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A Tiktoker Testifies that He’s a Victim of False Marcos Ill-Gotten Wealth Info in School

ill-gotten wealth

By: Elena Grace Flores


Hearsays are in the Text Books against Ferdinand Marcos
Young Filipinos born in the digital age can always seek the truth. Those who can sense the difference between what they learned from school and from actual testimonies can easily search for some information online. They can compare notes in printed textbooks with the actual evidence. The alleged ill-gotten wealth of the late president Ferdinand Marcos is an example.

Mere Photocopies as Evidence

A Tiktoker asked; Why is it printed in textbooks that Ferdinand Marcos amassed billions of ill-gotten wealth? Only to be cleared of corruption after more than 30 years. Besides, the basis of the accusations were just mere photocopy documentations. Never some sort of convictions. The calculations of his wealth were also only based on their salaries as public servants.

Junked Court Cases are the Real Evidence

The headline common nowadays is; The Sandiganbayan clears Imelda Marcos of Ill-gotten Wealth cases. This says it all. Even if no media could clarify the ones stated in the educational textbooks, the youth can immediately sense that they were brainwashed. In fact, there are no more cases of this sort pending in court.

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Will the Marcoses Seek Immunity on Wealth Handover for the Congress to Approve?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The wealth of humanity that most mainstream media refers to as stolen by the Marcoses cannot be retrieved by anyone without the long process in the Congress. The late President Ferdinand Marcos’ family cannot even benefit from it. They face great risk of being persecuted for the crime they did not commit. As a lawyer, President Du30 said that it is logical for the Marcos family to ask for immunity from such suits in exchange for the handover of the wealth to the government. But they didn’t so far.

Youtube video by; News5Everywhere
[VIDEO]: Pinayuhan ni Pangulong Duterte ang pamilya Marcos na humingi ng immunity kung magbabalik sila ng inaakalang nakaw na yaman.

Du30: If I am the Marcoses

Although Du30 said he will not advise the Marcoses anything, he said that it doesn’t make sense for them to return the wealth and end up in jail. “If I am the Marcoses, and I would return that wealth, it is logical to “ask for immunity.” Otherwise, keep the treasures because you might go to jail. If you give them immunity, fine. If you don’t give them immunity, fine. But they might not return any money. Then you’ll have to look to the ends of the earth to get them.

Not Asking for Immunity

However, the President clarifies that; “they did not ask any immunity.” ” I could not guarantee it also. I know that I’m not the proper authority to do that,” he added. Aside from the Congress, the Supreme Court also has the say. Therefore, the end result could not happen during his term.

Long Process in the Congress

The President makes sure that Congress will pass a law for the turnover to happen. “It’s a long process,” he said. “It does not belong to me. It was just a signal from the Marcoses they will bring back what the people are believing to be theirs.” The Marcos family also has the right to defend themselves that the wealth was not stolen by their patriarch or else they could have direct access to it.

Not PCGG-Like Recovery

Du30 clarifies that the wealth that the Marcoses plan to return is different from the Presidential Commission on Good Government or PCGG’s efforts. It is the government agency tasked to recover the billions of pesos allegedly plundered by the late President Ferdinand Marcos under the Aquino administration despite not being convicted. This is due to the strong legal evidence that is recognized worldwide. The Marcoses are confident that once the actual status is disclosed through a proceeding, the truth will set them free.

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Imee Marcos Trusts the President’s Handling of the Wealth Issue


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos said there were no negotiations in the works on the supposed hand-over plan of some wealth to the Philippine government. She thinks that is best for their lawyers to respond. Gov. Marcos trusts the President’s handling of the issue.

Youtube video by; Rappler

[VIDEO]: Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos says there are no negotiations for the supposed plan to return some of their wealth to the Philippine government.

Trustworthy President

The governor did not fail to show her “trust” in the President. “We trust that the president will end decades and decades of cases. The family is still discussing, but our lawyers will handle this,” said Marcos. The matter emerges while the congressional hearing into the alleged misuse of tobacco excise funds is on going.

Suspicions of Detractors

Malacañang spokesperson Ernesto Abella clarifies that Du30 wants what was best for Filipinos. While yellow activist, Bonifacio Ilagan said that the President’s disclosure is part of the Marcoses’ game plan to return to power. “Imee Marcos is going to run for senator in the next elections and Bongbong for president in 2022,” Ilagan said. This is despite the fact that the former Senator’s electoral protest against VP Robredo just got started. Just waiting for the retrieval of ballots for the recount to begin.

Unidentified Trustee

Du30 only refer to the trustee as a “spokesman” of the Marcoses. He said that they are willing to “bring back, even a few gold bars” to help fund his government programs as intended by the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Too bad, the late Cory Aquino did not allow him to explain about the alleged hidden wealth. The current President surely made a wiser choice because he is also for the welfare of the people like the Marcoses.

Leave it to the Lawyers

Imee Marcos added: “Our lawyers will discuss how the legalities can be done as far as the release of the said wealth for humanity is concerned.” Thinking that most of those were deposited at the World Bank’s sanctioned international entities worldwide, this can be a tedious process. Also, it’s not any of the Marcoses call to act on it solely. The World Bank, IMF, Central Bank and the Philippine government must cooperate together with the trustee and the shipping documents keeper which is Imelda Marcos.

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Bongbong Marcos Looks Good after Shameless Claim of Alleged Martial Law Victims

martial law

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Several lawmakers and alleged victims of Martial Law issue a call after the President announces that the late President Ferdinand Marcos’s spokesman is willing to disclose the status of some wealth, including gold bars, to help the government’s deficit spending. They demand the return of all the perceived ill-gotten wealth. Set any condition for its return. Hold the Marcoses accountable for their patriarch’s strategy to preserve the economy through World Bank deposits.

Youtube video by; PH News Unfiltered

Shameful Claim

Loretta Ann Rosales who is a proud torture victim during the Marcos regime said that the Marcoses “will have to be accountable for something they took from the government. Du30 earlier said that they are now willing to give.” However, the President only said spokesman and no mention of any family member. Imelda Marcos even denies knowing about it. “That will be an admission that the father was a plunderer,” said Rosales. This is a clear sign of her bitterness if not greediness without knowing the facts.

Game Plan

Malacañang said the President looks after the Filipinos’ best interest. Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella clarifies that Du30 wants what was best for Filipinos. Anti-Marcos, Bonifacio Ilagan said that the offer is part of the Marcoses’ game plan to return to power. “Imee Marcos is going to run for senator in the next elections and Bongbong for president,” Ilagan said.

The Marcose Have Returned

Contrary to the fear of the Anti-Marcos supporters, the Marcoses are already back a long time ago. In fact, Imee Marcos is the current governor of Ilocos Norte while her mother, Imelda Marcos is a Congresswoman. Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against VP Robredo is also ongoing. Perhaps, he will be Vice President once the Supreme Court rules in his favor after the recount.


It was obvious in Du30’s speech that he is very careful in his views about the Marcoses despite knowing the whole truth about the alleged hidden wealth. This shows that he is trying to be the President of all Filipinos, pro or anti-administration. He will do what is rightful as the law dictates. The Liberal Party people cannot just accept that their quest to block Bongbong Marcos from the Presidency is soon to fail.

Martial law victims slam Marcos deal