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Diokno Corrects Karen Davila’s Conclusions with Data: Who said we have Bad Debts and No Money?


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7
[VIDEO]: Diokno: We can easily outgrow our debt; We have plan for fiscal consolidation

Can Easily Outgrow Debts

Incoming Finance Secretary Benjamin Diokno shares his plans for the country’s economic development. By sustaining growth, we solve the tax problem, he assures the public. We need to push private-public relationships. Expand wi-fi capacity. Continue the Build Build Build, which he calls the Golden Age of Infrastructure. This will take the country out of the poorest infrastructure list. This will give a lot of jobs to people. We can pay our debts, he added firmly.

GDP Ratio Close to 100

Diokno’s litany continues. We are in a better situation now, the new Finance Secretary said. Focus on tax administration. Improve the collection. 99% is done digitally. That already is more efficient and reduces corruption. Foreigners can invest in TELCO, transportation, construction, and many more sectors. The pandemic helped people to get used to digital payments. So, the debts now are more manageable than before.

NET Contributor to the IMF

9 months’ worth of imports is our reserves. A better tax structure can raise more tax payments. As long as the economy can grow 6 to 7%, the economy will grow. There’s a plan to go back to 3% GDP. But the problem really is to go back to the trajectory. We are almost there to reduce poverty to 14%. Can bring down debts to a single digit. Mining must come back for one. Taxes must be fair to everyone. Now, the country is no IMF project. But a net contributor to the IMF.

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Karen Davila: If She really Won as VP in 2016 over Bongbong Marcos, Where are her Voters Now?

Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

Sangkay Janjan TV

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos is a proud father.

Pulse Asia Never Had 60%

A political analyst justifies to Karen Davila that Bongbong Marcos may have benefitted from the withdrawal of Mayor Inday Sara and Bong Go. That’s why he got more than half of the votes according to reputable surveys. He admits that it never happened in the history of Pulse Asia that a candidate got that many votes. Although, people knew quite well that Marcos was surging even before Mayor Sara and Go withdrew.

Not False Majority but First and Super Majority for Bongbong Marcos

A false majority is the tyranny of the minority. Meaning, the candidate has the most votes but did not get more than half because other candidates get some shares as well. A Majority vote is simply more than half of the votes cast. A qualified majority or a “supermajority” is a number of votes above a specified percentage example two-thirds of the votes. The 60% rating of Marcos proves that he’s the First and Super Majority, not False Majority.

Where are the Voters of Leni Robredo in 2016

Karen Davila is right to question where are the voters of Robredo now? This coincides with the INC’s inquiry as to where did the votes of their members went for Bongbong Marcos in 2016 for the VP post? The answer is quite obvious. There must be fraud!

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Senate Fake News Hearing Unites Du30-Marcos Campaigners


welcome By: Elena Grace Flore

All Filipinos always have political preference may they be in social or mainstream media. The recent proliferation of fake news Senate hearing distinguishes false information from opinions. Bloggers insist that democracy allows them to voice out their side of the story regardless of the other side. This is not the case with journalism as a profession. Analyzing the outcome, it is clear that the Du30-Marcos supporters come to terms with the tandem despite not voting for the same during the 2016 election.

Youtube video by; Viral Talk

[VIDEO]: Napahanga si Erwin Tulfo kung paano hinarap ng mga bloggers ng Thinking Pinoy na si RJ Nieto at Asec. Mocha Uson ng Mocha Uson Blog ang mga tanong sa kanila kahapon sa Senado. Ang saloobin ni Erwin Tulfo, pakinggan!

Erwin Tulfo is an avid supporter of President Du30. He also speaks highly of Bongbong Marcos. He praises social media practitioners TP and ASec Mocha Uson for educating the Senators who are obviously not in touch with the real world.

Lawyer’s View: Just the Way She Is – Not Plastic

Youtube video by; The Dutertians


TV Anchor Karen Davila cannot believe that her guest Atty. Trixie actually defended Mocha Uson based on her legal knowledge. She explained that there’s no difference between an elective or appointed government official when it comes to business ethics. Uson was hired by the President because of her media influence. She is just being herself.

Mocha Uson vs Karen Davila

Youtube video by; MASAYA KA BA?


Mocha Uson retaliates to Karen Davila’s criticism on her by saying that bloggers have the right to express and share their opinions with their followers just like mainstream media personalities. This should not change once they change or got a new job.

Bongbong Marcos: Bloggers’ Opinions are Great Equalizers

Youtube video by; Rappler

[VIDEO]: Former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr says his family has long suffered from fake news. He also believes it is readers’ responsibility to avoid blogs and posts they think are making false claims.

Bongbong Marcos’ family suffers from the fake news for more than 30 years. However, he cannot find it in his heart to feel bitter about it. He is just thankful that finally, there’s a medium that allows the voice of the majority to be heard.

Senate Fake News Hearing

Youtube video by; Rappler

[VIDEO]: Senate hearing on fake news online
Senator Grace Poe is the Chair of the Fake News Senate hearing. She describes the difference between fake news, opinions and other information found both online and offline. Senator Tito Sotto admits triggering the event because of the “Silent No More” blog destroying pro-Duterte Senators that was allegedly masterminded by his LP colleagues. Senator Manny Pacquiao takes part in the discussion on how to regulate misinformation if it is possible to do so. Uson and Nieto of Thinking Pinoy actually voted for ex-Senator and now DFA Secretary Allan Peter Cayetano for VP. However, they are for the recount because it is the right thing to do.

Thinking Pinoy Asks Bongbong Marcos on Alleged Election Fraud and Recount Status