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Where is Leonen’s Integrity with More than 80 Backlogs?


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by DZAR 1026

Associate Justice Marvic Leonen does not follow the law.

Leonen’s Integrity Questioned

An alleged UP post on social media said that Associate Justice Marvic Leonen has impeachable integrity. Angry online viewers cannot help but make comments. How can he have integrity when he does not submit SALN that the law for public servants requires? Besides, he has more than 80 backlogs on undecided cases, said Atty. Larry Gadon. His failure to do that makes him unfit to continue his job. Thus making Leonen’s case impeachable.

ASK the Lawyer

The lawyers said that the code of conduct for public servants dictates that every government employee must submit their SALN. They should also update this every year thereafter. April 30 is the deadline for doing so. Failure to do this is a violation of the law. Therefore, Leonen is a law breaker. How can he give justice?

The Importance of the SALN

The SALN is the mirror of government employees’ lifestyle. This is to prevent corruption. Even family members who are working in the government must also be in a government official’s SALN. Besides, having more than 80 backlogs means, not much work is done for the service to the people. Other justices only have less than 10 of these.

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Election Integrity: How could Comelec’s Jimenez Combat his Own Fake News?

By: Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Glenn Chong, cannot believe Comelec spokesperson, James Jimenez’ disclosure. He said that the Commission on Elections prepares for the possible deluge of fake news. Jimenez made this known now that the month-long overseas voting is ongoing. There are various reports of irregularities from volunteers who are Filipino overseas contract workers. Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom and the UAE have some initial reports that challenged the integrity of the 2016 election as per Bongbong Marcos’ VP electoral protest first course of action that was set aside by the Supreme Court.

YouTube video byAng Malayang Pilipino


Atty. Chong Debunks Jimenez’s Claim

He cited what happened in the 2016 overseas voting when a voter made claims that what was printed in his voter receipt were not the ones he voted for. “The person who complained used a ballpen in voting for a particular position and then used marker for the other. When the voter receipt came out, the vote marked with ballpen obviously was not read by the vote counting machine,” said Jimenez. Atty. Chong challenges Jimenez to demonstrate in public if the VCM rejects the one with the ballpen shades.

Attack on the Election System Integrity?

Jimenez added: “That video was uploaded within the first day. That basically set the tone for the attack on the integrity of the election system.” This is a rather defensive comment of Jimenez. Is he protecting the reputation of the Smartmatic machines? According to Chong’s IT experts, the device is already obsolete. There’s also no doubt that cheating is possible using them as per the testimonies of other countries that have used them.

Fake News Watch

Jimenez said that another strategy to discredit the automated system in the previous polls was the spread of information that voting was already done and counted. That this and that candidate already won. “That is what we are watching out for,” he said. Perhaps, the Comelec spokesperson meant that the results were already transmitted to the main server from some VCMs prior to the election day which is a fact.

Chong vs. Jimenez’s Call to the Public

Jimenez said they were appealing to the public to inform the agency if they see or hear such form of fake news so that it can correct it. “We call on the public to forward to us any such news or information that they would encounter to the Comelec so that we can quickly find the truth and correct such claims,” he stated. On the other hand, Chong also calls on all voters to always check their receipts if the candidates they voted for are printed there. Then to report any discrepancy at once.

One Month Preparation

Overseas voting starts from April 13 and ends on May 13. The clean election advocates have at least a month to record the trends of anomalous processes. The idea is to have all complaints be properly recorded. Should these irregularities become massive, such records can be the basis for failure of election protest. Observing the exchanges involving unsatisfied ofws, it seems that Marcos was right after all.