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How EDSA Destroys the Pro-People President Ferdinand Marcos – A Lawyer and a Soldier!


By: Elena Grace Flores

The Philippines has the most expensive electricity costs. This is a big burden to the Filipinos. On top of that, other utility bills are rising particularly water, and telecommunication systems. The late President Corazon Aquino’s regime seems to concentrate on making public services private. The pro-people system of the late President Ferdinand Marcos who is a lawyer and a disappears along with the rise of business monopolies in major areas. This includes the health sector, unfortunately. No wonder that the EDSA commemoration event is a bit quiet. It’s understandable that the novel coronavirus scare is also a factor. Although it’s evident that its essence is now facing a natural death.
What is the real essence of EDSA? Behind democracy propaganda,

YouTube video by Bagong Lipunan
DOJ: 1986 EDSA – Isang Malaking Pagkakamali ng mga Pilipino

EDSA is a Big Mistake

Tatlong dekada na ang pagsisisi ng karamihan sa mga Pilipino nang magising sila sa katotohanan na ang 1986 EDSA ay isang malaking pagkakamali. Bakit?

Novel Coronavirus Scare

The National Historical Commission of the Philippines expects a smaller crowd at the commemoration of this year’s People Power anniversary. This is due to the threat of the novel coronavirus. NHCP and EDSA People Power Commission Chairman Rene Escalante explains that fewer people can gather during the program. They intend to mark the 1986 peaceful revolt anniversary with a simple ceremony. The EDSA revolution in 1986 marks the downfall of the late President, Ferdinand Marcos.

Most People still Love the Marcoses

The cries on social media, “Marcos pa rin” show that many people still hope to bring back the Marcos era. Videos of the late President Marcos emerge that depict his heroism. He fights communism first hand. In another, he orders General Fabian C. Ver to make sure that the people are safe. As a lawyer, he always follow the constitution regardless of what his detractors say. The revolt is a bloodless one because of him. The Marcoses to this date remain pro-people.

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

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Gadon Who Wants Bongbong Marcos as VP is Giving the Supreme Court CJ a Hard Time

Supreme Court

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Lawyer Lorenzo “Larry” Gadon recently said that Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno could not bring before the SC the decision of lawmakers. He insists that only she could cross-examine witnesses during the proceedings. Gadon filed the impeachment complaints against Sereno. He publicly admits that he wants to “avenge” former president and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria Arroyo and the late Chief Justice Renato Corona. In addition, he also wants to make sure that the Vice Presidency goes to Bongbong Marcos.

Video by; UNTV News and Rescue

[VIDEO]: Justices De Castro, Jardeleza to testify against Sereno – Atty. Gadon

Appeal for the Supreme Court CJ to Resign

Gadon earlier stresses that Sereno should resign to keep the integrity of the body that she is serving. He warns that the Congress Impeachment hearings are brutal. However, the CJ responded that to resign is nor even an option for her. This is allegedly so because she is certain that the case has no legal basis.

The Right to Counsel

Lawyer Jojo Lacanilao, a spokesperson for Sereno, said that the Constitution provides that the Chief Justice “be accorded the right to counsel and the right to cross-examine the complainant and the witnesses through her lawyers. These are the same rights that are guaranteed to every citizen of this country to ensure due process.” Gadon is told to review his law on this matter.

Sereno’s Camp Takes the Case as a Political Process

This political process involved a judicial character the same as that of a criminal prosecution,” Lacanilao said. The House Committee on Justice formally invited Sereno to the next impeachment hearing on Nov. 22. She insinuates that her lawyers will represent her.

Gadon’s Motives

Gadon wants the ones who benefit from the misfortunes of ex-President Arroyo and the late former CJ Corona, like Supreme Court Chief Justice Sereno, to be accountable for those.” Gadon also works to assure former Senator Bongbong Marcos’ timely take over to the VP post. He believes that as an appointee of Pnoy, Marcos’ electoral protest against Robredo won’t get the justice it deserves under Sereno’s Supreme Court watch.

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Challenges for Bar Board Passers

By: Elena Grace Flores
The bar review for soon to be lawyers do not start after graduation contrary to popular belief. One of the 2014 top board passers disclosed that the hard work should start upon entering law school. It will be too late when one is cramming to review test materials in such limited time right before the bar exam.

It takes dedication to be a lawyer in the Philippines. Controversies surround the nation and the call for good lawyers never fades. Stories of struggle from one disaster to another can be sources of inspiration. If one is determined to be a lawyer, no calamities or sad happenings can discourage him or her in pursuing this noble but highly controversial profession.

Government, private and charitable law practices are all rewarding both financially and self-fulfillment. It’s just a matter of how much. The private sector may be paid higher but so as lawyers in government offices with all the high profile public cases going on. Lawyers handling charity works to defend people who can’t afford professional fees earn the least in terms of money – but the most rewarding of them all. Now take a pick and be the lawyer that you worked hard for! Congratulations to all the Bar Board Passers!

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Tribute to Serafin Cuevas

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

In the passing of this great lawyer, Atty. Serafin Cuevas, I want to voice out my appreciation to this wonderful person who defended ex-Chief Justice Corona from start to finish of the case. Although Corona did not win his struggle, you can really see in the hearings that Atty. Cuevas was very brilliant in what he do. It’s not the judgment that matters here. It’s the real personalities of the people involved that came to light during the proceedings. In the case of Atty. Serafin Cuevas, it is obvious that the man does not only have brilliance, but also the heart of a good defender. For sure, the result will be different if he was the judge for the case. Let’s celebrate his life:

Ex-SC Justice, Corona lawyer Serafin Cuevas passes away

By: Louis Bacani

The former SC justice was also one of the lawyers of former Pres. Joseph Estrada during his impeachment trial in 2001.

Condolence to the loved ones of Atty. Serafin Cuevas… The Filipino public might have difference of opinions on what he believed in – but that’s life. He must be a role model for lawyers practicing their profession at the present time. He was blessed with good long years and served the public using his profession until his body can’t bear it anymore. May he have a wonderful holiday in his journey towards eternity!

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Humorous Reptilian Script but Hating Lawyers

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Many people hate lawyers because they can turn the bad guy into good in the court room. They are compared to reptiles which the later are much better because they did not choose to be one. To be a lawyer, you must have the heart to pursue things even if they are contrary to popular belief – but of course, you become one based on your aspirations in life. This humorous script was written not to degrade lawyers but for humor’s sake only!:

The Reptilians

By: Jim Pack

Alicia Florrick needs to gain the trust of a man who hates all lawyers. Synopsis for CBS’s “The Good Wife”.

This script has enough introduction describing the scenario of the play. The dialogue may be limited but it has all the  lines to make the discussion a humorous one! The author is kind enough to share his thoughts for free. He must be a very intellectual person who needs an outlet for his creative mind. Thank you for this script.

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