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War Coincides with the Prophecy of the Savior Leader in BBM


By: Elena Grace Flores
by DAE Stories

BBM to rise during the year of the tiger.

Bongbong Marcos as the Savior Leader

It is not a coincidence that the Gaza war and the South China Sea conflict arises at this time. The year of the tiger which is 2022 is fast-approaching. This is where the savior leader will emerge. Many prophecies indicate that this is Bongbong Marcos. Even the date of his birth and family history are on line with such predictions.

The End of the Yellow Regime

All the lies of the yellows are finally over. They have a slim chance in 2022 elections to win a seat. The current Vice President becomes the most-hated VP. While the barking former senator, Antonio Trillanes IV presents himself as a nuisance presidential candidate. Their mocking the Filipino leader who is pro-Marcos just boomerangs into them.

Only a Marcos can be the Savior Leader

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte said it all. Even if he has 20 years in the presidency, he cannot do it. He urges the people to find another Marcos. His support to Bongbong Marcos is genuine. The yellows try to stain it but to no avail. There might be many dramas going around currently. But one thing is for sure. The Philippines will be great again!

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The Two Sides of Ferdinand Marcos’ Story as a Leader


By: Elena Grace Flores
Two constrasting stories loom just shorty befor the September birthday of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. One was the protest against Irene Marcos’ presence at the UP capmpus. She was among the guests at the gala performance of DUP’s play The House of Bernarda Alba. They were only dozens of anti-Marcos students there but the incident was magnified by the media as always. Besides, the group responsible for the UP invite believes otherwise. Meanwhile Bongbong Marcos’ blog covers how he perceives his father as a person and a respected leader. This is contrary to the demonization of President Marcos during martial law that many Filipinos can relate to.

YouTube video by
Bongbong Marcos [VIDEO]: BBM VLOG #78: Answers About My Dad | Bongbong Marcos

The Weaknesses and Strenghts of President Marcos as a Leader

According to the late President Marcos’ son, Bongbong Marcos, it was during the time of his father that Philippines became the envy of many nations. This was when agriculture was productive and his father’s undeniable presence contributed to the country’s high profile then. He might not have some handyman and cooking skills but he has the leadership skills that can bring the country forward regardless of the alleged atrocities against him.

DUP’s Apology

DUP also apologizes for the disruptions during and after the performance. They also clarifies that the DUP (Dulaang UP) may have differences in political leanings from the activists but they wish to assure the UP community and the public that it will discern more its actions in the future. We have not forgotten the atrocities of Martial Law and we are one with the community in its protest against human rights abuses,” the organization said in a statement.

The Pride of the Philippines

The fashion sense of President Marcos made the country proud. His son is happy enough of the traits he got from his beloved father. They are both patient regardless of their efficiency. He is proud of his father to bring in the sense of pride for the nation. President Marcos means the world to his namesake. He was taught by example. Not to mention his sense of humour.

The Goodness of the Marcoses

The fallen leader is not only missed by his family but also by those who knew what’s best for the Philippines during his time. His other daughter, Senator Imee Marcos even said that activists must not be stopped in airing their grievances for as long as they follow the democratic provisions of the constitution. Her father may be gone but with her and her brother’s dedication for the country’s progress – the Philippines can never go wrong despite the odds.