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Media Worried as BBM Meets with Mayor Sara Duterte


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Showbiz Fanaticz

BBM-Inday Sara Meeting Confirms Tandem
The meeting between Bongbong Marcos and Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio happens amidst calls by supporters for the presidential daughter to run for president in 2022. She repeatedly declines rumors that she wants to do that. Although she said once that she might run for Vice President. While Marcos announces that he is eyeing either a presidential or vice-presidential bid. Senator Imee Marcos graces the get-together. Therefore, social media talks speculate that the hottest tandem of Marcos and Duterte-Carpio is finally confirmed. Even Rappler, the opposition’s media is worried about the repeat of the 2016 scenario.

Seeking for Advice

The Marcoses’ visit to Sara four months before the filing of certificates of candidacies for the 2022 elections is a repeat of Bongbong Marcos’ meeting with then-Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte in September 2015. This was two weeks before the filing of COCs for the 2016 polls. At the time, Marcos was believed to be presenting himself as President Duterte’s running mate for 2016. I came here to ask for his advice because the deadline is near and these decisions have to be made already,” Marcos said in 2015.

It’s Finally Happening

Davao City Chief Information Officer Jefry Tupas said that Mayor Duterte thanked the Marcos siblings “for their birthday greetings.” The same goes to her husband Mans Carpio “for the lunch he hosted.” Sara turns 43 on May 31 which is a bit young for the presidency. Meanwhile, Marcos is in his prime for the most important position of the land. Social media sharings are non-stop as of this date and time of writing. Everyone is so excited online. This is such a nightmare for the opposition.

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Are the Contrasts on the Golden Opportunity for Filipinos a Media Bluff?


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Media Propaganda Destroys Ferdinand Marcos.

Media Slander

The mainstream media really doesn’t want to stop their slander of Bongbong Marcos. Why is that? What is really the ultimate reason why they go all the way to destroy Bongbong Marcos? He’s the only namesake of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. His father is the depositor of the world’s gold reserves for the welfare of the Filipinos. His widow, Imelda Marcos blurts this out in an interview with Winnie Monsod. Her stories coincide with her husband’s Lepanto dealings before he became president.

The Mainstream Media Has All the Clippings

It’s ironic that actual interviews on the Marcos gold by the mainstream media are intact. Their video clippings are searchable on YouTube. News on TV does not detail such interviews. Malicious comments and doubtful interrogations are in the highlights instead. They often contradict their own broadcasts when it comes to Marcos gold. Bribery could only be the reason for their actions. So, there’s no doubt that there’s connivance with a superior country for this to happen. Corrupt officials do not have the choice but to follow their goal. After all, there are only in it for money.

Unity for the Golden Opportunity

Bongbong Marcos always has high hopes for the future of Filipinos. He knows something that the rest of his countrymen do not. He calls for unity non-stop. Then, campaigns to stop the hate and multiply love. Filipinos now have another opportunity to take a chance on the truth of the Marcos gold. The 2022 election is fast approaching. Therefore, it’s time to join forces and put Bongbong Marcos in his rightful place.

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EDSA and Ninoy Aquino’s Betrayal to the Country Using the Media


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by PweDelie TV

The Late President Ferdinand Marcos’ Treatment to Ninoy Aquino

Ninoy Aquino’s Betrayal

The EDSA revolution is not what the media described it. It started with a mutiny by some military officers. However, Cory Aquino’s brother used it to stage an uprising against Marcos. In fact, it was an act of betrayal by Ninoy Aquino’s family. Unknown to many, it was President Marcos who saved the latter from death row due to treason. Marcos sent him to America for his heart treatment according to his wishes. It was also Marcos who sustain his family while living overseas. Blaming the president for Aquino’s assassination took a toll on some Filipinos.

Media Manipulation

As a journalist and a good seaker, Aquino can only make use of his abilities to destroy Marcos. ABS-CBN was on the verge of bancruptcy when Marcos rescued it. The two then merged to malign the President. His selfish ambition to hold the highest position of the land made him betray his friend and his country.Thus explains all the black propaganda against the late President Marcos.

EDSA’s Nonsense

Marcos won the snap election with more than one million votes against Cory Aquino. But Aquino’s camp cannot accept this. They capitalized on a mutiny and staged it as an EDSA revolution. Aquino became president and released all NPAs and CPP criminals from prison. Many public services were sold to private entities. ABS-CBN was returned to the Lopezes. The media giant is supposed to be owned by the government because Marcos saved it from bankruptcy.

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What Triggers the Opposition Media’s Defensive Fact-Check on the Marcos Gold?


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Rappler

Is there truth on the Marcos gold?

Early Election Blues of the Opposition Media

Looks like the opposition media now works aggressively. This is to desperately discredit the Marcoses. It is, however, understandable for the early election blues. The national election is yet to come this 2022. Bongbong Marcos now presses the PET for a decision on his protest against Leni Robredo. He is set to run for an important position. May it be for president or Vice President.

Scrutiny on the Numbers – Not on the Facts

A half-truth fact-check is not reliable. This media only disputes the number. It never said that the Marcos gold is not existent. Just a matter of comparing numbers. It generally refers to the cases that the Marcoses had lost and won. Plus of course the mention of their own ill-gotten wealth propaganda. No explaination why the court can never nail the Marcoses down if they really stole the wealth from the people.

History and News

Other basis is the Tallano royal family history and some news on the former First Lady Imelda Marcos’ show of the gold documents. Nevertheless, they also said it themselves that the late Ferdinand Marcos did not mention them in his Tadhana book. Two things very suspicious though. There’s no mention whatsover about the late President Marcos’ will and testament and his first lady’s appeal to the Congress to prioritize its proceeding for the good of the people and the world.

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BBM Explains Government Duty after Media Fuels Dominguez-Marcos Rift


By: Elena Grace Flores

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

Food Security | Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos’ Take

BBM’s blog answers the media frenzy on Dominguez-Marcos rift with regards of the Masagana 99 success: Ensuring that people have enough food is essential in the midst of any disaster. Let us not risk this but give the agricultural sector ample support. Let’s not worry about spending because it’s also the foundation of a stable economy. It is a vibrant and edifying Filipino workforce. We will always remember that the government’s job is to help the people. Not the income earners. Thank you very much.

Food Security

The pandemic has shown Filipinos that each locality must be sufficient with food supply. Imports must not be the major alternative for a shortage. This is contrary to Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez’s views. The important thing is to be able to survive despite the lack of or no import activities in times of disasters. The price could be higher. However, that would mean a lifetime supply regardless of the impossibility of outside sources.

Government Responsibility

Bongbong Marcos also defends his sister by saying that the success of his father’s agriculture project was not in terms of profits. The government has the duty to supply to the people. It also has to equip them with methods that results to self-sufficiency. This came after right after media reports fueled the disagreements of the Finance Minister and Senator Imee Marcos.

Fr. Jose Bosch Innovative Skills Training Advocacy Cooperative (ISTAC)

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Selective Media?: The Marcoses Insist that Bongbong Marcos is the Real VP


By: Elena Grace Flores
It is a fact that the number of Marcoses in public office is growing in number but the news seems to be out of the mainstream media circulation. Senator Imee Marcos and the former first lady Imelda Marcos sometimes make it to the headlines. However, not all important developments of the Marcoses get coverage. Bongbong Marcos recently speaks at the turnover ceremony in Ilocos Norte with many other Marcos winners. He was introduced as the real VP. This event can only be found through YouTube. Is the mainstream media selective after all?

YouTube video by


2019 Election Winners from the Marcos Family

Senator Marcos’ 29-year-old son Matthew Manotoc takes her post as governor of the province. This is after the inauguration for Senators recently. Matthew’s aunt, Cecille Araneta Marcos, serves as his vice governor. An uncle, Ilocos Norte Vice Governor Eugenio Angelo Marcos Barba, replaces former first lady Imelda Marcos as representative of the province’s 2nd district. Michael Marcos Keon’s is also victorious in the Laoag mayoral race. Plus many more.

Reluctant but Destined to be Senator

On her first day in the Senate, the new Senator admits that she is not keen on becoming a senator,  a media report said. She narrates during the Senate’s flag raising ceremony, how she avoids the post for years. Her father, the late former president Ferdinand Marcos, who also served as Senate president. He justifies working at home for long hours to then 5-year old daughter by saying; I’m a senator, we don’t go to work. We conspire to be president and we play golf. She has no interest to both.

90th birthday in Malacañang of the North

Former First Lady Imelda Marcos celebrated her 90th birthday two days early at Malacañang Ti Amianan (Malacañang of the North) in Paoay, Ilocos Norte. The Marcos matriarch’s birthday cakes feature the projects she spearheaded while her husband Ferdinand was President: the Philippine Heart Center, National Kidney and Transplant Institute, Lung Center of the Philippines, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Quiapo Golden Mosque, Philippine International Convention Center, Manila Film Center, and the Manila International Airport. She said: I may be gone but these will be forever,” as she points to her birthday cakes. Sad to say that the mainstream media prefers to highlight her collection of shoes than her lifelong achievements.

Senator Marcos Remains Loyal to PDu30 Despite Social Media Confusion

Social media confusions on President Du30’s preference for his successor looms. This is after statements made by him and Senator Marcos that his daughter, Sara Du30 is the strongest contender for President in 2022. Mayor Sara already hints earlier that she may run for Vice President. This should be obvious enough that the Marcoses and the Dutertes are in line with the President’s intention to give way to Bongbong Marcos as the next President. This is something that their supporters must understand instead of breaking the unbeatable alliance through social media campaigns. After all, Imee Marcos remains the number one defender of the President. She disregards impeachment complaints over his West Philippine Sea consideration due to the country’s friendship with China.

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Trillanes Swears Not to Fall on his Own Media Trap


By: Elena Grace Flores
Many people expect that the outgoing Senator Antonio Trillanes IV now faces his final curtain. In a recent press conference, the main suspect for President Rodrigo Du30’s ouster plot swears not to fall on his own media trap. He observes that there’s no case filed yet. They only stir the news to get the public’s reaction. He also said that if Bikoy has evidence, they also have it. Trillanes is known to launch black media propaganda to discredit their political enemies – just like the former President Jejomar Binay.

YouTube video by

[VIDEO]: Trillanes: We have evidence against ‘Bikoy’

Actions Speak Louder than Words

In the video recording of Trillanes’ press conference, the dark circles and eye bags on his eyes can tell so much what the libelous Senator is going through. He also speaks heavily as normal. There’s no doubt that worries surround him as his term in the Senate ends this June 30, 2019.

Will Dig a Hole on the Case

Trillanes claims that the government cannot rely on Bikoy’s adjustable evidence. He warns Bikoy not to forget that they too have evidence against him. The Senator would rather submit his affidavit only once the courts asks for it. He idiomatically proclaim that he will dig a hole on it when there’s a case already.

Admission on the Two Previous Ouster Exercises

It’s foolishness to use a video to stage an ouster plot using only Bikoy, Trillanes said. He should learn from his two previous exercises that did not work, he added. This actually sounds as an admission that his group did stage a black propaganda against the President. Unluckily for them, it backfires to them resulting to the painful defeat of Ocho Diretso.

Not Falling on his Own Media Trap

Presidential spokesperson, Salvador Panelo hints on Trillanes’ future. Once his Senatorial term expires, he no longer has the immunity to go back to jail for his sins. He causes the suicide of his ex-boss, and robs the people of deserving leaders who work solely for the welfare of their citizens. Not to mention the untimely death of the former Chief Justice, Renato Corona. He might be careful now with what to say to the media but no one can spare him from the court of law.

The Near Fall of the Black Media Propagandist

Senator Nancy Binay has all the rights to ridicule Trillanes for what he did to her father. Nonetheless, she offers him a teaching job at the University of Makati that he declines out of delicadeza. Many people criticize Binay for doing so, but that’s the last thing the country needs. Hate and revenge must be exchanged with understanding and kindness – just like what the Marcoses are doing.

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Imee Marcos is a Hot Topic in Senator Pimentel’s Media Interview

By: Elena Grace Flores

It is a bit outrageous that in one of the shows by the mainstream media highlights Imee Marcos more than their guest, Senator Koko Pimentel. This is to the verge that Senator Pimentel had to suggest to interview Marcos herself on topics that concern her. He just doesn’t have the right answers because he’s not aware of her educational records. Only the propaganda against her is the basis and he got no first-hand information at all. The interviewers are obviously hoping to get a negative reaction from him that they can use to destroy Gov. Marcos’ candidacy. After all, success eludes them as Pimentel disagrees from their feeds or leading questions.

YouTube video byElena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Senator Koko Pimentel Refuses to Agree that Imee Marcos is Dishonest.

The Media Presses

PDP-Laban’s Koko Pimentel to discusses the status of their political party, campaigning with Hugpong ng Pagbabago, and the President’s war on drugs. However, it takes most of the time for him to explain his affiliations with Gov. Marcos. He said that they belong under a big umbrella that supports the President.

Human Rights Violations are Not Possible

The human rights situation in the Philippines became an issue in recent years during President Rodrigo Du30’s war on drugs. The opposition opposes this. They use such misleading reports to accuse the President of human rights violations. However, Pimentel explains that it would be impossible for the Filipino leader to do unconstitutional actions because all of his moves require the necessary legislation from the Congress and the Senate. Laws like anti-murder amongst others are still effective.

Connecting to Martial Law

The current Du30 administration is always compared with the alleged martial law atrocities. The said violations that are mostly unfounded due to the nonexistent records of the cases are dramatized heavily to discredit not just the late President Ferdinand Marcos but also his whole clan. Nevertheless, the alliance of Du30 and Marcos presently is just too strong to break by fake news that the media launches.

Long History of Public Service

My family has a long history of public service in Ilocos Norte. It began almost a hundred years ago when my grandfather, Mariano Marcos became Congressman in 1925, said Marcos. After that came my father, my aunt (Elizabeth Marcos-Keon), my mother, and my cousins (Nonong, Angelo & Michael). Sister, Imee and I also serve the province and now it looks like the next generation takes over. It starts with Manang Imee’s son (Matthew Marcos Manotoc) who runs for Governor. What about Sandro Marcos?

Too Much to Ask?

The Senator asks; Is it too much to ask to follow the law also? Pimentel stresses this question after the panel presses him to comment on his thoughts on human rights. He said that what happened during the Marcos regime won’t be possible anymore with all the laws in place.

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Atty. Mangaoang is Not Successful on her Wish for Customs Comm. Lapeña Over the Shabu Shipment Incident


By: Elena Grace Flore

In a previous hearing, Atty. Lourdes Mangaoang was grilled over her statement that Customs Commissioners Isidro S. Lapeña can be covering up the shabu shipment incident. She stands by her earlier assessment of the 1 ton worth of shabu being contained in the four magnetic lifters found in Cavite. Her credibility was being questioned and she faces the threat of being cited in contempt when she turned her back on the lawmakers. She now turns to the media in several interviews after she had upset the senators calling the President to sack Lapeña. However, President Rodrigo Du30 said; “Now… General Lapeña will move to TESDA. I will promote you to a Cabinet member position.  This is after he fired the deputy commissioners of the Bureau of Customs, and “freezing” the department heads of the bureau as the new commissioner, former Armed Forces chief of staff Rey Guerrero, takes over.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Atty. Mangaoang resorts to the media when her credibility is questioned in the hearing of the shabu shipment detected by PDEA at the Bureau of Customs.

Turning Back from the Solons

As Mangaoang was presenting her case, she was asked by Antipolo City 2nd District Representative Romeo Acop to go directly to her explanation of why she thinks the magnetic lifters were not empty. Acop was furious when Mangaoang began to turn away from him and faced the cameras of the news team. Acop is saying that this shows disrespect.

Addressing the People through the Media

Deputy Collector Lourdes Mangaoang answers that she only wants to address the people who are currently watching the live broadcast. Acop then reminds her that she is being probed by the House. Consequently, she should face the members of the house. Acop then warns her that this is already her 2nd  discourtesy and if she commits a 3rd one she will be cited in contempt.

Discourtesy that Irked the Senators

What was being referred to as Mangaoang’s first discourtesy was when she suggested that she could just leave if she was not wanted after she was grilled by Acop. To which, Representative Ace Barbers says that they do not owe anything to Mangaoang for her attendance in the probe.

Regret Comes Last

Mangaoang apologized afterward, to Acop as well as the other lawmakers present. To earn their forgiveness she would eve go down on her knees as she says. PDEA Chief Aaron Aquino also maintains that the drugs inside the lifters are currently circulating the country. BOC Commissioner Lapena said before that no shabu packages were found. However, after the investigation of PDEA, he is convinced that there may have been as there were traces found. The magnetic lifters passed through customs without being opened and were found in a warehouse with no more contents. However, even as the investigation is still ongoing, Mangaoang is already calling out Lapena as a liar to the media.

Not Sincere in her Apology

President Du30 has fired the deputy commissioners of the Bureau of Customs amid the controversy over the billions of pesos worth of shabu that allegedly slipped past Customs authorities in August. He is also freezing of all, all section department units of the Bureau of Customs. Lapeña has been moved to the lead the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. Du30 made sure he knew that it was a promotion. Lapeña and the BOC drew controversy after Deputy Collector Lourdes Mangaoang testified before a House inquiry that customs officials knew about the shabu that was smuggled into the country inside magnetic lifters. The outcome is not quite what Mangaoang is hoping for.

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The Works of Ferdinand Marcos Stand to Give Credit to his Son, Bongbong Marcos

The Works of Ferdinand Marcos Stand to Give Credit to his Son, Bongbong Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

It was former President Ferdinand Marcos’ goal to give every Filipino family a decent lifestyle His works show that he was successful in achieving his quest. As a gauge for this, we have something we call the 11 basic needs. These mean having access to Water, Electricity,  Food, Housing, Clothing, Work, Healthcare, Culture, Sports and Recreation, Ecological Balance, Transportation and other ways of earning. The late President’s namesake popularly known as Bongbong Marcos learns this idealism from his father much to his credit. While detractors try so hard to discredit him, the Marcos infrastructures remain to tell their stories.

YouTube video by Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Pabahay ni Macoy – Mga Programa ni Pangulong Marcos

PAG-IBIG Fund Housing Project

To fulfill his goal of giving every family their own home, President Marcos founded the Ministry of Human Settlements in 1978. This Ministry launched an extensive program for housing. Furthermore, he also founded the Home Development Mutual Fund or much better known as PAG-IBIG Fund, in 1978 as well to ensure that each Filipino can afford their own home.

BLISS in the City

He also made sure that the housing projects have complete facilities and have a school and a hospital nearby, as well as being near to the workplace of the residents. In 1985, 5,016 units were distributed for the poor citizens. They were called Bagong Lipunan Sites and Services or better known as BLISS.

Modern Projects that Last

In his leadership as well, 450,000 shelter communities all around the country were built. These programs started long before but up till now, they continue to help the Filipino. These are evidence that cannot vanish just by demonizing the late President. The black media propaganda against his family worldwide might be enormous. However, the hearts cannot forget.

Credit Goes to the Son

Despite the demonization of Martial Law, the Marcos Family have a strong support base across the country. This is because of the programs of the late patriarch. Now, as the young Marcos, Bongbong Marcos taps into the gratitude of supporters as he visits places where his father implemented projects and programs. He certainly gets the credit for the good work his father has done.

The Marcos Loyalists

Ilocanos remain loyal to the Marcoses because, in their memories, it was with President Marcos’ time when their province was at its most progressive. Now, looking back to the achievements of the late President Marcos, we can predict that President Rodrigo Duterte is following him. Like Marcos, he is into prioritizing the welfare of the Filipinos, and ultimately, the country. He also gives credit to the son of the fallen hero by choosing him as his likely successor for the presidency.