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No Insurance from the DOJ but Why would the Young Remulla Receive an Illegal Parcel in his Own Name?


By: Elena Grace Flores

Sangkay Janjan TV
[VIDEO]: What really happened to the son of Justice Secretary Crispin “Boying” Remulla?

No Insurance

It is a sad circumstance in the household of DOJ Secretary Crispin “Boying” Remulla that his son, Juanito Jose Diaz Remulla III is found to possess high-grade cannabis at the NAIA. This was when he claimed the said parcel. But netizens asked. Why would he put his real name if he knew very well that it was illegal? Despite that, the DOJ Secretary give no insurance to him.

Not Getting Involved

Any person must be liable to face the consequence of their actions, Secretary Remulla said of his son’s involvement in the alleged illegal shipment. He appreciates the PDEA who did their job without any selection or favor. The insurance the people can get from the Remullas is for them to surrender anyone in their family who commits any crime.

A Bad Time for the Family

However, during this bad time in the Remulla family, President Bongbong Marcos did not approve the resignation of the DOJ Secretary. He said that the cabinet member is doing his job very well. His son must go through the justice system himself.  Although this kind of cannabis is legal in the US, local rules must apply.

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PBBM’s Greatest Insurance in Dealing with China Over the West Philippines Sea Issue


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue
[VIDEO]: AFP: Resupply mission to troops guarding BRP Sierra Madre in Ayungin Shoal, successful.

Diplomacy is the Greatest Insurance

President Bongbong Marcos’ diplomatic dealings with China seem working. No insurance is greater than that to avoid conflicts. The military’s resupply mission to soldiers stationed at BRP Sierra Madre, which serves as the country’s outpost in Ayungin Shoal, was successful.

No Negative Interactions

Unlike in the past administrations, there’s no negative interactions during the said operation. This is despite the alleged presence of some Chinese vessels in the part of the contested territory in the West Philippine Sea. It is a clear manifestation of the Filipino leader’s insurance for the people’s safety.

President Marcos’ Approach

“The absence of Philippine Government escort vessels was deliberate. We are exhausting all available means to peacefully co-exist until all WPS (West Philippine Sea) issues are finally resolved,” Wescom chief Vice Admiral Alberto B. Carlos said. He also added that this current thrust is part of the trust-building efforts we are undertaking in response to President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s guidance to exhaust all means to resolve the issues in the West Philippine Sea. “Hence, continuing dialogues with Chinese authorities is one such approach,” Carlos said.

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Life Insurance is Only One of the Marcos Government’s Provisions to Health Care Workers


By: Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos vows to address the pay gap between gov’t, private nurses

Insurance Plus Disparaty in Compensations

President Bongbong Marcos recently vows that his administration will address the disparity in salaries between nurses in government hospitals and those working in the private sector. The country’s healthcare workers are vital during the pandemic. They gave their lives, said the President. They deserve more as insurance for their family.

Words are Not Enough to Thank Them

Members of the Philippine Nurses Association or PNA and the rest of the Filipino healthcare workers are awesome in their field of service. Words are not enough to thank them, added the president. They are the world’s strength not only during the pandemic but all throughout.  The least the government can do is to give them insurance for themselves and their loved ones plus more.

The Government’s Provisions to Health Workers

Hazard duty pay, sickness and death compensation, meals, accommodation, transportation, and special risk allowances, plus life insurance are their benefits from the government. But PBBM wishes to give more. But seeks understanding due to the meager budget at the moment.

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Can Zobel and Tagle’s Testimonies Serve as Insurance of the Marcos Gold Narrative?


By: Elena Grace Flores

Sa Iyong Araw
[VIDEO]: Zobel and Tagle’s testimonies on the Marcos Gold

Insurance of the Marcos Gold

Many stories about the Marcos gold emerged since the 2016 elections. They are further enhanced in 2022 when Bongbong Marcos ran for President. Now that he’s already the president-elect, people are looking for the insurance of its truth. It is mind-boggling.

Zobel’s Testimony

The late industrialist Enrique Zobel wrote in his recollections that 35 billion USD worth of gold is left by the late President Ferdinand Marcos to his wife, Imelda Marcos. It’s worth more than 100 billion dollars now not including interests. His testimony is in the records of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee. The value here is not the question. Filipinos dig deeper to get the insurance of its validity.

Tagle’s Defense

The former priest, Marcelino Tagle of Bataan, and the former director of Caritas Manila were in the Inquirer feature. He said that Marcos has consolidated gold. Tagle was the late Filipino leader’s adviser. In his defense, he said that the gold certificates are deposited in 150 countries including Switzerland. In the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee Tagle said that wealth was not ill-gotten.

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The Truth is the Insurance of Freedom from Fear


By: Elena Grace Flores

Bisaya homily
[VIDEO]: Visayan Homily of Fr. Ciano about the Truth

The Insurance of Freedom

According to Fr. Ciano Ubod, he sometimes hesitates from telling his views in politics because many might refrain from giving donations if they do not support the incoming administration. So, he assures his church-goers that despite the hesitation, he ends up divulging what the holy spirit wants him to say because the truth is the insurance of freedom from fear.

Hurt can be Source of Joy

Happiness comes from misfortunes also. The key is on how to react. We must be thankful always whenever we get hurt. It’s because joy comes after surpassing the pain. Therefore, rejoice when the tide is against you. Good times are coming. Take it as an insurance for grace.

It’s Better to Give

Fr. Ciano lauded the incoming administration. As they focus on economic recovery, job creation is the priority. And not just giving aids. There are may works that have to be done. When people have jobs, they can give to the church too. So, keep on giving because to give is better than to receive, he added.

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Have a Glimpse of the People behind PBBM’s Success who are his Insurance to do Well


By: Elena Grace Flores

Viral Celebrity
[VIDEO]: Paul Soriano and Toni Gonzaga SPOTTED in the Proclamation of PBBM.

PBBM’s Insurance for Success

PBBM’s insurance of success are the people behind him all throughout his campaign. They endure decades of criticisms and accusations. But they appeared unalarmed. For as long as they know the truth, they are defending a rightful leader. And it pays off.

Toni Gonzaga and Paul Soriano

This talented couple had made lots of sacrifices for PBBM. They put their careers at risk. But the more their talents got recognized when they stood their ground. When others cancelled famous personalities like them, their insurance lies in their passion and beliefs in the new President of the Philippines.

The First Family

The new first family includes the original. Former First Lady Imelda Marcos can’t skip the proclamation of his son as the 17th President of the Philippines. At 92, she managed to climb up the stage with a warm heart. After all, for her, the realization of her dreams is the way for Filipinos to have better lives. Kudos to the president’s wife, First Lady Liza, and their 3 sons who gave their all during the campaign period.

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The Duterte-Marcos-Duterte INC Endorsement Insurance in 2016 and 2022


By: Elena Grace Flores

Paulalicious TV
[VIDEO]: Official Announcement of Iglesia Ni Cristo for Election 2022

3 Million Votes with Insurance

INC has around 3 million members. With more or less 2 million voters conservatively. INC churchgoers must follow the church leaders’ choice of candidates to retain their fellowship. That’s the insurance the endorsees of the church can get.

The Duterte-Marcos Endorsement

In 2016, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte for president and Bongbong Marcos for Vice President were the bets of the INC. President Duterte won with landslide insurance. Whereas Marcos lost with only a slim margin and lots of cheating evidence was reported against the current VP Leni Robredo. The electoral tribunal also favored her when Marcos filed his electoral protest.

The Marcos-Duterte Tandem

However, for the 2022 election, the tandem is reversed. It’s now the Marcos-Duterte tandem with Bongbong Marcos as President and the President’s daughter, Sara Duterte-Carpio as the VP candidate. Both are top-ranking bets for their positions. Cheatings would be so obvious this time.

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World Bank and IMF Insurance: How did the Marcos Gold Reach 170 Banks?


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Don’t you wonder why President Marcos ’gold went to different countries?

World Bank and the IMF Insurance

The world recession is hard to bear. This could be the outcome of the Coronavirus pandemic. There might be no choice but to have a currency reset back to the gold system. This is beneficial to the Philippines if the last will and testament of the late President Marcos is put into action. A great insurance for the Filipinos’ future and beyond.

Marcos Gold in 170 Banks

Britain’s news conference of 1944 in New Hampshire, USA with former President Carlos P. Romulo as representative seals the world agreement by 44 countries to make the US dollars official. However, the monetary printouts must have an equivalent gold reserve. Other countries do not have gold. Since Marcos had ample gold collection, he lent them to other countries with interest. This is some kind of insurance for the country’s economy. However, in 1971, former US President Richard Nixon changes it to FIAT money. Thus making the value of gold higher.

Can Pay all the Debts

The interests of Marcos’ gold reserves alone from the 170 countries are enormous enough to sustain the country’s development and growth. The former first lady Imelda Marcos once said that the wealth for humanity can pay all the country’s debts plus the world’s deficit. To put Bongbong Marcos in the executive office is the best insurance for Filipinos.

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What’s the Insurance of the Pro-Admin Tandem with Smartmatic-Hybrid System?


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Valentino Facts

The Marcos Political Platform

Marcos-Mayor Sara Tandem is the People’s Insurance

Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio’s closeness with the Marcoses can bring out the best of the Marcos-Duterte tandem once again. This can still happen now if Bongbong Marcos wins his protest in the 2016 elections. However, the limited time left can deem it useless. Also, the Smartmatic’s presence together with the Hybrid system is another challenge. So, the insurance that can make this tandem win is the landslide votes of the people. This pro-admin alliance is so hot early in the poll that mainstream media just cannot ignore it.

Regional Preferences

Per location, Marcos with 20% leads in Metro Manila. The 2019 elections had seven million registered voters for this location. Manila Mayor Isko Moreno follows Marcos. But he is only in his first term as local chief executive of the Philippine capital at 18%. Duterte trails with 16%. while Poe and Pacquiao both have 12%.

Mayor Sara’s Dominance

The president’s daughter yields 29% in the Visayas, Poe with 15%, Marcos and Pacquiao with 13% each, and Moreno with 9%. Mindanao had 58% for Duterte in the region she hails from. Pacquiao with 9%, Poe 8%, Marcos 7% and Moreno with a dismal 2%. Robredo is only in the 6th place and third in Luzon with 13%, in Metro Manila with 7%, Visayas 6% and Mindanao 2%.

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Marcos Gold Insurance: Can Cryptocurrency Derail the Global Currency Reset?


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Covid19 Pandemic Lockdown and Global Currency Reset: A Return to Gold Economy

Marcos Gold Insurance vs. Cryptocurrency

It is said that the Philippines has millions of gold reserves. They are the insurance that the late President Ferdinand Marcos set-up to safeguard the Philippine economy. This is for the welfare of the Filipinos and the world in general. Once Congress can facilitate the process of their usage, a different ball game is at stake for the monetary players. However, the private entities still strive to survive amidst the pandemic through the emergence of cryptocurrencies. Will they thrive in the global currency reset?

Fiat Currency Problem

Criticisms of the fiat currency system predate the emergence of cryptocurrencies. Both the dollar and the euro are losing their strength. However, the publication of the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2008 was a watershed moment. To solve the ‘double-spend’ problem of digital currencies, the Bitcoin whitepaper shows that there could be a global currency without a sovereign issuer. Money without reserves. That sounds dangerous. So, going back to gold becomes irresistible. If not necessary.

Paper Money and Gold Currency

Paper money has no intrinsic value. They can’t build something, satisfy hunger or cure disease. Their only value is through belief that a stranger gives something in exchange for that piece of paper. Gold retains its value for centuries. During a period of economic uncertainty in the late 1960s and early 1970s many governments, investors and speculators began to lose trust in the dollar. They started to exchange their dollar for gold. Until President Richard Nixon decided to end the pegging of the dollar to gold.