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Maxine Medina on Being Herself: Got an Interpreter but Bravely Speaks in English

Maxine Medina

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Miss Philippines did a good job representing the country. Never mind not making it in the top three of the 65th Miss Universe pageant. She is under a lot of pressure as the host country and the bashes over social media. In the end, she stands on her ground. She gets an interpreter but answers in English. That’s how she is – a woman who faces her fears!

Youtube video by; SUPER SEVEN
[VIDEO]: MAXINE Medina apologizes to the public after she made an erroneous remark that former first lady Imelda Marcos supposedly “invented” the traditional Filipino Terno.

Advises of Beauty Queens

1969 Miss Universe Gloria Diaz advises Medina to get an interpreter. This is for her to express herself well in the question and answer portion. 1973 Miss Universe Margie Moran leaves it to destiny to win the crown. There’s no formula for it but gives credit to Medina for improving a lot after going through the stages of the competition.

2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach’s advice is for her to be calm and think that she is with her all the way.  Medina opted to be herself with considerations of the other pointers as what her aunt, former Miss Universe Philippines 1990 Gem Padilla-Thomas told her.

Bashing on Imelda Marcos’ Terno

Maxine Medina is definitely not a history or communications expert but she is honest and speaks her mind on what she knows. In her own special way. former First Lady Imelda Marcos “re-invents” the elegantly beautiful Filipiniana gown version of the original Terno. She popularizes the enhanced Terno by wearing it proudly in relevant events. Various matching styles with the “Iron Butterfly” sleeves are displayed. Since it is really Marcos who is associated with the distinctive Butterfly sleeves, who can blame Maxine Medina for giving her credit? Only the politically biased people cannot accept this fact.

Not a Bad Answer

The many people that join together in unity for one great event like the Miss Universe pageant is indeed an important event but not quite a big change. That’s Medina’s view – but some people think that she needs a somewhat controversial answer to excel in the pageant. Like President Rodrigo Duterte’s victory perhaps and his verbal attacks against former President Barrack Obama and the United Nations who are condemning his war on drugs? It can also be when the Americans voted for a black man during Obama’s time for the first time?

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Look at the Bright Side

Medina is breathtaking in her gown, the two-piece, and national costume. Miss USA and Miss Kenya both have strong and inspiring answers to every question thrown at them – but like Medina, they are not included in the top three. This time, destiny’s choice is Miss France.

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Bongbong Marcos Defense to Robredo: The Difference Between Unused SD Cards and Unused Heads!


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

“That’s why it’s unused because it was not used,” Robredo said in a news conference in Naga City recently pertaining to the unused SD cards with data found on them. Even non-lawyers will understand that,” she added. Her comments are proofs that when dealing with the electoral protest, she obviously did not use her head. Vic Rodriguez, Bongbong Marcos’ lawyer explains that the data on unused SD cards are proof that the last election was manipulated.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Vice President Leni Robredo’s election lawyer Romulo Macalintal says the process of decrypting the SD cards is not yet complete for anyone to claim there is proof of election fraud.

Unused SD Cards versus Unused Heads

The Robredo camp is quick to react when it comes to news about what the Bongbong Marcos camp discloses with regards to the electoral protest filed against Vice President Leni Robredo.They obviously use their mouths more than their heads. Perhaps this is because they are used to the fact that commercial media would escalate whatever they say. Even if it is brainless. An unused SD card is supposed to be empty whereas an unused brain can still think if they wish to. The question is, why is there data in an unused SD card? Robredo’s answer – that’s why it’s unused just don’t make sense. Can she still think or she is also functioning with an SD card on her head?

Macalintal also has an SD Card on his Head

Marcos now asks to expedite the case filed before the Supreme Court sitting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal. Romulo Macalintal, Robredo’s lawyer reacts to Marcos’ claims by urging him to drop his election protest against Robredo if he fails to prove that SD cards had been used in poll fraud. Nothing can be said more than that. The statement itself is certainly not from a veteran lawyer’s mind. Maybe from a manipulated SD card.

Obviously Panicking

The public can certainly feel that the Robredo camp is panicking. First, the senate is now trying to impose discipline to their libelous senator Trillanes. Second, President Duterte is not slowing done in his campaigns including his support to Robredo’s rival Bongbong Marcos. He does not have to influence PET’s decision. All evidence are surely pointing to the Liberal Party’s massive electoral fraud.

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About Time for Robredo’s Retreat

The mere mention of the name Imelda Marcos, mother of Bongbong Marcos by the Miss Universe candidate, Maxine Medina already ignited the anti-Marcos concern that the return of a Marcos to the executive office is near. One thing is for sure, they can expect a bigger surprise soon. It’s just a matter of time that Robredo must retreat from the post that she allegedly steals, with the help of her Liberal friends.

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The Return of Imelda Marcos’ Terno Signals the Defeat of the Anti-Marcos – Thanks to Maxine Medina

Maxine Medina

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The beautiful Filipinianana fashion with the butterfly sleeves is the signature fashion of Imelda Marcos. It is not known who really invented it but it already exists before her time. However, she made her version famous, thus the name “Iron Butterfly.” Wearing it elegantly in style is what remains in the people’s minds – like Maxine Medina’s admiration of the beauty and brain First Lady of the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos and the proud mother of Bongbong Marcos.

Youtube video by; Imelda Marcos
[VIDEO]: Imelda Marcos as Fashion Icon

Maxine Medina is just Telling the Truth

Maxine Media is a true Filipina. She says what she knows. It is not wrong to say that Imelda Marcos invented the Terno – because what she meant is the elegant Terno with the butterfly sleeves that she often is seen with during important official events. To test, grab an ancient picture of the dress and compare it to Imelda Marcos’ image on it and see the difference.

One Piece or Marching Pair

A Terno can be one -piece or matching pair. In the Visayas or among Bisayan-speaking people, the word Terno is still used to match the top with the skirt or pants. The full body or one-piece dress is obviously a Terno also because they match.

The Kimona vs the Terno

Right after the Marcos regime, the anti-Marcos administrations tried so hard to eliminate the Terno that Imelda Marcos is famous for. They prefer the Kimona or baro at saya styles during official events – but nothing can beat the Terno. Nancy Binay who is fond of wearing it was once a victim of social media bashing but she wears it proud like how a Filipina should be.

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The Emergence of Bongbong Marcos

The fuzz is not about Maxine Medina’s crediting Imelda Marcos as the inventor of the Terno. The bashing can come only from the anti-Marcos people. However, the truth of the Marcos golden era cannot be hidden anymore – the same as the emergence of Bongbong Marcos in the second-highest position in the land. Thanks to Maxine Medina’s being truthful nature. She’s one true beautiful, intelligent and proud Filipina!