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Genesis Extender Hooks for Content Styling

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Not all web developers are fond of the Genesis framework when building sites – but for those who appreciate it, they definitely chose the method that simplify coding or complex techniques. You just have to learn how to use the tools like hooks and widgets:

Genesis Extender WordPress plugin: using hooks and widgets to add content to your website

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Internettets nye dynamik
Internettets nye dynamik (Photo credit: Thor Dekov Buur)

Dynamik-Gen or the Dynamik theme for Genesis platform is a combination of making templates easier and protecting data from being lost when auto-updating. Dynamik is actually a child theme in itself where you can simplify coding just by following its standard process indicated in this article:


Custom Page Templates The Dynamik Way

By:  Eric Hamm 


The traditional WordPress Page Template provides us with the ability to display our content in a manner that is unique to the “default” page structure provided by our WordPress Theme.

This can be very useful and as simple or complicated as we want/need it to be.

People who have never used this Dynamik theme but have the eye for technical matters can easily work the process out. Coding may be minimized but basic knowledge on reading and understanding codes can help a lot. Just make sure that you search for instructional videos on how to use the Dynamik theme for the Genesis framework first before implementing changes on your website to make it easier. Just Google Dynamik for Genesis and various reference materials will become available for you.

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