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While Binay is Retraining Traffic Enforcers, Duterte Responding too slow on Police Brutality


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Makati City Mayor Abby Binay, daughter of former Vice President Jejomar Binay now spearheading the immediate retraining of Makati Public Safety Department or MAPSA traffic enforcers in her quest to improve their professional competence and instill ethical practices in their ranks. This is in response of Senator Nancy Binay’s call also to remind law enforcers that human rights must not be violated as they do their duty in arresting law offenders with maximum tolerance.

Values formation and personality development are also part of the training so that their performance in their jobs will show their being competent, with integrity and decorum, unlike the most recent police brutality that led to the death of a motorcyclist despite his being handcuffed by HPG cops. John Dela Riarte’s autopsy report, showed that he was shot four times, three of them fatal with one directly into the heart. Clearly an overkill because there’s no way that he could overpower 3 cops as clearly shown in the citizen’s video that went viral now.

Binay is really into the welfare of the people because she encouraged the public to report erring MAPSA enforcers through the city’s official Twitter account, @MakatiTraffic, and My Makati on Facebook. Whereas Duterte is either too slow in reacting about the the police brutality or just chose to be mum about it because all these killings are triggered by his means of allegedly stopping crimes that can only escalate with his ways of doing things.

Ricardo Suarez, officer-in-charge of MAPSA, is convinced that “the training would cover topics aimed at improving their professional competence, promote ethical practices and personality development” – to perhaps avoid becoming like Duterte’s cops.

City personnel officer Vissia Marie Aldon also said that casual employees of MAPSA whose contracts lapsed last June 30, 2016 could still re-apply. This is proof that the government itself is utilizing contractualization and Makati is doing something about it since the President is not suggesting other solutions as ENDO substitutes for seasonal needs – after his drastic threats to close down companies not following his no ENDO order. Can he shut down his own government or these are exceptions?


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Mayor Abby Binay of Makati: Restored Legacy

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Abby Binay’s triumph during the May 9, 2016 election as Mayor of Makati is an assurance that the interests of Makati and its more than 1000 LGUs all over the country will be preserved and the legacy of her father, Jejomar Binay continues.

The progress of Makati will definitely continue and if supported by the present administration, it will be a great of source of funding to rehabilitate the development of the said LGUs. Meet the new Mayor of Makati – the smart and beautiful Filipina: Abigail Binay – Campos:

Educational Background
College Degree

University of the Philippines-Los Ba�os, BS Human Ecology Major in Human Settlement Planning, Graduated, 1997
Graduate Degree

Ateneo De Manila University, Juris Doctorate, 2001

Work Experience (Government and/or Private)
House of Representatives, Congresswoman, 01 July 2007 – Present
Subido Pagente Certeza Mendoza and Binay Law Office, Partner, March 2007 – 29 June 2007
Balane Tamase Alampay Law Office, Legal Associate, 01 July 2003 – March 2007
JCB Farms, Chief Finance Officer, 2002 – 2005

Membership in Civic Organization
Integrated Bar of the Philippines, Member
Movement of Attorneys for Brotherhood Integrity and Nationalism, Inc. (MABINI), Member
Federacion Internacional de Abogadas, Member
PDP-Laban, Director
Haribon Foundation Inc., Member


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Government Mismanagement: UP Student Stabbed at Campus Lucky to have a Dorm

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
I almost believed the gossips saying that there’s no real sleeping out of dorm incident at the state-owned University of the Philippines for the best students in the country – but only a sort of demonstration staging until I was seated next to my nephew in a birthday dinner who was stabbed earlier inside the UP campus. He bravely survived his ordeal despite the life-threatening situation but we cannot forget how poor the facilities were when he was first rushed by his dorm mate to a public hospital in Quezon City before we were able to transfer him into a private hospital. We were just thankful that he’s okay now.

He just expressed his sentiments to me how he pitied the newly enrolled first year scholars. Although older students accommodated some of them by minimizing the space like making their beds L-shape so that another person can insert a mattress, that move was not enough to shelter around 840 displaced students, thus triggering them to sleep at the pavement of Kalayaan Avenue. It was tolerable he said until the bed bugs started to bite his new colleagues off. He added that if he was not stabbed in the same spot, he won’t be prioritized with where he is now. So, I said; blessing in disguise? Though I cannot hold myself from being sarcastic and blurted out – a total mismanagement! If the government cannot manage a school, how much more manage the whole country? Infrastructures, roads, transportation means, hospitals and schools are economic drivers. No wonder we lost the FIBA bid to host the World Cup to China as per CNN Philippines’ report.

Nathanielsz of FIBA said that China is a “conservative country that allocates their resources more on public improvements.” China boasted their capabilities in hosting international sporting events such as the 2008 Olympics and their modern facilities as a host country. Our chance indeed is for the next administration, to prioritize infrastructure developments and other public services that would support commercial endeavors like what Vice President Jejomar Binay did in Makati.
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Pnoy Instilling Dictatorship System before Leaving – Binay

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Vice President Jejomar Binay respected the previous speculation that Pnoy will be running for a second term for as long as the “voice” that motivates that really comes from the majority of the Filipino people. However, that scenario came to an end when the President finally endorsed Mar Roxas as his choice for the next President who can continue his alleged “Straight Path” motto in 2016.

Binay added also during previous interview with Inquirer that the administration is instilling a three-phased plan in forming a dictatorial government. One aspect was when the judiciary’s power was destroyed by controlling the Supreme Court, Court of appeals and Sandiganbayan with his appointees, and then the office of the Vice President – by constantly ignoring his inputs especially on government moves that were unconstitutional. Finally on the third phase, once both are within their control, a dictatorial government can already be functioning since the co-equal judiciary branch is already conniving with the Executive office.

This is indeed a real theory that can be felt in the events that are taking place in the Supreme Court with Chief Justice’s Sereno’s scolding the younger Mayor Binay’s lawyer for following the Doctrine of Condonation mandated by the Constitution.
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Sereno Corrupting SC for not Respecting Constitution on Binay’s Suspension Order

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
SC Abuse of Power
Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno used her power in the Supreme Court by delivering a litany to City Mayor Junjun Binay’s lawyers during their second oral argument that Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales’ suspension order on the Makati mayor is unconstitutional based on the Doctrine of Condonation.

Doctrine of Condonation in Question
The condonation doctrine was first introduced by the Supreme Court itself into our jurisprudence in the case of then Mayor Arturo Pascual vs. The Provincial Board of Nueva Ecija, G.R. L-11959, in 1959. It stated that a reelected public official cannot be removed from his position for an administrative misconduct committed during his prior term because his reelection assumes the people’s forgiveness or perhaps unbelief on the allegations as per the case of Mayor Binay.

The Student vs. the Professor
Sereno losts her composure when she desperately argued with Binay’s lawyer Sandra Marie Olaso-Coronel, who was her former law student with the probable implications that the doctrine of condonation does not exclude the mayor’s case even if the allegations of corruption have not been proven yet – since they occurred during his previous term.

Sereno has no Right
Sereno did not have the right to scold Coronel because she did not author the doctrine. She should just campaign its revision if she thinks that it’s not favorable to the SC at this time unlike when it was first used.

Senator Santiago’s Take
Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago has all the rights to pass Senate bill 2716 to counteract the Doctrine of Condonation but she is surely disrespectful to the authors of this manifest when she criticized it. At this time of writing, the status of this bill is still “pending” thus cannot be used on the judgement of Mayor Binay’s case.

Senate Bill 2716
Senate bill 2716 amends the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act to make an elected official liable for any wrongdoing committed during a previous term even if he or she was reelected. This is not yet voted for.

This is a big test if our justice system under Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno if it will diligently follow our constitution – or will do otherwise to serve their own beliefs and interests!

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