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Signs: Velasco Handles Leonen’s Impeachment as Marcos Revives Electoral Protest


By: Elena Grace Flores
by PTV

House Speaker Velasco ensures a fair hearing on the impeachment complaint of Associate Justice Marvic Leonen

Leonen’s Impeachment

House Speaker Lord Allan Velasco assures fair trial over Associate Justice Marvic Leonen’s impeachment complaint. This is in relation to his failure to submit his Statements of Assets and Liabilities for 15 years at the University of the Philippines. Leonen is the ponente of Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against Leni Robredo. Marcos said that he can never get justice if Leonen is the one in charge of his case because he’s always indifferent to the Marcos family from the beginning.
The senate is set to hear it around May 17. Its filing was last December 2020.

Analysis for the Signs

Why would Marcos push for a motion for consideration when the filing of candidacy for the 2022 elections is already October this year? According to his counsel, Atty. George Garcia, the electoral protest will only become mute and academic when the protestant wins and assumes office. This gives analytical Filipinos to believe that the President’s promise is still in the pipeline. He swears to make Marcos president should he win against Robredo. To make this happen, Leonen’s impeachment must be successful first.

Unconventional Presidency

It may be unlogical to believe in prophecies. But the manifestations of the signs of times do exist. The war in Gaza and the downfall of the yellow stalwarts to name a few. Besides, the last will and testament of the late President Ferdinand Marcos gave his son an edge during the pandemic. Many Filipinos hopes for a savior leader. The one that could take their sufferings away. So, it may happen that Filipinos would wake up with a new President. His name has repeated syllables like the sound of a bell.

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Leonen’s Friends Call the Impeachment Baseless vs. Gadon’s Summoning Evidence


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by ANC 24/7

Ex-PH Supreme Court spox: Pursuing impeachment complaint vs. Justice Leonen will affect entire SC

Impeachment is Not Just to Get Rid of Leonen

A former Supreme Court spokesperson says that the House Committee on Justice has the option not to hear the impeachment complaint against Justice Marvic Leonen. This is if it does not find any merit to the case. Attorney Theodore Te also believes that the proceedings may set a precedent that can impact the entire Supreme Court. Leonen’s friends also call the ouster case baseless. However, Atty. Larry Gadon is confident of his summoning the SALN as his strong evidence.

Quo Warranto Difference

The court is an institution will survive, added Te. It will just simply render justice. The destructions should not count. May it be the emotional outpour of some colleagues and lawyers in favor of Leonen. More so with Bongbong Marcos’ plea to inhibit Leonen from his election protest against Leni Robredo. The former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno’s removal through a quo warranto petition was filed directly at the Supreme Court. The impeachment complaint is now at the Congress.

Impeachment Must Stay on the Grounds

Just like the case of former Chief Justice Renato Corona. He’s a dignified man with very good reputation. He was impeached just because of failing to submit his SALN. It happened when most public officials were not yet keen in doing it. Why should Leonen be spared? Atty. Gadon would not site the evidence if he did not do his home work yet.

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House Speaker Velasco Consults Marcoleta on Leonen’s Impeachment


By: Elena Grace Flores

This is how Cong. Marcoleta reads the Leonen’s impeachment complaint.

One-Third of the Congress

House Speaker Lord Velasco requests Congress to tackle the many issues including Associate Justice Marvic Leonen’s impeachment case when they resume discussions in January. December is the time for merry-making as per the Filipino tradition. Nonetheless, Cong. Marcoleta can’t do anything if that’s what is decided upon by the majority. He did say that if only the House can have one-third to agree on the complaint, it could immediately go up to the next level.

82 Justices Denied

Marcoleta stresses on the ground of culpable violation against the constitution. Justices are required to give justice. So, if Leonen has 82 delayed cases, that means, he denied justice to 82 complainants. Regardless of the holidays, this must be a quick and easy case. Even faster than the case of the former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. Sereno’s removal was through quo warranto petition of Solicitor General Jose Calida.

Not Submitting SALN is Criminal in Nature

Sereno only has 6 unfiled SALNs while Leonen has 15. This was the ground that nailed the late Chief Justice Renato Corona. Atty. Larry Gadon would probably not file this if he doesn’t have concrete leads on the evidence. The good thing is, they can be obtained through a summon. The question is if Cong. Angelo Marcos Barba, the lawmaker who endoses it has one-third of the Congress votes. Does he?

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Leonen Resists Disclosing Impeachment Evidence


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Coach Jarret

Impeachment Case Against Leonen

Another Sereno?

Atty. Larry Gadon once again files an impeachment complaint against the SC justice, Marvic Leonen at the House recently. This is the second time of the same nature. The first one was that of Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. This comes after Leonen seeks a probe on the leak of his 5 million pesos request to renovate a cottage at the Supreme Court compound. The excessive spending receives lots of negative comments on social media.

Betrayal of Public Trust

“Respondent (Leonen) is guilty of culpable violation of the Constitution and betrayal of public trust, reads the complaint. Therefore, he should not be allowed to continue in office,” it added. Gadon previously did this with Sereno. She was eventually impeached from the Supreme Court. This is through a quo warranto petition. It was filed by Solicitor General Jose Calida.

Probe on Media Leak

However, Leonen resists to disclose the evidence by filing a probe on the media leak. In most cases, a newspaper article is at the best secondary evidence of its contents. It is not admissible in evidence without proper proof of the contents. If the court rules negatively on how the information was obtained, that might not be used in the proceeding.

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Robredo Makes Sense on Bongbong Marcos’ VP Take Over after her Impeachment


By: Elena Grace Flores
The presumptive Vice President is furious of the OSG’s participation in preparing the affidavit of the various cases against her. However, as the government’s lawyer, it is Sol. Gen. Jose Calida’s mandate to do so. Robredo accuses him of lawyering for Bongbong Marcos to oust her through an impeachment proceeding. There is actually a constitutional way to realize the temporary VP’s fear. Aside from having the Senate President and House Speaker as next in line, the President can always appoint his Vice President. All appointments must get a nod from both the Upper and Lower Houses of the Congress.

YouTube video by
GMA News[VIDEO]: SONA: VP Robredo at iba pang personalidad, sinampahan ng sedition at iba pang reklamo

Impeachment after Sedition Conviction

Previously, Calida said that Robredo should be impeached for “betraying the trust of the people.” Meanwhile, Atty. Larry Gadon

Removal from Office

Constitutional law professor Dan Gatmaytan said the inciting to sedition complaint against Robredo can proceed because “immunity does not extend to the Vice President.” But Gatmaytan said Robredo cannot be removed from office through this complaint, because she can only be removed through impeachment. This is just like the case of former Supreme Court chief justice Maria Lourdes Sereno via quo warranto.

Favoring Bongbong Marcos

In the ongoing electoral protest that Marcos filed against Robredo, Calida also plays a role in dropping the Commission on Elections (Comelec) and favoring instead Marcos’ position that the Presidential Electoral Tribunal must apply a 50% shading threshold. He said he is favoring Marcos’ position as “tribune of the people.” Calida campaigned for Marcos in the 2016 elections.

Presidential Succession Theory

Atty. Larry Gadon said an indictment against Robredo for sedition can be used as a ground for impeachment. Gadon is the lawyer of Peter Joemel Advincula alias Bikoy who is behind the “Totoong Narco List” video designed to malign the President’s family. To replace an impeached VP, President Du30 can simply include BBM in his cabinet. This is prior to a possible Vice Presidential appointment that is subject to the approval of Congress. Marcos’ electoral protest win just serves as an alternative should Sotto or Cayetano temporarily assumes the VP post until such time that Marcos qualifies for the post.

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Bongbong Marcos’ Post Now Safe with Arroyo in Case of Robredo’s Impeachment


By: Elena Grace Flores

Congresswoman and now House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo showed her competence in front of the world and America’s former President Barack Obama when it comes to the economy. She has turned the ailing economy of the country starting in 2001 when she assumed the presidency. Concrete economic infrastructures were created that spared the Philippines from the global economic crises in 2008. It would be beneficial if Arroyo can take over as temporary Vice President should the impeachment case against VP Leni Robredo pushes through. She is in the line of succession like Senate President Tito Sotto. Bongbong Marcos even vouches on her achievements in setting up economic infrastructures in terms of investments, exports, and other financial facilities through his BBM Vlog 24.

Youtube video YouTube Video by; Innovation Philippines

[VIDEO]: Personally, I know that Gloria, given her expertise that comes from her nine-year rule as president, will lead Congress well. She knows what is good for the country, especially in terms of the economy. Her legacy as president was an economic reform that gave us good economic growth. I’ve been a journalist for nearly seven decades and have walked the corridors of power. I can say that Gloria was among the best presidents we ever had.” – Emil Jurado

Praiseworthy Achievements

During the leadership of Former President Arroyo, she had made tough decisions. But these tough decisions made the Philippine Economy prosper. The GDP (gross domestic product) showed an average of 5.0% during her term from 2001 up to the first quarter of 2008.  This focus on prowess in the handling of economy earned praise from her former classmate in Georgetown, former US President Bill Clinton.

Tough Decisions

One of the toughest rules the Arroyo Administration implemented was the controversial e-VAT law. This was the centerpiece of her economic reform agenda.  Implemented on November of 2005, It aims to help in raising revenue for the country’s large budget deficit. The administration targets to have a sound national budget by 2010. These measures helped to contribute to a stronger Peso by boosting confidence in the government’s fiscal capacity. It is no surprise that the Philippine Peso was the best performing currency in East Asia for 2005-06.

A Stronger Peso

In 2007, during Arroyo’s administration, the Peso’s value has raised by nearly 20%. This makes it Asia’s best-performing currency. This was made possible through the increased remittances of OFWs as well as the strong domestic economy Arroyo have cultured. Even with the growth of the GDP in place. Arroyo still has the drive to push these areas even further.

Empowering the OFW

The inflation has reached its highest for 17 years in August of 2008. The annual rates go as high as 12.5 percent compared from the record low 2.8 percent in 2007. As the fuel and energy prices went down, the inflation rate eased at 8.8 percent. Pnoy claimed achievements on the continuing GDP Growth during his time. But It was Arroyo who pushed to nurture jobs overseas for Filipinos as a choice and not the singular option.

The BRICS Club

The economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are well known for their tremendous growth potential. They are called the BRICS club. These countries also have their share of economic and political woes. China has been the main force driving this group. China has transformed their economic structure from a focus on exports to an economy that relies on domestic consumption. During her administration, one of Arroyo’s successful achievements is the lower reliance on imports. Arroyo’s economic principles are clearly in line with the Marcos-Du30 partnership. She can also safeguard the VP post just in case Robredo is impeached or removed for whatever reason.

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Justices Hint on Sereno’s Dictatorship – Is this Beneficial to Bongbong Marcos?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Associate Justice Teresita Leonardo-de Castro’s earlier testimony is supported by two other justices. She calls on the attention of the chief justice ever since. They claim that after 5 years, Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno still fails to ask the en banc. De Castro even asked; Until when will we suffer? As she implies on Sereno’s dictatorship at the SC. Bongbong Marcos, on the other hand, said that Sereno’s plight must not affect the recount for his election protest in February 2018 against Leni Robredo. Their proceeding is under the Tribunal. It might be favorable not to have an anti-Marcos as Chief Justice in a long run but for now, he can only see further delay in the ruling if she is impeached.

Video by;  Rappler

[VIDEO]: Four justices of the Supreme Court – 3 incumbent and one retired – stand as witnesses in the impeachment case filed against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.

Justices Criticize Sereno’s Dictatorship

Several associate justices of the Supreme Court openly criticize Chief Justice Sereno for mistakes she apparently makes during her 5-year term. “I believe that the actions of the chief justice from the time that she assumed her position showed no respect or courtesy to the court en banc,” said Associate De Castro. The House committee on justice continues to hear the impeachment case against Sereno.

Disregarding the En Banc

“I do not disagree with the characterizations made by Deputy Speaker Hernandez,” said Associate Justice Francis Jardeleza. He refers to South Cotabato 2nd District Representative Ferdinand Hernandez. Hernandez asks the SC justices if they are insulted by Sereno’s apparent habit of making decisions on her own. This is without consulting the en banc which refers to all 15 justices of the Supreme Court, including Sereno.

Advice to the Supreme Court CJ

“We are a very small group in the Supreme Court. I would tell her, don’t go that route. You are getting what you want through these devious means that are not right,” added retired associate justice, Arturo Brion. The House committee deliberates over 7 hearing days a complaint filed by lawyer Larry Gadon against Sereno. Among his allegations is that Sereno curtailed the power of the Supreme Court en banc, a collegial body, by making decisions on her own.

Complaints that Led the Impeachment Case

Aside from Sereno’s alleged dictatorship, the establishment of the Regional Court Administrator’s Office (RCAO) in Region VII is also under scrutiny. These are on top of t the issuance of a temporary restraining order in the proclamation of party-list group winners and the transfer of the Maute cases from Marawi City to Taguig City. The committee is set to vote by January 2018 – whether to accept or reject it.

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Only Bongbong Marcos’ Election Protest Complied with Full Payment Despite SC CJ’s Impeachment


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos explains that no other election protests at the Presidential level have reached the full payment stage, unlike his protest. In short, it’s the only protest that is not abandoned despite the delay due to the Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno’s impeachment. Recently, SC Associate Justice Teresita de Castro testifies that Sereno issued an administrative order in 2012 that contradicted a resolution of the en banc on the opening of a regional court administrative office. Sereno’s Camp denies this. Its statement said that the SC en banc approved the creation of Regional Court Administrative Office (RCAO) in Region 7.

Video by;  Latest News

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos nagsalita na sa Impeachment ni CJ Sereno

Presidential Appointee

Former President Benigno Aquino III appointed Sereno despite being the most junior among those were shortlisted to replace the late Chief Justice Renato Corona. This is after what was dubbed allegedly as Corona’s unfair trial at the Senate.

Not Emotional

De Castro stresses that she was not emotional when she discloses Sereno’s questionable decisions to the panel. She cannot question the ex-President’s appointment of Sereno. However, she cannot stand idly when there’s no more collective power in the Supreme Court. Particularly when the en back decisions are set aside.

Advice to the Panel

The Associate Justice suggests to the panel to look at the evidence available to determine if there’s substance or basis in her testimony. She is not a Justice for nothing after 20 years if they think that she is just emotional.

VP Election Recount

Marcos insists that Sereno’s plight must not affect the recount for his election protest against Leni Robredo. Their proceeding is under the Tribunal. He, However, can see further delay if the CJ is impeached. That could lead to a slow ruling. Robredo’s Lawyer, Romulo Macalintal got it all wrong again that no protests in the country yet has progressed. In fact, his client’s counter-protest is for dismissal due to the non-payment of their balance.

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Gadon Who Wants Bongbong Marcos as VP is Giving the Supreme Court CJ a Hard Time

Supreme Court

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Lawyer Lorenzo “Larry” Gadon recently said that Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno could not bring before the SC the decision of lawmakers. He insists that only she could cross-examine witnesses during the proceedings. Gadon filed the impeachment complaints against Sereno. He publicly admits that he wants to “avenge” former president and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Arroyo and the late Chief Justice Renato Corona. In addition, he also wants to make sure that the Vice Presidency goes to Bongbong Marcos.

Video by; UNTV News and Rescue

[VIDEO]: Justices De Castro, Jardeleza to testify against Sereno – Atty. Gadon

Appeal for the Supreme Court CJ to Resign

Gadon earlier stresses that Sereno should resign to keep the integrity of the body that she is serving. He warns that the Congress Impeachment hearings are brutal. However, the CJ responded that to resign is nor even an option for her. This is allegedly so because she is certain that the case has no legal basis.

The Right to Counsel

Lawyer Jojo Lacanilao, a spokesperson for Sereno, said that the Constitution provides that the Chief Justice “be accorded the right to counsel and the right to cross-examine the complainant and the witnesses through her lawyers. These are the same rights that are guaranteed to every citizen of this country to ensure due process.” Gadon is told to review his law on this matter.

Sereno’s Camp Takes the Case as a Political Process

This political process involved a judicial character the same as that of a criminal prosecution,” Lacanilao said. The House Committee on Justice formally invited Sereno to the next impeachment hearing on Nov. 22. She insinuates that her lawyers will represent her.

Gadon’s Motives

Gadon wants the ones who benefit from the misfortunes of ex-President Arroyo and the late former CJ Corona, like Supreme Court Chief Justice Sereno, to be accountable for those.” Gadon also works to assure former Senator Bongbong Marcos’ timely take over to the VP post. He believes that as an appointee of Pnoy, Marcos’ electoral protest against Robredo won’t get the justice it deserves under Sereno’s Supreme Court watch.

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Alvarez Prepares for Robredo, Sereno Impeachment while VP Snubs Counter SONA


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Vice President Leni Robredo learned her lesson the hard way. If she continues to attack the President, her downfall can also be faster. It wise of her to snub the counter SONA at UP where most of her colleagues from the Liberal Party take turns in criticizing PDu30’s first year in office. She instead flew to Hong Kong with her daughter to spend time with the OFWs there over the weekend.

Youtube video by;
[VIDEO]: Vice President Leni Robredo and Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno face the prospect of impeachment as the 17th Congress enters its second year, according to Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez.

Story of Hope

Robredo is not at the counter SONA organized by opposition lawmakers. They are composed mainly of her party mates. It is held at the University of the Philippines recently. Robredo flew to Hong Kong over the weekend instead. She aims to gather inspiring stories from overseas Filipino workers for he “Istorya ng Pag-asa” project

Counter SONA

”SOanoNA” was attended by Senators Risa Hontiveros, Bam Aquino, and Antonio Trillanes IV. They all delivered a message for detained Sen. Leila de Lima. Also present were Magdalo party-list Rep. Gary Alejano and Ifugao Rep. Teddy Baguilat. No one clarified if Robredo knew about the event.

Colorful 2nd Year

Robredo and Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno face the prospect of impeachment as the 17th Congress enters its second year. This is according to Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez. “That’s why this second year of Congress may become more colorful,” he said. Alvarez confirms that he is collecting evidence to build possible impeachment cases against Robredo and Sereno.

Anti-Marcos Stint

Alvarez’ anti-Marcos nature is evident in the Ilocos 6 case. He made sure that Gov. Imee Marcos and her six officials are treated as cruel as possible. This is not surprising because He is one of the direct successors of the Vice Presidency or Presidency for that matter. Koko Pimentel, the Senate President is also in the line of succession. This is the reason why Alvarez wants Robredo impeached instead of Bongbong Marcos to win the electoral protest. Nothing is as clear as that.