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Facing the Consequences of Having No Health Insurance

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
If you are a U.S. citizen of legal age, you will be fined a penalty for not having a health insurance. Consider this fact. If you end up accumulating substantial medical bills to the government simply because you are not covered by any insurance, the funds from other tax payers will be used to pay off your damages.

In third world countries when most people do not have health insurance or no access to social security memberships due to unemployment, they can die from simple medical cases like giving birth or diarrhea – because public hospitals will not admit those who can’t afford even just for the medications required due to overcrowding!

Whereas in first world countries, people pay almost 50% of their income for healthcare but when they are sick from whatever diseases, they can be admitted to dignified hospitals and get proper care without worrying for medical bills. So, it is fair what the Americans are doing – to let those who can afford pay for their own insurance and penalize those who do not follow unless you are under government subsidy.

Despite paying the penalty for not having a health insurance, you are still uninsured so when availing hospital care, you still have to pay your own bills and for those who are dependent on your income. So, no matter where you live – it is wise to pay for your own health insurance according to what you can afford or suffer the consequences of not having one!

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