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Falling Out Pro-Dutertes Due to Marcos Burial are Replenished by Binay-Bongbong Marcos Supporters

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Makabayan which is a political coalition composed of 11 party list parties was against the Marcos burial at the heroes cemetery – but this did not change their support to the Duterte administration. They detested the President’s promise to Bongbong Marcos that he will pass the presidency to him if he cannot solve the crimes in the country. However, they are still hopeful that Duterte will change his mind even if the president insisted that he just followed the law and even his mother cannot convince to change that.

Youtube video by; bulatlat multimedia

[VIDEO]: Duterte on Marcos burial: I’m just following the law

Support Remains

Casilao, Brosas, De Jesus, and Tinio clarified that they will continue supporting the “pro-people” programs of the Duterte administration. They praised Duterte’s efforts on independent foreign policies, release of political prisoners and ongoing peace talks.

Hoping to Change Duterte’s Mind

Brosas and De Jesus also stressed their criticism against Duterte for favoring Bongbong Marcos on the heroes’ burial issue and other pro-Marcos actions. They still believe that Marcos was a tyrant leader and must be vital in restoring democracy in the country.

Confusion among Duterte’s Supporters

 Makabayan is not alone in the situation that they are in. Many individual pro-Dutertes are also into this turmoil. They are for Duterte’s presidency but they do not approve his support to Bongbong Marcos. Let alone give the presidency to him. Supporters of former President Fidel Ramos are falling out.

Non-Duterte Voters who are for Marcos Get to Love the President

You win some, you lose some – that’s the name of the Duterte game. If there are Duterte supporters falling out, there are as much joining in as well to back the president up because of his endorsement of Bongbong Marcos. Around 6 million registered voters from the Binay camp are examples of these none-Duterte supporters now that has become solid Duterte.