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The Marcos-Duterte Tandem Floats as Expected for 2022 Elections


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Juan Estoryador

Bongbong Marcos and President Rodrigo Duterte’s Tandem Possible
Congressman Mike Defensor can see clearly that the Marcos-Duterte tandem is very possible for the 2022 elections. He said that both are on good terms. No fights whatsoever unlike other candidates. As per the update of Congressman Winnie Castelo, Bongbong Marcos is their guest of honor in the Malayang QC event where they distributed goods from the likely presidential candidate.

Tandem Made in Heaven Supported by Malayang QC

Senator Imee Marcos already hints earlier that the Marcos-Duterte tandem is a match made in heaven. Bongbong Marcos is the top contender while the president’s daughter is the number one in many presidential surveys. However, Mayor Sara refuses to run. So, his father took the VP post. However, there’s this possibility that a substitution scenario can happen later.

Both Families are Compatible

The Marcoses and the Dutertes are in alliance since 2016. Senator Imee Marcos is a constant companion of Mayor Sara Duterte. While the president himself only has high prases for the Marcos patriarch. He even told the Filipino people in a speech to find another Marcos. Because he cannot solve the problems of the country alone. Now, the Marcos-Duterte tandem floats as expected.

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Who Benefits from a Scary Mindanao that Aims to Destroy the Marcos-Duterte Populist Agenda?


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

The Marcos-Duterte Populist Agenda
President Rodrigo Duterte and Bongbong Marcos are both populist leaders. Naturally, they do things for the welfare of the people. Both are anti-oligarchy. The oligarchs are foreign opportunists. They control nations using the current financial system. But the same capitalists consume natural resources for their own advantage. Also, they support communism, use mainstream media, and launch terrorist activities. These drive away investors. Just like what happens in Mindanao. So, the Marcos-Duterte agenda aims to change that. Therefore, unity is a must.

The Change from Oligarchy to Maharlika System

The Marcos-Duterte agenda now starts to work for the people. The Build Build Build project is the proof for this. The Marcos monetary facility with the World Bank is in use. These infrastructures are meant to improve the lives of Filipinos. But the alliance should excel in the 2022 elections. This comes in handy now that most Filipinos already know the truth about the Marcoses. So, another Marcos can be president soon.

Who Benefits from a Scary Mindanao?

Insurgents in Mindanao may exist. But only in a few remote areas. The mainstream media escalates the news. They make Mindanao sound dangerous. Therefore, Filipino tycoons stay away from it. But the foreign opportunists enjoy their profits. Mining activities continue. This is amidst the pandemic. And the greed of foreigners remains. So, the locals risk their lives. Filipinos must stand for Mindanao. The Marcos-Duterte tandem is the key. Let’s have another Marcos for president.

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Who would be the Contender of the Marcos-Duterte Tandem?


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Leaders of the Filipino Masses

Great Leaders Versus the Oligarchs

Why is the tandem of Bongbong Marcos for President and Sara Duterte-Carpio for Vice President so strong in Election 2022? What exactly is there in these two? Is this really the end of the happy days of the Liberal Party and the Communists? Is this really the beginning of a tremendous change? That only takes place in the Philippines once for more than a century. Who would dare fight the Marcos-Duterte tandem?

Media Brainwashing

No amount of media brainwashing that social media cannot disclose. The late President Ferdinand Marcos’ bad publicities now turn to his achievements. Despite being an original Dilawan, President Rodrigo Duterte has the open mind to know the roots of the people’s sufferings. Marcos’s economic policies were unfavorable to the oligarchs. These made them connive with the mainstream media, lawmakers, and business people. They just want to destroy the people’s president. But now, the pro-Filipino leaders unite as one. This is through the Marcos-Duterte tandem.

Unity in Maharlika

One country, one thought (Isang Bansa, Isang Diwa) is former President Marcos’s slogan. His wealth from the Maharlika era is in safety through his last will and testament. The Build Build Build project is undeniably big enough to deny the Marcos-Duterte connivance. The closeness of Senator Imee Marcos and Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio is also very visible. Let’s go, Maharlika. Any contender?

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Marcos-Duterte Tandem is Hot Despite the President’s Fear


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by philstarnews
“It’s all in his mind” Sara Duterte on why she thinks her father is afraid of her

The President’s Fear of Mayor Sara is All in His Mind

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte responds to Senator Imee Marcos when ask why she thinks her father is afraid of her. “Why does the President, your father, repeatedly say that he is afraid of you?” Senator Imee Marcos, a Duterte ally, asked Duterte-Carpio. This is during a confirmation hearing at the Senate.

Fear of his Daughter

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio faces the Commission on Appointments recently. Instead of being quizzed about her promotion as Army reserve colonel, she was asked why her father President Rodrigo Duterte is “afraid” of her. Duterte praises his daughter’s political influence in separate events repeatedly. He cites her role in the ouster of Davao del Norte Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez as House Speaker hours before his third State of the Nation Address in 2018. Prior to this, the Filipino leader recalls her punching a government official in public.

The Marcos-Duterte Tandem is Hot

Senator Marcos’ Marcos-Duterte alliance revelation during the same event is currently the talk of the town via social media. However, an online poll discloses that the tandem would be between the President’s daughter and Senator Marcos’ brother, Bongbong Marcos. Many prefer Marcos to be President as per the initial intention of President Duterte prior to the elections 2016. It is when Imee Marcos is said to be his main supporter for his then Presidential campaign.

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