fears of the virus.

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Can Robredo Beat Bongbong Marcos without Andres Bautista in 2022?

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

CNN Philippines

[VIDEO]: Presidential aspirant Ferdinand Marcos Jr. is still in the race.

Robredo Vows to Beat Bongbong Marcos

The questionable VP Leni Robredo vows to beat Bongbong Marcos after the Comelec rules in favor of the most popular presidential aspirant. Robredo seems to get her confidence back after the alleged Comelec data hacking. However, many voters are asking what happened to the former Comelec Chairman Andres Bautista. He’s still in exile in the US after his wife accused him of having unexplained wealth during the 2016 elections.

A Hand in the Election

Bautista’s wife, Patricia implies that her husband’s unusual wealth may have something to do with the massive election fraud in 2016. She testifies that he allegedly received bribes during the said poll. Robredo was the highest mainstream media advertiser at that time while Bongbong Marcos was defeated with a very slim margin. Although IT experts identified a suspicious pattern on the data increase that gave Robredo the advantage after a sudden disruption of transmissions during the wee hours right after the election day.

Bongbong Marcos Retains his Lead

Bongbong Marcos retains his lead despite the many black media propaganda against him. His popularity even increases after the Comelec rules in his favor over the DQ petitions. The ballots are definitely with his name on them. That would leave the people to be vigilant when casting their votes in May 2022. While the IT experts continue to scrutinize the election system. The no-election scenario is unlikely.

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Bongbong-Bong Tandem Emerges as Mayor Sara Insists on her Re-election


By: Elena Grace Flores
ANC 24/7

Mayor Sara wants re-election as Davao Mayor
Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio apologizes to her supporters. She wants to run for her last term as Davao mayor. Her re-election is important right now. This means that she won’t run as president or vice president. That stops any national bid for her.

Forging an Alliance with President Duterte

Marcos forges an alliance with President Rodrigo Duterte to be his vice president in the 2022 election. Although he said he is open to a possible “Bongbong-Bong” tandem with Senator Bong Go. The president surprises the public when he withdrew his plan to run as vice president to retire.

Bongbong-Bong Tandem

Bongbong-Bong or Bong to the 3rd power sounds so familiar with the Nostradamus prediction. This is if President Duterte refuses to substitute Bong Go in November. Just like the 2016 strategy. So it is not a surprise if it happens again.

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The Big Marcos-Carpio Switch can Happen Soon for the Election 2022!


By: Elena Grace Flores
by JulsPage

Marcos-Carpio Switch

Bongbong Marcos is Likely Running for President

Davao Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio easily tops the Pulse Asia survey because of her father’s popularity. However, Bongbong Marcos tails her despite the odds. Regardless of the propaganda against their tandem, one thing is certain. They will never run against each other this election 2022.

In Tandem

Not running against each other simply means that they are in tandem. However, it is not likely to be Carpio-Marcos but Marcos-Carpio. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s machinery works so hard to bring a Marcos back since 2016. He is only one election away from making his quest come true.

Election 2022 is a Life Changer for Filipinos

President Duterte knows that only a Marcos can realign Philippines back to its proper place. He’s a tactical person when it comes to politics. It takes an analyst to know his own nature and aspirations to predict correctly where he’s going. Experts who got this right can only say that it is going to be Marcos-Carpio very soon for the election 2022.

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Why is Bongbong Marcos the Quietest Among the Election 2022 Presidentiables?


By: Elena Grace Flores

Mayor Sara Duterte, VP Robredo among possible presidential candidates: OCTA

Other than Bongbong Marcos for the Election of 2022

Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio and VP Leni Robredo are among the named presidentiables for the election of 2022. Manny Pacquiao and Mayor Isko Moreno have their own publicity stunts. Senators Bong Go and Tito Sotto are also active in their own jurisdictions. However, the Marcos loyalists noticed that Bongbong Marcos is the quietest. They even urged him to continue questioning the unfavorable outcome of his electoral protest with a bit of toughness.

Inheriting Major Headaches

Analysts said that the next president would inherit the major headaches brought about by the pandemic. His or her character can be judged by how he or she answers strategic questions on how to solve the current crisis. Nonetheless, Robredo continues to attack the president, and the presidential daughter, Mayor Sara can only retaliate by commenting on her fake courage.

Bongbong Marcos is Still

Character-wise, Bongbong Marcos remained still amidst the big blow on his election protest.  He only presents fraud evidence during the 2016 elections at the bar of public opinion. This is after those proofs were not shown to the magistrates before the en banc. He blamed former President Noynoy Aquino’s ally, Associate Marvic Leonen who is the ponente of his case for blocking them. His moves may be invisible right now but one thing is certain. The President’s allies are definitely doing something to protect his interest. He clearly chooses his battles.

Bongbong Marcos’ Wealth of Evidence at the Bar of Public Opinion

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Chong: Comelec is Riding on the Hybrid Election Bill


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Karoni Channel

Atty. Glenn Chong: Comelec is Riding on the Hybrid Election

President’s Order for 2022 Election

Atty. Glenn Chong continues his crusade against election fraud. He warns the public on Comelec’s strategy to protect Smartmatic. He said that the poll agency allegedly rides on the Hybrid election bill. Senator Imee Marcos endorses it recently. Besides, the President wants them out. So, the Comelec would show to favor the automated and manual combination. Just to destroy it. They would say that it is too expensive to lessen the public’s sympathy, Chong said.

Public Sentiments of Hybrid Poll

The Comelec feels that the public sentiment now geards towards the hybrid process. They also know that the price is a major issue among Filipinos. Therefore, their estimate for the hybrid election would be the Smartmatic budget plus the manual costs. Chong explains that even if there are more expenses for the manual process, the local economy would benefit from it. From the teachers to election box suppliers. Whereas with the automation, only foreign entities can gain.

Comelec’s Fraud Involvement

According to Chong, it is also clear that on Bongbong Marcos’ case, Comelec allows Marlon Garcia to escape. They had alterations also that were timely for the decline of Marcos’ vote count. Even Leni Robredo’s claim of gaining 15,000 votes more after the recount signifies that the Smartmatic count is never correct. As compared to the manual count. However, their congress ties are too great to remove them just like that. Regardless, the people must exercise their right to vote. The lesser votes, the easier for them to cheat.

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Senator Marcos Neutralizes Smartmatic by Fast-Tracking Sotto’s Hybrid Election Bill


By: Elena Grace Flores
PH Latest

Senator Tito Sotto explains his hybrid election bill.

The Committee on Electoral Reforms for 2022 Election

Senator Tito Sotto clarifies that he is the author of the Hybrid Election Bill. Senator Imee Marcos endorses it. The Comelec said that they need to put that into law by January. So, that it can be implemented in the 2022 election. The pro-administration senators race against time. As Senator Marcos explains, no one would qualify but Smartmatic for the upcoming election. This is due to the provisions in the law.

Hybrid Election

The voting is manual with teachers’ counting on blackboards. Then, the transmission uses the Smartmatic’s automation. This way, there’s a reference when there are disputes in the numbers. Sotto this that this process is difficult to manipulate.

Other Suggestions

Sotto said that there are senators who suggest to make the voting a 3-day event. However, Sotto is not in favor of this. This can make rooms for cheating. The Senate’s connection with the lower house in Congress is not so efficient right now due to the different political interests. The battle continues with the speakership of Lord Velasco and other concerns. However, Sotto is positive about these things.

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Ferdinand R. Marcos’ Call to Duty Prior to the 2022 Election


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Filipino Future

“A Call to Duty” by Bongbong Marcos

A Call to Duty Prior to the 2022 Election

Filipinos need hope. Ferdinand R. Marcos’ greatest fear is dying without making a difference. There’s no other political personality right now who is that able and with all the reasons and capabilities to make his countrymen happy as the namesake of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Now is the time, amidst the pandemic to serve in whichever way possible. The 2022 election is still far behind.

Bongbong Marcos is Ready

It may be true that the people need such a leader that could sacrifice their time away from his family. He had a taste of Covid-19 already. His loved ones understand more than anyone his purpose in life. Can the Filipino people appeal for his services before the elections?

There’s a Life in Making People Happy

Family and his own happiness are not enough for such a man. He needs to fulfill his duty for his people. The right time for him to take part in the government can be unconventional. Given the present condition of the country during the pandemic. As the coronavirus infections and the economic situation worsen, please hear the call of your people!

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

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Bongbong Marcos’ Response to Atty. Glenn Chong’s Election Advocacy


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by HUGGER PH


BBM and Atty. Glenn Chong

To have a clean election is Atty. Glenn Chong’s long-term advocacy. This is long before the Vice Presidential fiasco in 2016. That leads to former Senator Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against the current Vice President Leni Robredo. Her camp speculates that Chong is under Marcos’s payroll. His track records show otherwise. This is the first time that BBM announces his support to Chong’s advocacy on a recent video.

Likely Support for an Election Advocacy

The national election in 2022 is fast approaching. BBM is certain to run for the executive office. He did not confirm yet the exact position. Many hope that he will run for President. Despite his alliance with President Rodrigo Duterte, Marcos favors the recommendation of Atty. Chong. He said that his hybrid election recommendation is indeed the right one. This is to discourage any digital manipulation.

The Election Protest Update

The Marcos loyalists urge the Supreme Court to make a decision on the Marcos-Robredo election protest. As per the developments, the verdict can happen only as the VP term comes to an end. The President already assures the opposition that Robredo would definitely finish her term. Nonetheless, he swears to give what is due to Marcos in the next elections. The ABS-CBN shut down and the fate of the oligarchs seem to be in line with this promise. They were instrumental to the downfall of the late President Ferdinand Marcos.

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

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Election Tips: The Father of Sinulog on Bongbong Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores

The father of Sinulog in Cebu, David Odilao or Boy as he is fondly called, speaks highly of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos. He mentions at the 888 New Forum, Marco Polo Hotel that the notable leader was very particular on his appointees. He always looked for someone who did not need to acquire wealth anymore. In fact, as Regional Director of the former Ministry of Sports and Youth Development originally, he started the Sinulog festival. Odilao’s designation then was not directly linked to the late President. General Fabian C. Ver made his recommendation. Odilao shares his insights on Bongbong Marcos’ candidacy for the upcoming election given his experience in dealing with politicians.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores
The father of Sinulog in Cebu, David “Boy” Odilao may have served during the Marcos regime but needs to wait and see for the son.

Odilao added that during the Marcos regime, there were many projects that made a difference. Initiatives were supported. He then urged the audience to continue contributing to society regarless of who sits as president. When asked about Bongbong Marcos’ running for a national position in 2022, he said that he has learned in his life to look at what a candidate can do for the country and not the family name.

Wait and See for Bongbong Marcos

Odilao might be a fan of the father but he advises to wait and see for the son. One should look at other candidates as well, he explained. As of now, he can only say “no comment” for Bongbong Marcos’ election bid in 2022. It’s better to be neutral for the time being for him. There’s no doubt that he has many friends from the different political parties.

Balik Baroto Regatta

The first “Sinulog sa SRP” on Friday features two events: the colorful “Balik Baroto Regatta” in the morning and a fireworks musical competition in the evening. This takes place in the vicinity of the Il Corso Filinvest Lifestyle malls at South Road Properties. Odilao announces that there are 50 paddle and sailboats in the competition. These are for the two categories of baroto race and the baroto showcase of Sinulog relevance.

Strictly for Fishermen Only

Odilao stresses that only certified fishermen can join the competition. This starts and ends at Il Corso while the participants have until SM Seaside City Cebu before their return to the starting line. For the baroto race, the first placer will get P100,000; second, P75,000; third, P50,000; fourth, P30,000; and fifth, P20,000. The sixth to tenth finishers will get P10,000 each while a consolation prize of P5,000 will be also given out. As for the baroto showcase, the first placer will get P50,000; second, P40,000; third, P30,000; fourth, P20,000; and fifth, P10,000 courtesy of the City of Cebu.

A National Open Eyed Before the Election in 2022

Odilao said when the event is successful, they intend to open the Regatta nationally next year. This is a year prior to 2022 national where Bongbong Marcos contemplates seeking a post. The Sinulog sa SRP was conceptualized by then SRP Management Office head Jose Daluz III. This was before his appointment to the Metropolitan Cebu Water District Board. Upon his resignation, Odilao assumes the responsibility to lead with Councilor Jerry Guardo. The latter oversees the Sinulog sa SRP.