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Why Does Bongbong Marcos Blames FVR for the Loss of Gasoline Price Control?

gasoline price

By: Elena Grace Flores

With the fluctuations in gasoline price today, Bongbong Marcos is expressing his support to return the Oil Price Stabilization Fund. In an interview with Erwin Tulfo, he said that it would be wise to consider the OPSF with the rising oil prices. His father, Ferdinand Marcos, set up the OPSF to protect the consumers from the fluctuations of oil prices. However, he also adds that during Ramos’ administration, it was scrapped in favor of the deregulation of the oil industry.

YouTube video by GMA News

[VIDEO]: Papalo na ng mahigit P60 ang kada litro ng gasolina bukas kapag ipinatupad na ang malakihang taas-presyo ng ilang kumpanya ng langis. ‘Yan na po ang pinakamahal na presyo ng gasolina sa loob ng halos isang dekada. Pero alam niyo ba na sa ibang bahagi ng Pilipinas, ngayon pa lang, nasa P71 na ang gasolina?

OPSF Method

As Bongbong Marcos explains, the OPSF works by taking a portion of the sales of the top three oil companies, Shell, Caltex, as well as the government-owned Petron. In an event of a price hike, the fund can serve as a buffer.

Gasoline Price Buffer Fund

With a buffer fund, BBM states that this will protect the Filipinos from the effects of rising oil prices. Because the fund will be able to cushion the increase.

Cushioning Inflation

He also states that ultimately this would cushion inflation as well. Because a higher price in oil almost immediately translates to a higher price of commodities. However, sadly wherein there is a decrease in oil price, it doesn’t automatically translate to a lower price of commodities.

Confusion on Rising and Falling Oil Prices

He finds it odd that when the oil prices go down, unlike when it goes up, the prices of goods don’t follow suit. He understands that with everything using up crude oil, rising oil prices would certainly affect the prices of goods. However, why is it that when the prices for oil go down, the prices for goods just stay stuck.

Insights from the Opposition

The main argument against the OPSF Fund is that back then the oil companies formed a cartel and dictated the prices. Setting up the OPSF again may mean going back to the era where oil prices are fixed.

Bleeding Ramos Administration

With all of the bleeding in the finances of the Philippines in President Ramos’ time, His economic and finance ministers had enough. This led to President Ramos signing the R.A. 8479 or the “Downstream Oil Industry Deregulation Act of 1998”.  The purpose of the said act was to ensure a competitive market in the oil industry by deregulating it. Furthermore, the act also promotes the entry of new participants.

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Binay: Filipinos Remain Poor – Ramos’ EDSA Jump Becomes Symbol of Poverty?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Former President Fidel Ramos breaks away from the late President Ferdinand Marcos as vice chief of staff during the EDSA People Power Revolution in 1986. He is still anxious in re-enacting his jump with glee. This is on the third day of the 4-day revolt while he and other key players unfold the event along the EDSA-Aguinaldo and Crame road. His co-player, Former Vice President Jejomar Binay, however, calls for real democracy by alleviating poverty.

Youtube video by; PTV
[VIDEO]: “27th Anniversary of EDSA People Power Celebration”

Jejomar Binay on True Democracy

Vice President Jejomar Binay issues a statement as the nation marks the 28th anniversary of the EDSA Revolution. “True democracy cannot thrive in a society whose population lives in poverty,” he said. It is the duty of the government and citizens alike to let the effects of the economic gains of the country benefit all, he added. He is a member of the MABINI group of human-rights lawyers who defend critics of the martial law regime – but an avid supporter of Bongbong Marcos.


Half the Battle

Binay expresses his thoughts that the peaceful revolution’s success is only half-way. The other half is for the people to protect the democracy the nation by not letting memory fade. Not through lavish celebrations but to be It demands vigilant against any violation of human rights that makes poverty worse.

Memorial Museum

Binay agrees on the establishment of a memory museum to document the struggles against martial law. This is to help in educating the youth and to make them aware of the fight for democracy during that period.


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Nancy Binay’s Take

Senator Nancy Binay also said that people power is not finished yet since most Filipinos have no food on the table. Poverty continues to increase and inequality still persists. She believes that it is still work in progress. Binay said the EDSA People Power Revolution should inspire people to attain real democracy that stops hunger worldwide.–fvr-re-enacts-jump-of-edsa-revolt-binay-says-poverty-key-challenge-28-yrs-later

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Marcos Era Ver-Ramos Conflict: Bato Should Look for a “Ramos” among Police Scalawags


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The military loyalty to the administration is crucial to prevent destabilization. PNP Chief Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa as directed by the president, stops the war on drugs and focus the fight against corrupted police officials. This is an excellent strategic move based on the Ver-Ramos history during the Marcos Era. Bato might uncover a bigger scandal within his backyard.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Philippine National Police chief Ronald Dela Rosa says before they go full throttle on their war on drugs, there is a need to “cleanse the ranks” first.

Do not Let History Repeats Itself

General Ver became Chief of Staff in August 1981. He commands more than 160,000 troops. The force grows threefold since Martial Law is declared in 1972. His appointment was resented by the so-called professional faction or “elite” class in the military. Most of those anti-Ver men are educated at West Point or at the Philippine Military Academy, modeled after West Point. The candidate preferred by the professional military at that time is Gen. Fidel V. Ramos, also a West Point graduate. General Ramos became Acting Chief of Staff when General Ver stepped down. He directed the intelligence apparatus but denied involvement in human rights abuses committed allegedly by his people – even after he became the head of the Philippine Constabulary.

Computerized Collection System

Dela Rosa announces the reorganization of the Anti-Illegal Drugs Group (AIDG) involved in the kidnapping for ransom and murder of a South Korean businessman, Jee Ick Joo. AIDG, Supt. Rafael Dumlao III has to defend himself in the accusation that he masterminded the abduction of the victim, who was taken from his home in Angeles City, Pampanga province, on Oct. 18 last year and killed inside PNP headquarters. Embarrassingly near the office of General Bato.

Cleansing in the Police Force

The president intends to create a “narco police” command to eliminate the bad men in uniform in the drug trade. The new command will be under PDEA. This has raised doubts among human rights groups that the “Oplan Tokhang” campaign is not really suspended but re-organized.

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Justice for the Drug War Extra-Judicial Killings

The New York-based Human Rights Watch does not buy the suspension of the war on drugs and regarded it as a mere public relations stunt. It seeks true accountability for the unjust drug-related killings accumulated after the new president took office.

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SC’s Injustice Against Imelda Marcos Surfaces over Vicki Belo’s Insult Case Victory


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Supreme Court suspends lawyer Argee Guevarra from his law practice for posting malicious statements against cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo. He is shocked that he did not get the favor this time. Guevarra gets away from the same insult case against former First Lady Imelda Marcos in 1997 during former President Fidel Ramos’ time.

Youtube video by; AP Archive
[VIDEO]: Incumbent President Ramos was heading for victory in Philippine – but did he really deliver his promise to give justice to the oppressed? What if it’s Imelda Marcos who needs justice?

Insulting Imelda Marcos

Guevarra is confident that his case against Belo is not a big deal because SC previously dismisses debarment proceedings against him in 1997 filed by former first lady Imelda Marcos. He calls her a “vampire” and a “kleptocrat” in his newspaper columns.

Insulting Vicki Belo

Now in 2017 under the Duterte administration, the Supreme Court decides to penalize Guevarra for branding Vicki Belo as Doctor Quack Quack, “Reyna ng Kaplastikan” and “Reyna ng Kapalpakan” in his 2009 Facebook posts. This is despite the fact that the offense is committed when there’s no such law yet backing up the suspension.

Social Media is not a Venue for Professional Accusations

Guevarra learns now that he cannot just criticize any professional for alleged mistake or lapses in their field of work. As a lawyer, he should be able to convince complainants to file a legal lawsuit if there’s really a case. If his move is just to discredit Vicki Belo like what he did to Imelda Marcos, then he will surely be grilled under the Duterte administration.

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Marcos Injustice

The Marcos family members are definitely subject to false accusations by their political enemies and cronies. Luckily, they know who they are and still hopeful for a beautiful tomorrow not just for themselves but for the whole country. Hope is what keeps the Filipino people going. Imelda to this date remains the mother of all Filipinos – thus the dream that her son Bongbong Marcos is to be president sometime in the future becomes stronger than ever.