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Makati Evolves Around Leadership Choices for Innovation


By: Elena Grace Flores
Makati voters’ choices of new leaders evolve as per the mid-term 2019 election results. The winning mayor, Abby Binay gets a second term. She said that the only person who can claim the Binay brand is his father. The trend thus evolves when the Binay patriarch lost to once an ally, Kid Peña for District 1 Congressman. Luis Campos stays in the position for District 2. One of the top councilors, Jhong Hilario from Show Time is also successful in his re-election bid. This goes the same with the emotional Vice Mayor, Monique Lagdameo. She receives the proclamation together with her father in a wheelchair. No Binay was present during the ceremony but Mayor Binay’s innovation aim starts even from the new sets of leaders.

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[VIDEO]: Abby Binay, Kid Peña, Jhong Hilario prinoklama nang panalo sa Makati | Halalan 2019

Sibling Rivalry is Over, Now on to Innovation

Re-electionist Abby Binay manages to retain her post as mayor of Makati City. She dominates an election that brings to the end of her feud with brother Junjun. Jun is the former mayor who seeks to retake the city hall. Final tally of votes are 179,522 ins support of Abby’s bid. That beats Junjun who receives 98,653 votes.

The Political Retirement of the Binay Patriarch

The Office of the Ombudsman charges the Binay patriarch, Jejomar, and Junjun in 2015. This is over the alleged irregularities in the construction of Makati City Hall Building II. Several other officials and employees of the Makati City government are also implicaed. Beset by a massive corruption scandal propaganda, Jejomar lost the presidential elections in 2016. However, Abby won the seat for Makati mayor. This maintains the family’s influence over the city. At 74, Jojo’s unsuccessful congressional bid marks his political retirement.

A Binay is Still the Top Choice for the City’s Head

Ricky Yabut with 23,721 votes, Rene Bondal with 3,565, Wilfredo Talag with 1,541, and Love Alanzalon with 1,101 are on the tails of the Binays for the mayoral post. Abby Binay is not yet at the Makati Coliseum during her proclamation.

Grateful to Makatizens

In his social media post, Congressman Luis Campos, the husband of Mayor Binay is thankful to the support of the Makati majority voters. The mayor’s win is a landslide while he retains his post as the Representative for District 2. They are the city’s key to innovation with their modern techniques.

Senator Binay’s Bid is Still Shaky

Senator Nancy Binay who reminds Mayor Binay that after all, they are still a family is uncertain with her re-election bid in the Senatorial race. She lands at number 12 but the canvassing is not yet complete. She might be on his brother’s side but is in line with her sister’s innovation. Despite the uncertainty, it is only a matter of time that they Binay family unites as one once again.