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Brian Koppelman – on Making Billions by being Creative

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Creativity can turn your life around for the better – specifically in terms of making money or billions for that matter. Making the most of your creative side will not be stressful instead, you will have fun and will get lots of fulfillment in the process. Know the tricks.

Extract of Brian Koppelman’s Podcast interview: “And so, right from the beginning of the fact that we set the main character as a law school student at night as I was and gave him a professor very similar to the professor I had — a guy who used to stay up all night drinking gin — no matter what, it paid dividends. It also paid dividends in a system of thought that I find really valuable and it taught me how to write on deadline and other skills that I think are really valuable. And it gave me a contact base.” Listen to the Podcast here:

As continued from The Art of Charm: “Let’s say the first 24 to 36 hours after I write a scene,” explains Brian, “you can’t talk to me about that scene. Because that scene is…perfect, man! It’s the greatest, funniest, most important scene ever written. In those first 24 hours, if you try to get me to change a line, I might punch you in the face! But I know that about myself, so I won’t show it to you until it’s 48 hours or 68 hours from now when I’m ready to look at it and go, ‘Oh, you know what? One line of that scene is useful; the rest is garbage.’


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