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BBM: Two Justices Made his case a Bad Precedent for Future Electoral Protests

electoral protest

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Bongbong Marcos

Two Justices Hid the Evidence from the other Magistrates

Junking the Electoral Protest from Day One

Bongbong Marcos said that the tribunal should have junked his 3rd cause of action from day one. This is if it was going to end up dismissing the case. Worst, the action happened without hearing all the evidence. This is very clear in the discovery of fake voters in Mindanao. The Comelec has the official result of another electoral protest in the area.

Lenghthy and Costly

The PET made Marcos pay P66 million for the electoral protest. They made his camp wait for almost 5 years. They made them believe that the annulment was a separate, distinct and independent cause of action. But in the end, they only decide on the case without affording him due process. He particularly mentioned Justices Leonen and Caguioa.

Bad Precedent for Future Electoral Protests

Thhe outcome of Marcos’ electoral protest is a very bad precedent. This is because in the future, no one in their right mind would dare contest the results of an election. It is an expensive and time consuming exercise,” Marcos explained.

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Ballot Boxes in Cebu Prove COMELEC’s Incompetence in BBM’s Electoral Protest

electoral protest

By: Elena Grace Flores
Bongbong Marcos divulges the critical ally in Cebu in the person of none other than Vice Mayor Mike Rama. BBM graces Rama’s birthday upon the invite of a mutual friend who is one of the organizers of the event. He also meets Governor Gwen Garcia who is vital in helping now Senator Imee Marcos’ initiatives when she was still in the Congress. Garcia always believes that Marcos was cheated during the VP race in 2016. Sure enough, the electoral protestee can only see the original ballot boxes in Cebu that up to the real standard set by the COMELEC. Unlike the ones they submitted during the election protest recount procedures.

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos
Cebu City is evidence that when public servants set politics aside and encourage entrepreneurial thinking instead, their communities make visible progress.

Governor Gwen Sets Aside Politics

Politicking is not in Governor Gwendolyn Garcia’s vocabulary. She’s always on top of her projects that augment the lives of Cebuanos. The passionate governor spearheads tourism expansions to rural areas  like in “Suruy Suruy sa Sugbu” since her previous term.  Garcia means business when she implements a total ban on live hogs, and pork from Luzon. This is after the Department of Agriculture (DA) confirms the outbreak of African swine fever. There is a serious concern of a possible ASF entry to the PHP10-billion hog industry in Cebu if there’s no efficient virus control.

Mayor Cortes in Mandaue

Cebu officials like Mayor Cortes of Mandaue are role models as public servants . They hardly discuss politics during gatherings. All they think about are the public projects that can bring good impact to their communities. Marcos applauds their dedication to public service that he witnesses with his very eyes. Plus their entrepreneural spirit.

An Old Friend, Secretary Sitoy

A good friend of BBM’s mother, Imelda Marcos accompanies BBM to tour Cordova and Lapu-lapu. Sitoy accompanies Marcos and Mayor Chan and Vice Mayor Sitoy welcome him.

Spotting the Ballot Boxes

Marcos compares the state of the ballot boxes in Cebu to what he saw during the recount for his electoral protest against the presumptive VP Leni Robredo. The container were not as robust as the ones in Cebu. There were also not wet and tidy. Foreign things were seen in each box that degrade the electoral integrity inthe eyes of the public. That gives him a clear idea on how an untampered ballot boxes look like.

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Bersamin Hints on BBM’s Electoral Protest Victory as Tulfo Explains

electoral protest

By: Elena Grace Flores
CJ Lucas Bersamin said he intends to delay the vote on the electoral protest. It is a public perception that since he’s an appointee of President Rodrigo Du30, he naturally favors Bongbong Marcos. Therefore, he does not want Marcos’ victory to happen during his term. Nontheless, the majority wins and with the 11-2 voting which is the former Senator’s first round win happens. Meanwhile, Erwin Tulfo explains the success of Marcos and Robredo’s fake news.

YouTube video by Erwin Tulfo


“I wanted to delay the vote because I did not like to take part in it, because I did not like the public, like the media, speculating that I cooked or orchestrated the result,” he said. “But I always told you: You cannot cook things up here inside the Supreme Court because there are too many people involved.

The Highest Number of Votes Does NOT Determine the Winner

Erwin Tulfo explains that BBM never said that he has more votes than Robredo in her bailiwick. He only asks the tribunal where his votes from the INC are. The justices only have to decide according to the evidences if it’s likely that there’s a massive fraud during the 2016 elections that prevent Marcos from becoming the rightful VP. Out of the 11 magistrates, only two want the dismissal of the protest. Therefore, it continues. The figures of the recount votes won’t matter at this time.

The Queen of Fake News

Robredo’s speculation that she gains 15,000 more votes is a big fake news. Her political allies also ride on with it by organizing a Congress proclaimation. They are fooling themselves out because the recount continues because there’s substantial evidence that the election was fraudulent. Filipinos can only expect from now on that Marcos would soon become VP then, as per the President’s promise, his destiny dictates that he is the new President of the Philippines.

Analysis: Bersamin Hints on the Marcos Take Over

The outgoing Chief Justic’s action only confirms that BBM is indeed the real Vice President. As a result of his unifying act he has to face bad survey results that he can’t do anything with. Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin has this to say: “Don’t be angry.” The Social Weather Station’s survey for the third quarter of 2019 shows that the Supreme Court’s net satisfaction rating went down to +41 from +54 last June. Little do the people know that Bersamin knows that it would be BBM indeed that would emerge as the winner.

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Bongbong Marcos is Already Grateful to the Justices who Topple Caguioa, Carpio

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
The end result of the Oct. 15, 2019 Supreme Court decision over the electoral protest of Bongbong Marcos versus Leni Robredo overrides the delay and frustration suffered by the protestant. He’s grateful that despite the complication of the case, the majority of the justices still see the essense of what he’s fighting for. His case continues contrary to the dissenting opinions of justices Benjamin Caguioa and Antonio Carpio. He vows to continue the protest until he gains back the Vice Presidency.

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos
Interview After PET’s Latest Pronouncement | Bongbong Marcos

Must Review the Electoral Protest Processes

The 3 years delay only shows that there’s a need to revisit the electoral protest processes that seem to have loopholes. The protestant is not at all protected, Marcos said. Nevertheless, he’s just thankful that the fight is far from over as claimed by his opponent.

Big Reason to be Jolly

Marcos admits that defeating Caguioa’s efforts to dismiss his case is already a big victory in itself. He cannot hide his jolly mood in front of the press representatives. He vows to show all the evidences that his defeat was due to massive fraud orchestrated by the sitting VP or her influencers.

Trust the Justices

The former senator urges the public to trust the wisdom of the justices. When it is true that the whole procedure is not advantageous to the electoral process itself, the voters or even to the whole political system, he is still thankful to see his agenda through. The essence of the recent PET decision is for his protest to continue and that is the most important thing, he added.

Bongbong Marcos Thanks his Supporters

Since it’s a knock-out score versus Caguioa who heads the committee for his case, Marcos is thankful to the sacrifices of his supporters who are on vigil at the Supreme Court grounds whenever such event happens. What happens today overcomes the difficulties in the last 3 years. He stresses that the loyalists are the ones who are giving him the fighting spirit to continue his quest. As for Robredo, his lawyers will take care of her camp who steals his place as Vice President.

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Bongbong Marcos’ Electoral Protest Continues as Supreme Court En Bank Junks Caguioa’s Dismissal Plea

Supreme Court

By: Elena Grace Flores
True to the logical explaination of Bongbong Marcos’ spokesperson, Atty. Vic Rodriguez earlier, his electoral protest against the presumptive Vice President, Leni Robredo continues. As per the constitution, the Supreme Court can’t dismiss such a case without resolving the pending second course of action regardless of the recount result. The SC en banc, according to Marcos, rejects to adopt a draft decision made by Associate Justice Benjamin Caguioa. He recommends a dismissal of Marcos’ election protest. “I am happy that the case continues,” said Marcos. “So the case lives and it continues,” he said. Besides, only justices Carpio and Caguiao have dissenting opinions versus the 8 magistrates who are for Marcos.

YouTube video by PINOY RANDOM TV

Trust in the Judiciary

Marcos can’t deny that frustration sneeks in after being made to wait for too long to take over as Vice President. “Of course, it’s frustrating but what are you going to do?” he said. “You have to trust the wisdom of our justices. Also the case is complicated. It is the first time that any presidential protest has reached this stage,” Marcos said.

Initial Recount Results

The high court that sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET), releases copies of initial recount results. These are from the provinces of Camarines Sur, Iloilo and Negros Oriental. The former senator claims that massive cheating allows Robredo to win. He files such case for it but the camp of Robredo demands the release of its results. The Supreme Court also asks Robredo’s camp to submit an answer to Marcos’ bid. This is to recount votes in yet another area. This time, it’s in the the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

Likely Heir of the President

President Rodrigo Du30 currently laments over his poor health. He declares that he is suffering from a chronic immune-system disorder. The timing does not seem accidental. The Supreme Court, with his appointees, is set to issue a crucial ruling about who should be a heartbeat away from the presidency.

The Annointed Successor

If the 74-year-old President Du30 who is prone to long, unclear public absences gets his way, his vice- president  should be Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. He swears during the campaign period that he would turnover the Presidency to Marcos because he’s too old for the problems of the country. The Filipino leader also clarifies his disagreement for Robredo to succeed him.

Marcos: I was robbed of 3 years as VP; Robredo: I’m not the thief between us

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Housing Advocate Gorayeb Commends Ferdinand Marcos’ Pro-Poor Policies


By: Elena Grace Flores
The electoral protest of Bongbong Marcos may again face another delay due to some divisions in the Supreme court – but one thing is certain. Many advocates in the society come forward to defend the late President Ferdinand Marcos citing his pro-poor policies. Marcos’ demonization can’t stand a chance against active players in the economy. Take the case of CREBA National Chairman Charlie AV Gorayeb who commends Marcos for his presidential decree on socialized housing. He is surely an advocate in making Filipino lives better. This happens during the 888 News forum recently at the Marco Polo Hotel during an ambush interview.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores
CREBA National Chairman Charlie AV Gorayeb Explains the Marcos Era PD On Socialized Housing

A Home for Every Filipino

The Chamber of real Estate and Builders’ Associations, Inc. or CREBA announces its 28th National Convention to the 888 News Forum attendees. It aim to provide a home for every Filipino. Their target is to award 10 million homes by 2040. The convention is from October 9 to 12 at the Waterfront Hotel and Casino, Lahug, Cebu City.

CREBA is Pro-Administration

CREBA commits to protect and promote the interests of its members. It harmonizes the conflicts in busines, government and homeless society. The national interest is paramount to them. The association seeks to be an effective and dynamic partner for national development with the real estate industry being a major pump-primer of the national economy. CREBA has become the government’s stongest ally. This is in terms of their national and affordable housing programs.

Financial Support to the Low-Income Earners

Advocate Gorayeb reminds the public that the government mandates a 270 billion per year funds from the social security system, security insurance, PAG-IBIG, and the Marcos era presidential decree that obliges trade banks to provide 25% of a housing unit’s loanable amount.

No Other President is as Good as Marcos

Chairman Gorayeb finally testifies that ex-President Marcos is by far the only president who takes care of the poor through his era’s policies and reforms. There’s no doubt for him that he is indeed the best president the country ever had. His sector would indeed welcome his son, Bongbong Marcos as President Du30’s replacement should the electoral protest results favorably for him.

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Anticipating a Favorable Ruling for the President’s Anointed


By: Elena Grace Flores
The presumptive VP’s camp urges the Presidential Electoral Tribunal to release a copy of the committee report on the initial recount of votes in the electoral protest filed by Bongbong Marcos. This seems unecessary when the deliberation is already the next day. Her counsel said that the SC only decides whether election protest will continue or not. Meanwhile, Marcos is confident of ousting the sitting vice-president in a legal challenge. This would place him a heartbeat away from the Presidency as PDu30’s anointed if the ruling is favorable to him. The loyalists are quietly anticipating his victory.

YouTube video by
ABS-CBN News[VIDEO]: Robredo’s camp seeks copy of PET’s committee report on Marcos protest

October 8 Deliberation Round

Atty. Romulo Macalintal swears that Robredo would remain as VP whatever the Presidential Electoral Tribunal’s decision would be. This is because the tribunal would only rule on whether the poll protest would continue or not, he said. They should know that BBM’s family was in talks with the President, a political ally, to end the government’s three-decade hunt for the billions of dollar hidden wealth. Although there are evidences that the former first lady Imelda Marcos desperately seeks the attention of the Congress to prioritize its claim constitutionally but to no avail. At the end of the day, the PET fails to act on the electoral protest on October 8. The deliberation’s new schedule is on October 15.

Marcos is Expecting a Favorable Ruling

“We are definitely sure that when the recount starts the true result will emerge and prove that the votes in the vice-presidential election had been incorrectly counted,” Marcos told reporters. Marcos, 60, narrowly lost the vice presidential election last year but he filed a case with the Supreme Court alleging the victor, Leni Robredo, cheated by manipulating computerised vote counting machines. The 8-6 rumored SC ruling which is favorable to Marcos initially leaks but the Chief Justice denies it.

A Political Comeback

Victory for Marcos would cement his family’s remarkable political comeback. This is after 31 years after a famous “People Power” revolution saw millions of people take to the streets to end his father’s 20-year rule. The family was forced into US exile. Although the family remains popular with Imelda, 88, as Congress representative for the solid north.She dreams of his son Bongbong to become president at the right time.

BBM Can be a Step Away from the Presidency

The vice-president takes over should the president die or becomes incapacitated. Du30, 72, admits to having a range of health problems, including a cardiovascular illness. The President insists he is an anti-graft crusader. He also openly admires the leadership style of the the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Senator Imee Marcos was one of his presidential campaign supporters. Du30 mentions something about the settlement on the wealth cases. Bongbong Marcos also confirms that his family offers to sign a “quit claim” deed in which it would identify properties and assets it had acquired legally. Then, relinquish its claim to whatever else the government finds.

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Why would Caguioa Issue the BBM Electoral Protest Report with Unknown Results?


By: Elena Grace Flores
The Supreme Court announces that Associate Justice Benjamin Caguioa submits his report on the result of the pilot recount.This is Bongbong Marcos’ poll protest against Leni Robredo. However, no on can tell the actual status of the recount in Marcos’ pilot provinces. The presumptive VP claims her victory earlier. Since it’s only now that the report is final, then it’s really a mind-conditioning effort on her part. BBM slams her for such misleading claim.

YouTube video by
Rappler [VIDEO]: Justice Caguioa finished with report on pilot recount in Marcos poll protest.

The Disgust of BBM Over Robredo’s Action

BBM hits the camp of Vice President Leni Robredo for claiming early victory in the electoral protest he filed after the 2016 vice presidential race. “We are appalled once more by the brazenness of Mrs. Robredo and her Liberal Party in claiming victory in my still ongoing election protest just as the tribunal announced that no action has been taken by the court on the Caguioa report,” Marcos said in a statement.

Caguioa’s Secret Results

Marcos issues the statement after Caguioa submits to the Supreme Court. It sits as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET). His report covers the result of the pilot recount from three pilot provinces that Marcos cited in his electoral protest. However, both parties cannot divulge any information about it.

No Action Yet from PET

“Clearly, there has been a concerted effort to intimidate and coerce the Tribunal with their underhanded mind conditioning tactics,” Marcos said. Lawyer Brian Keith Hosaka, the high court’s public information chief, clarifies that the Tribunal “has not taken any action yet on the said report.”

The Next Step is Due

Marcos said he has also yet to receive any formal notice or decision from the PET regarding the issue. “We assure the Tribunal of our commitment to abide by the subjudice rule as what we have always done,” the former senator said. Atty. Romulo Macalintal, legal counsel for Robredo, also said that the report would determine the next step of the protest.

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How can Robredo Make a Plea to Resolve Bongbong Marcos’ Electoral Protest Prior to Evidence Submission?

Electoral Protest

By: Elena Grace Flores
Just shortly after the PET’s denial of the presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo’s plea to resolve Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest, Marcos urges the tribunal to set a preliminary conference for the submission of evidence. This comes following the death of Pastor Boy Saycon who was an integral part of the presentation of witnesses at the Senate.

YouTube video by
One News PH[VIDEO]: PET junks Robredo plea to immediately resolve Marcos’ poll protest

Robredo’s Premature Conclusion on the Electoral Protest

PET, in its notice of resolution said: “What protestee seeks is the immediate resolution of the instant protest.” The Tribunal has yet to complete the proceedings following Rule 65 of the 2010 PET Rules. This entails judicial recount, revision, and appreciation of the votes cast in protestant’s pilot provinces.”

False Claim

Macalintal, in the motion, also claims that after the ballot recount, Robredo’s winning margin in the three pilot provinces jump to 278,215. This is 15,742 votes more than the 2016 election returns. Macalintal tabulation shows Marcos receiving 14,159,535 votes after the recount. This number is 4,191 higher that the election returns. Nontheless, in July, the PET denied Robredo’s claim of victory. It calls the figures she cited “speculative” and her premise “fundamentally flawed.” Robredo had claimed her lead grew by as much as 15,000. This is allegedly based on the results of the recently-concluded revision, recount and re-appreciation of ballots from the 3 pilot provinces.

Marcos’ Call to Satisfy Public Interest

“Protestant Marcos is now compelled to humbly request this Honorable Tribunal to set the above-entitled case for preliminary conference in accordance with Rule 56 of the 2010 PET Rules. That the dates for the reception of evidence and the submission of the affidavits of the witnesses may finally be fixed,” he said in the motion filed through lawyer George Erwin Garcia. “Public interest demands that this electoral controversy be resolved with dispatch to determine once and for all the genuine choice of the electorate for the contested position,” he added.

Evidence First

The PET also deferred action on Marcos’ move to conduct technical examination on ballots outside the 3 pilot provinces he initially chose. The PET said its rules allow the tribunal to conduct revision of ballots and reception of evidence on the designated pilot provinces first, and on such basis, dismiss the protest if it finds that the protestant will most probably fail to make out a case.

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Senator Imee Marcos Prevents Oversight on Bongbong Marcos’ Electoral Protest

electoral protest

By: Elena Grace Flores
Senator Imee Marcos who is in charge of the election reforms committee in the Senate said that a possible oversight can happen during Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest proceeding if she won’t inhibit from it. She has deep connections with the issue and so, it’s better to let Senator Panfilo Lacson take over. This is only applicable when BBM’s case is in the agenda. Things must be prospective.

YouTube video by

[VIDEO]: Imee Marcos to inhibit from Senate poll panel probe on ‘Bongbong’ protest

Laws for the Future

The new Senator assures the public that there’s no retroactive or retrospective effects for the electoral reforms in the Senate. All policies must be made for future elections like the national poll in 2022 and the Barangay elections in 2023. This is if the latter won’t be done on schedule.

Nothing to do with BBM

Marcos chairmanship in the committee that makes policy changes going forward does not focus only on the younger Marcos’ plight. They must create proper guidelines to address the issues of the elections. Digital, manual, and hybrid systems are in the discussions.

A Lot of Vice Chairmen to Choose From

Senator Marcos has no problem to inhibit from the hearings of the electoral reforms when the issues of her brother’s electoral protest come up. She has a lot of Vice Chairmen to choose from. One is Senator Ping who can handle them well.

Customary Action for the Electoral Protest

Marcos is now the chairman of the electoral reforms committee. The senator’s brother has a pending electoral protest following his defeat in the 2016 vice presidential race. Therefore, it is best to inhibit from any hearing that involves BBM’s protest to be fair as per custom, she added.