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Most People Stay Away from Character Assassination Attempts and Stick with the DOJ Secretary, Lawyer


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: EXCLUSIVE: Full Interview with DOJ Sec. Boying Remulla

Get a Lawyer

While defending the country in an international conference overseas with the UN, Justice Secretary Crispin Boying Remulla advises his wife to get a lawyer for their son’s alleged drug case. He refuses to talk to anyone within the system that can give special treatment to the family’s ordeal right now.

No Taint in his Reputation

As a lawyer himself, Justice Remulla gets the support of President Bongbong Marcos and Pastor Apollo Quiboloy. The President expresses his continued confidence in the secretary. Pastor Quiboloy also explains the biblical teaching that what happens to the son, should not affect the status of the father.

Family Matter

Secretary Remulla admits that he and his son may have had conflicts in the past but he would rather let it stay in private. Because it’s a mere family matter that he has to deal with as a father. Just like any other family, negative situations arise but they do not make a person. They are just part of life.

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Lawyer and Press Secretary Trixie-Angele Cruz Reports on the Smuggling or Hoarding of Sugar


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7
[VIDEO]: 6 Customs officials sacked amid sugar smuggling probe

Lawyer and Press Secretary’s Report

Lawyer and Press Secretary Trixie Angeles-Cruz said that during the investigation, 6 customs BOC officials were temporarily transferred to the office of the Commissioner while the investigation is ongoing. The warehouse owners and consignees are given the chance to answer as to whether the stocks are hoarded or smuggled.

Voluntary Lowering of Sugar Price

The lawyer and press secretary also explained that the 70 per kilo selected big supermarket price is voluntary and limited. Should there be a need to extend this, the president will respond accordingly.

Cheaper Local Sugar

Almost 500,000 tonnes of raw sugar were recently discovered in different storage facilities. Plus the 7000 metric tonnes were smuggled from Thailand using a recycled import permit. Therefore, the sugar price is expected to even go lower next month. Revelations of sugar hoardings are proof that there’s no sugar shortage in the country. It’s only artificial. They are just manipulated for higher profits. Local millers’ price is only 45.

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International Lawyer, Harry Roque said that the Sabah Claim is a Matter of Philippine Sovereignty


By: Elena Grace Flores

One News PH
[VIDEO]: Roque: Sultanate of Sulu already assigned Sabah rights to PH gov’t

International Lawyer’s Take on Sabah

“The sultanate of Sulu has already assigned all their right to Sabah to the Philippine government. That is why the Sabah issue has become a Philippine issue and not just a private matter,” International lawyer, Harry Roque said. President Bongbong Marcos should clarify the government’s stance on the French arbitral ruling. It declared that Malaysia owed $14.9 billion to the heirs of the sultanate of Sulu.

Philippine Sovereignty

The able lawyer notes that while the case is a private one, sovereignty also becomes an issue. It’s because the sultanate of Sulu already assigned all their rights to Sabah to the Philippine government. The case started with the heirs of late Sultan Jamalul Kiram III. They sued Malaysia for stopping the rental payments in 2013. The deal originated in 1978. The sultanate allowed a British trading company to utilize resources in Sabah.

Malaysia’s Defense

Malaysia, however, said that it would defend its legal position. This is after finding that enforcement of the award could infringe on the country’s sovereignty. Sabah also overwhelmingly voted to join Malaysia in the 1963 referendum. In any case, Sabah really belongs to the Philippines regardless of Malaysia’s refusal to follow the ruling.

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International Lawyer Warns President Marcos while Traveling to Another Country


By: Elena Grace Flores

PH Latest
[VIDEO]: America’s Plan on BBM

The advice of an International Lawyer

The UN assembly’s invite to America is an important event. However, an International lawyer warns that President Bongbong Marcos must be careful of his security. The threat to discredit him continues. He must ensure that his visit is worth it.

President Joe Biden’s Invite

President Joe Biden’s invite may be safe for President Marcos when there’s a lifting of the contempt order from the responsible US court. But a warrant can still be served and even if he can’t be jailed, the commotion can create a stir in the media. Thus, creating a bad publicity for the country in general.

Personal Opinion of the Lawyer

The international lawyer said that now is not the time for President Marcos to travel. The world crises, climate change, and technological advancement must be the priorities of the Filipino president at the present time. Visiting other countries can wait. Although he already has the immunity for his previous cases in the US, he is still prone to embarrassing propaganda. However, countries like China can be safer for him.

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Senator-Elect Robin Padilla will be the Only Non Lawyer who would Lead this Major Committee if Ever


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue
[VIDEO]: Do not judge and give Senator Robin Padilla a chance.

The Only Non Lawyer to Lead the Committee

Senator-elect Robin Padilla would like to head the Senate committee on constitutional amendments. He will be the only non lawyer chairman for this major committee since 1986 if ever. However, since his passion is constitutional change to Federalism, he is more than qualified to do the job.

Need to Study

Senator Sherwin Gatchalian said that the chairmanship of the Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendments in the 19th Congress is a very complicated. But he is confident that Padilla will study this and is willing to ask for help when needed. Senator Koko Pimentel also added that the leader for this committee doesn’t have to be a lawyer.

Do Not Judge Robin Padilla

Another Senator, Chiz Escudero explained that no senator should be discriminated upon. He should be judged mainly by his performance after serving in the capacity he’s elected into. Padilla is very qualified just like any of them.

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Can Lawyer-Vlogger Trixie Cruz-Angeles Tame the Unruly Media with Her Expertise?


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue
[VIDEO]: Lawyer-vlogger Trixie Cruz-Angeles, nominates as Press Secretary of President Bongbong Marcos.

Lawyer-Vlogger Press Secretary

There’s no better pick than the lawyer-vlogger Trixie Cruz-Angeles as the new Press secretary of President Bongbong Marcos’ administration. She was very efficient in making people understand about the concerning laws in every controversial issues thrown into PBBM during the campaign period.

Can she Tame the Unruly Media?

There are many instances that some media personnels try to challenge any personality who speaks in behalf of Bongbong Marcos. But they could try it with the knowledgeable lawyer, Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles. They would probably get a lecture but not without that teacher-like gaze and smile saying, do you understand, little one?

Nomination Accepted

The media reported that they did not get the response of Atty. Trixie yet to the nomination. But Atty. Vic Rodriguez who is a nominee himself for Executive Secretary said that she has accepted already. Good choice. It would not be a surprise if the media would be so tamed soon.

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Block the NPAs: Lawyer President Duterte is Leaning Towards Endorsing BBM


By: Elena Grace Flores

Filipino Future
[VIDEO]: It Looks Like President Duterte is Now Convinced that Bongbong Marcos is his Right Successor

Lawyer President Duterte May Support BBM as his Successor

Lawyer President Rodrigo Roa Duterte recently said in an interview that he may have to endorse a presidential candidate. This is to discourage the NPAs to enter the new government. He reports that some party lists and election candidates are cohorts of the NPAs. It’s only Ferdinand Marcos who is clearly anti-communist and terrorist. These insurgent groups didn’t have the power to demand during the time of his father. So, they are furious with Marcos, Jr.

Presidents for the Masses

The presidents for the masses like Joseph Estrada, and Gloria Arroyo were anti-oligarchs. But the forces of the elite using their networks and armed comrades stopped them from continuing the works of the great president Ferdinand Marcos. Therefor, Estrada was impeached and Arroyo was imprisoned by the yellow government.

Starting from FEM’s Blueprint, No to the Lawyer Only

President Duterte cannot afford to give back the power to the yellow culprits. With all the things he’ve been through. BBM has the alliance of the presidents for the masses. The Build Build Build project must continue, swears the Filipino leader. So, no to the lawyer candidate who may have affiliations with the NPAs.

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Lawyer’s Advice: Bongbong Marcos Widens Lead while Next Contender Scrambles for Deceiving Strats


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Lawyer and Senate bet Harry Roque to Robredo: Do not Accuse BBM if you don’t have proof.

This is what Lawyer, Roque has to Say

Lawyer and Senate bet Harry Roque advices the fellow attorney, Leni Robredo not to accuse anyone without concrete proof. Once she has the evidence, she can go to court to defend the reputation of her daughter. That’s what lawyers should do.

Aiming for the 70% Mark

The QC grand rally was overwhelming, said lawyer Roque. Plus the One Cebu endorsement by Cebu Governor, Gwendolyn Garcia. The race is indeed over. Bongbong Marcos will be the next president of the Philippines and Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio is the next Vice President, added Roque.

Leading in All Surveys

Marcos learned not to be complacent to avoid what happened in 2016. There are responsible people assigned to monitor Smartmatic, Comelec, the Media, and even Social Media. Despite lawyer Robredo playing the victim in Aika Robredo’s alleged sex scandal, BBM is still the underdog. This is because of the more than 30 years of black media propaganda against his family. No, the people are avenging him as seen in all surveys.

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Lawyer VP Candidate Sara Duterte Predicts a Landslide Win for BBM in Mindanao


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Bongbong may get 70%-80% of Mindanao votes – Sara

Lawyer Sara Duterte-Carpio’s Prediction

Presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos would likely get 70 percent to 80 percent (or about 8 million to 9.5 million) of voters in Mindanao. This is what his running mate, Lawyer and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, predicted recently. Leaving no room for cheaters.

Hugpong ng Pagbabago Chair

Anthony del Rosario, the chairman for Hugpong ng Pagbabago, lawyer Sara’s party did not entertain the intentions of some groups in merging the President’s daughter with other presidential candidates. He swears that it would always be BBM-Sara before and after the elections.

High Chances of Landslide Win

The tough lawyer is also confident that BBM can get more votes than anticipated. He’s likely to have a landslide win in Mindanao. Mayor Sara is not leaving chances for other candidates to cheat in this region like before.

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BBM is Grateful to his Lawyer VP on her Father’s Birthday


By: Elena Grace Flores



Lawyer Vice President

BBM is grateful to his lawyer Vice President, Inday Sara Duterte. He said that he’s the luckiest to have a Vice President who is the best. She’s the kindest, the most brilliant and the bravest. So, in this coming elections, we should make her the official VP of the country, he stressed.

Thanking the President

On the occasion of the recent birthday of President Rodrigo Duterte, BBM gave thanks to him for all the great things that the Filipino leader has done to the country. He vows to continue what he started. The, he leads the crowd to sing the lawyer President the Happy Birthday song.

Campaign since 2016

Bongbong Marcos urges the crowd to shout Duterte for VP. He mentioned that that has been their intention since 2016. It means, their alliance did not happen overnight. They definitely have some kind of understanding with the President ever since he lost to another VP lawyer, Leni Robredo. Therefore, the President’s endorsement of BBM as his successor is on the horizon.