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Why Can’t LP Stand Du30’s Change? Can it be a Confrontation of Marcos’ Golden Era?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The anti-administration particularly Liberal Party supporters are strongly against the recent action of the president. Du30’s detractors are implying that the country is going back to the militarization of Marcos’ golden era. On the other side, it is warmly welcomed because it could mean that law-abiders can have good like white outlaws are strictly punished but hopefully not abused of their rights.

Youtube video by; Ronaldo Felipe de Reichstadto
[VIDEO]: Ferdinand Marcos’ 20-year iron rule has been the golden age in our country. Sometimes on his reign, Philippines had become the second richest country and the most literate in Asia. He declared “Martial Law” to save the Republic from its enemies at any costs. Numerous projects and infrastructures are dedicated to making the Greater Philippines a regional power alongside China.

Military in Politics

The recent Cabinet appointments by the President is the result of hs frustration with his orders that are left unimplemented. He is now aware of his unrealistic deadlines and promises after six months in the top post. If there’s anyone who can obey his orders without questions, it would be the military men.

Appointees from the Armed Forces

It’s not a surprise that he appointed two military generals for the Department of the Interior and Local Government and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources after CA rejected anti-Marcos Gina Lopez. Former Armed Forces chief Roy Cimatu is now the new DENR secretary, while still-to-retire Armed Forces chief Eduardo Año is the new DILG secretary.

Government Militarization

The president, however, does not have the monopoly of military appointments in the bureaucracy in the Philippines’ after the Marcos era. Fidel Ramos had 100 military men in his government. Arroyo also appointed more than 50. It is obvious, however, that most of his cabinet members are pro-Bongbong Marcos. This goes the same in the senate among the pro-administration senators, of course.

Martial Law Instill Discipline

The areas of education, heath care, infrastructure and public services during the Marcos era were successful because of the discipline instilled by martial law. PDu30 understands this. Thereby, he chooses disciplined men from the military – as well as those politicians who understand why the Marcos ways are needed in the country. Does this mean that the president is preparing for Bongbong Marcos to take over?

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The Most Vocal Liberal Party Senator Dismayed over Gina Lopez’s CA Rejection


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The most vocal Liberal Party senator, Senator Leila de Lima never gave the president credit for anything. But when it comes to Gina Lopez as DENR Secretary, she admits that he chose the right woman for the job. She is obviously dismayed saying that it was too bad that Du30 was unable to keep Lopez in the DENR post.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Most Liberal Party Senators voted for Gina Lopez as DENR Secretary but were outnumbered.

Liberal Party’s Bet

Senator Franklin Drilon echoed the sentiments of Senator de Lima and also discloses that he and most Liberal Party senators voted in favor of Lopez. It is just unfortunate that they do not have enough number for her to be confirmed as DENR Secretary.

Not Surprised

De Lima said that She cannot say that she is surprised.  These days, it isn’t any more surprising to see men and women of the strongest conviction—who have the moral courage to stand up for what is right be rejected, she said. They can be undermined and even be subjected to unfair attacks by a method run by vested interests, she added.

System Failure

The senator is convinced that there are forces in the government that even the president cannot risk undermining. In spite of all his threats the destruction of the environment by mining companies, he can do nothing to install a passionate DENR chief. She assures Lopez that it was not her failure but the system malfunction.

LP Votes

Aside from Drilon, most Liberal Party senators also voted for Lopez. Kiko Pangilinan, Ralph Recto, and Bam Aquino admit to it. Other names are not known unless they divulge it themselves. This is allowed according to the confidentiality rule that takes away pressure from CA committee members to vote according to their conscience.

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Know Why These Two Pro-Marcos Senators Voted Against Gina Lopez


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Gina Lopez may not be comfortable around the Marcos due to family feuds in the past, it is certain that Bongbong Marcos is not the reason why Senators Gringo Honasan and Miguel Zubiri voted against her appointment as DENR Secretary being pro-Marcos senators.

Youtube video by; Dpatrol26
[VIDEO]: CA rejected the appointment of Gina Lopez as DENR Secretary.

Cohesive, Long-Term Mining Policy

Bongbong Marcos in 2015 sought for a “cohesive, long-term” mining policy to maximize the benefits of the vibrant industry. He was dismayed that the Aquino administration launched an “anti-mining stance” which is like what Gina Lopez is doing. This is probably why most Liberal Party senators voted for her.

Balance Between Unemployment and the Environment

Senator Gringo Honasan since 2012 is always concerned with mining restrictions. He said that; “those must be threshed out at the national level between the executive and the legislative branches. There are serious and important inputs from the local governments that must be considered. LGUs have to deal with problems like unemployment and environmental degradation. He stressed that there must be a balance between unemployment and the environment, therefore broader consultations with the involved sectors are crucial in imposing mining restrictions.

Another Type of Environmentalist

Gina Lopez said that she’s disappointed with Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri knowing that he’s an environmentalist. It is remembered that the senator proposed in 2009 the construction of a 40-foot mega-floodway in Parañaque – to allow floodwaters to drain into the Manila Bay and prevent widespread flooding. He wanted to have another look into the Marcos-era mega-spillway plan as designed since the term of former President Ferdinand Marcos. Instead of holding miners in the neck, Zubiri is obviously into strategic planning.

Voted Based on their Conscience

The frustration of Lopez is understandable – and she can only blame the big mining businesses that she threatened in her eight months as DENR Secretary. It is, however, worthy to take a look at how the government can support the mining industry to thrive without endangering the environment – and this is what Marcos, Honasan, and Zubiri are advocating for.