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The Selfless Resignation of Mocha Uson can Lead her to Run for a Seat in the Senate or Congress


By: Elena Grace Flores

Communications Assistant Secretary Margaux “Mocha” Uson said she resigns from her post. This is to aid the passage of her agency’s budget. She warns critics that her fight is not yet over. She makes the sacrifice so that the PCOO budget can be passed. The avid supporter of the President also tells her detractors not to make the mistake of thinking that they won. She did not resign because she’s scared. Uson just wants to have a fair chance when she faces them may it be n the Senate or in the Congress. This triggers speculations that she might be running for Senator or Congresswoman. As what Presidential Secretary Bong Go said; Just wait for her announcement.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: PCOO ASec Mocha Uson resigns after the lower House holds the agency’s budget because of her absence. She vows to bring her fight to the Senate and Congress.

Deferred PCOO Budget

The House of Representatives had deferred action on the budget of the Presidential Communications Operations Office after Uson failed to attend budget deliberations. She told a separate budget hearing at the Senate Wednesday that she missed the House hearings because she was at the United Nations General Assembly.

The Palace’s Consent

President Duterte is likely to accept Uson’s resignation, said Special Assistant to the President, Christopher “Bong” Go. We respect her resignation and we thank Asec. Mocha for her service to the Duterte government. She was a good ally, he added. Meanwhile, Presidential Chief Legal Counsel comments that it is Usons selfless act.

Congress Politics in Budget Deliberations

Uson alleged that several left-leaning congressmen were deliberately stalling the PCOO’s budge. This is after her interview with some Lumad, who claimed they were being “used” by the left against Duterte. She also slammed the lawmakers concerned for politicizing budget deliberations. Pichay also scolds top PCOO officials led by Sec. Martin Andanar. It is not known why Uson’s presence is a must when her boss himself is always present.

Wrong Accusations

Pichay and other lawmakers were upset after Andanar earlier committed to bringing Uson at the House plenary. This is to personally answer the queries of several legislators who wanted an explanation of her involvement in various controversial activities. Her personal blog particularly is the target of the inquiry.

Freedom of Speech

Uson believes that some lawmakers use their position to intimidate government agencies who are not in line with their personal agenda. She previously apologizes over a video about federalism that features dancing and another clip that upsets the deaf community. Her enemies always demand freedom of speech but they simply can’t give that to Uson.

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Martin Andanar: ‘LeniLeaks’ Players must Face the Music when they come Home


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Investigating “LeniLeaks” is not the priority cabinet task now – because some senate members who hate the guts of the president don’t want to investigate it. However, some are into protecting the president and so they will do everything to make him safe. Martin Andanar expresses his belief that the opposition is a bit unfair to the president. They do not give him the so-called honeymoon period. They are also quick to judge that he does not respect human rights amidst false media reports by some entities.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Is the “LeniLeaks” controversy proof that there is an ouster plot against President Duterte? One political observer believes the LeniLeaks controversy only shows the campaign and counter-campaign of the Duterte administration and the opposition.

Pnoy vs Duterte’s Honeymoon Period

Pnoy’s honeymoon period in the presidency lasted one year – but Duterte only asks for six months. They should be considerate just like the leniency of the Duterte administration with their aggressive calls for him to step down or resign.

“LeniLeaks” not in Cabinet Agenda

A leak of emails from the supporters of Vice President Leni Robredo that call for the ouster of President Rodrigo Duterte is an issue being treated with “concern.”  However, Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella, however, clarifies that “LeniLeaks,” is not on the agenda of the cabinet meeting.

Duterte’s High Approval and Trust Rating

Anti-Duterte who are overseas must respect what the majority of the Filipinos think about their president. They are noted to disagree of the President’s support to Bongbong Marcos as well, that is why they push Robredo to fight. Duterte has very high approval and trust rating. Most people trust his dealings with Marcos. Those who disagree can express their opinions all they want through social media because they have the rights according to freedom of expression – but when they come home, after enjoying the cool air elsewhere, they have to face the music when they are in the country. It is another story when they initiate chaos locally. That would be against the law. The government will run after them if they do that.

Phone Protection: NQ Mobile Security 2 years or NQ Mobile Security 1 year

Not Necessarily Members of the Liberal Party

Members of the Liberal Party are only about 30 members now because some of them already transferred to Duterte’s political party. Andanar mentioned that there’s a possibility that some politicians who do not belong to the Liberal Party can also go against the president. This is the reason why he and Esperon want to investigate the matter.

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Andanar’s Duterte-Jesus Comparison Confirms Idolatry?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Despite President Rodrigo Duterte’s bad mouth, Presidential Communications Office head Secretary Martin Andanar still compares him to Jesus Christ. This is an act of idolatry in some sort.

Idolatry results to the Iglesia ni Duterte Phenomenon

Andanar likens his meeting with Duterte when Jesus met the fishermen who became his apostles at Galilee. Andanar was humbled when asked to lead the Presidential Communications Office.

Gratefulness is far from Idolatry

It is good to be grateful but praises resulting to idolatry is another story. Andanar apparently refers to Matthew 4:18-19 of the Bible. It recounts how Jesus met fishermen Simon and his brother Andrew. He  asked them to follow him. They were Jesus’ first disciples.

Is Andanar practicing Idolatry?

What is idolatry? Idolatry is the worship of an idol or a physical object or being as a representation of a god. Perhaps when protecting and prasing Duterte even if he displays bad manners or judgements could be a sign of worshipping him. For sure, it’s not the intention of Andanar. Just perhaps grateful of the trust given to him by the President.

Daunting Role for Andanar

Andanar imagines himself as a volunteer, giving advice here and there. He does some useful things for the President. After all the have worked so hard to get elected to the post. But he did not expect to be assigned to the daunting role he ended up with.

Not God-like but Trustful

Andanar looks ar the president as someone who assigns people to do things they never imagined themselves capable of doing beforehand. He invests so much trust in the people he works with. He also expects them to exceed expectation.

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Reputation Management: Martin Andanar announces Duterte’s plea to supporters

Reputation Management

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
There’s always a bad potato among the good ones. But the Duterte myth is contrary to the belief that his supporters are unruly bastard and bitches. Capable only of below the belt personal attacks. The experiment overnight showed that when properly explained, the negative subject is neutralized. They give reasons without the “F” word. Most argue from the start but could be very supportive in the end for unity’s sake. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s plea to respect the media and Senator Leila De Lima will have great chance of success.

The President’s Plea


Reputation Management

The President through Martin Andanar urges his supporters to respect the media. This goes to Senator Leila de Lima as well. It is not good he said that Filipinos are hurting each other via social media. It is also unfair to our very own senator to be treated badly.

Senate as Co-equal Branch

The Palace recognizes that the senate is a co-equal branch of the executive office. They have the rights to conduct their own investigations on the alleged extra judicial killings.

Common Class Visayan Character

The president may be guilty of tough-talking. Saying one thing but meant another. But this is his strategy to confuse people. When confused, true colors can come out. Then he would know the sincere ones from the rest. People in Davao are very used to this kind of character. As Visayans tend to say bad words when showing closeness or fondness to others.

Social Media Reputation Management

It might not be appropriate to have a bad mouth as President, but Filipinos are forgiving. We just have to “educate” foreigners and international entities with Duterte’s culture. For Example, Duterte said; De Lima is only not screwing her driver but the country as well! This may sound humorous to most Filipinos – but mind you, it’s perversion in many cultures overseas. So. it’s up to us to help censor as an online reputation management effort.

President’s Awareness

The President is aware that he has crossed the line in terms of civilized public speaking. He is trying to change but it will not happen overnight. This is why he needs the help of his supporters not to escalate anymore his wrong language. It is evident that after bashing like Obama, the UN and the EU – social media supporters immediately promote them. Media on the other hand, cannot be blamed because it’s their job to document what really happened.

Supporters’ Responses

Reputation Management

It is already common knowledge that most Filipinos are not fond of reading the whole story. They immediately react at a sight of an intimidating title. This is experienced in a Political Group at Facebook named Freedom Society – which is composed mainly of Duterte supporters. Here, they even asked the media to stop destabilizing the country.  Personal attacks do happen but when the purpose is disclosed, most of them understand. So, reputation management for the president by his own supporters is very possible.

There were at least two who wanted a friendly discussion through the Messenger. I was privileged to have the chance to pick each others’ brains. In a very diplomatic way, of course. As for this one bad potato, he was too proud not to follow the president’s request. No wonder, he did not have a face on his profile!

Reference: Freedom Society at Facebook

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Andanar’s SONA intro was misleading – but that made people watch, see video here


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
The speech of President Rodrigo Duterte for his first State of the Nation Address (Sona) made his Communications Secretary cry but many people now wonder why? Andanar also added that Duterte wrote his own speech that is probably why he sounded firm as he normally does – actually, it has close resemblance to his campaign speeches put together. There’s not many facts that we do not hear from him yet but his plan to make military camps as rehabilitation centers nationwide can be a good idea – but medical and psychological experts must be consulted if those places are conducive for healing. See the SONA video here:

Youtube video by: Rappler

The president is hoping that at the end of his term, he can hand over a robust economy to his successor with efficient tax system that would promote more opportunities in the work front. There are many strategies that are in the plan to achieve this including the implementations of existing laws in full force like the reproductive health bill.


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