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See Bongbong Marcos’ Leadership Goals and Who is He Missing?

By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos is grateful to the invitation of USEC Jun Santiago for inviting him to the highest award of the land night for the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. President Rodrigo Du30 bestows the Quezon Service Cross award to her recently. Her husband receives it on her behalf. Marcos mesmerizes on the signs of the blinding intellect behind her humor. BBM expresses how he misses his running mate during the 2016 election. Prior to that, he also reminds the youth of the leadership goals that matter for the country.
Youtube Video by Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: The brand of leadership and intellect that the late Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago has showed us continues to inspire our youth and our next generation of leaders. Madam Senator, you are well missed.

Only the 6th Recipient

The Quezon Service Cross is unique in that the President nominates Filipino citizens for the award. The Congress approves its conferment. Santiago’s widower, Narciso or Jun, accepts the posthumous award. He thanks the President for it. The first five recipients of the Quezon Service Cross since its creation in 1946 include Emilio Aguinaldo and Carlos P. Romulo. Ramon Magsaysay, Benigno Aquino Jr., and Jesse Robredo follow suit.

Baguio National Conference of the SK

NYC Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer, Undersecretary Ronald Gian Cardema invites Marcos during the recent SK National Conference in Baguio. He reminds the youth that he is the author principal author of the who creates the Philippine Youth Commission that is now the NYC.

Imee Marcos’ Humour

Gov. Imee Marcos showers the young attendees with funny speeches that Bongbong Marcos likens to Vice Ganda’s comedy stunts. The crowd was obviously hysterical, said Marcos. Notes had it that her chance encounter with the latter becomes an issue to some.

Diplomatic Corps’ Consular Ball of Estonia

Marcos also had fun with the Consular Ball of Estonia for the Christmas season. The diplomatic corps’ members attend the event. A rare chance for them to let their hair down without having to deal with the state’s affairs. Afterall, work-life balance is crucial to all.

Leadership Goals

The VP Protestee also warns the SK leaders to not tolerate dirty elections. That whatever they experience and see in previous elections, they won’t embrace such anomalies found. Marcos certainly imparts his leadership goals to these youths who can lead the country in the future.

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If Cursing can be Banned in Schools, Should Robredo’s Brainwashing Students be Stopped Also?


By: Elena Grace Flores

To curse in public places where students are is now prohibited in Baguio. This is under an ordinance of the city government.  City Councilor Lilia Fariñas is the author. It bans cursing in schools, computer shops, arcades, and other business establishments that young people patronize. Meanwhile, in her desperate attempt to look good, the presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo reads a book to young children in Tondo. The name of the book is “Digong Dilaw.” This is a mockery to the President whose nickname is Digong. He is often the target of her opposition group better known as the “Dilawans” or yellow faction. This stunt follows after she fails to influence the millennials through social media. VP protestant Bongbong Marcos got the approval of these young minds who are keen in verifying facts online.

YouTube video by The Young Observer

[VIDEO]: Presumptive VP Leni namigay ng Aklat na DIGONG DILAW sa mga Bata.

Cursing is Banned in Baguio

The ordinance defines profanity as “blasphemous or obscene language. It may be regular or irreverent speech or action. They can be expletives, oath, swearing, cussing, profane, or obscene expressions. They are usually spoken in a moment of surprise or anger.” It doesn’t matter if a person is mad or trying to be funny. The ordinance still bans anyone from doing it in student-prone areas regardless of the context.

A Notice Must be Posted

Schools can expel students if they violate the ordinance. May it be in all levels, those that provide technical or vocational education and training, the business establishments where students are often seen must provide signs that prohibit these expressions of insults. Perhaps, it helps to be aware of this local law for the adults to become the role model of the young people.

Looking into the Smallest Unit of Society

It is readily obvious nowadays that cursing has become a normal practice. Children seem to imitate these habits seen from the manners of vocal adults in society. The President himself does some swearing even on national TV. Many believe that children can easily imitate this manner thinking that it’s the norm. Some church figures are wishing that the rest of the cities follow suit. In reality, it’s the family members that can have a strong influence on children. The upbringing counts.

Robredo’s Brainwashing

Robredo in a surprise visit to Brgy. 58 Day Care Center in Pritil, Tondo did something hilarious. She distributes school supplies and read the”Digong Dilaw” book to children. It is written by National Artist and NCCA chief Virgilio Almario. It is about a boy who only likes yellow things. Adarna first published it in 2003. What is odd is that the mainstream media did not pick this brainwashing act up. The news highlights the new ordinance in Baguio instead.

Wisdom from the Late Senator Santiago

The wisdom of the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago who ran with Marcos in the 2016 election lingers. In a YouTube video, she stresses that people should know that something is wrong with them if their urine is very yellow. In a medical and logical aspect, that makes sense. The boy who only likes yellow might be coincidental. But this effort of Robredo shows that she is quite aware that the negativity of the public towards her party can last through generations. That’s probably why she must start her brainwashing spree now.

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Bongbong Marcos Solemnly Respects the Iron Lady’s Memory Contrary to the Political Priest


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Former Senator Bongbong Marcos, the late Miriam Defensor-Satiago’s running mate in the May 2016 polls which is the Iron Lady of Asia’s last electoral bid in public service pays homage to her memory during her first death anniversary. Former president and now Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada, and Davao City Mayor Sara Cario are also there. Presiding priest Fr. Virgilio Ojoy, a close friend of Santiago’s, said he misses the former senator. He can’t help but make reference to the drug war campaign despite the occasion.

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News

[VIDEO]: The sister of the late senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago, Len Defensor, thanked her sister’s family, doctors, staff, and supporters who stood by the lawmaker until her death.

Only the Priest is Political

Father Ojoy said; “I miss Miriam… I wonder what she would say amid all the extrajudicial killings,” he said. Santiago’s sister Linnea Defensor-Evangelista conveys her appreciation for plans to confer the Quezon Service Cross on the late Senator. “Nobody deserves it more,” she added. The Quezon Service Cross is the highest award the nation accords public servants.

Marcos’ is more Personal

Marcos said that he misses Santiago “not just in the Senate but talking to her.” He sits next to the President’s daughter, Mayor Sara Carpio. The priest cannot seem to find the right venue to express his belief on alleged EJKs blamed to the President now, just like during the Marcos regime.

Solemn Event

Family and friends of late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago commemorate her first death anniversary. They are missing the “Iron Lady of Asia” amid a critical time in the country’s history.  Loved ones, former colleagues, and supporters gather at the Loyola Memorial Park in Marikina City for a mass and tribute.

Brilliance and Bravery

Santiago passed away last year in her sleep at the age of 71. This was after a two-year fight with lung cancer. Santiago was best known for her legal brilliance. She had an unrelenting stance against corruption. She was the first Filipino appointed to the UN-backed International Criminal Court, which tries government leaders.

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Jun Santiago, Husband of Bongbong Marcos’s Running Mate Now PDu30’s Revenue Adviser


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It is crucial in the President’s administration that he appoints trusted people to make his job easier. He found one in the Revenue Department. It is in the person of the husband of the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago, Bongbong Marcos’ running mate. Narciso or Jun Santiago, Jr. serves in the same position under the Arroyo administration.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Jun Santiago, the late senator Miriam Defensor Santiago’s husband, says she should have been honored when she was still alive and not after she died.

Presidential Appointee

The President appoints the husband of the late Senator Miriam as one of his advisers. Jun Santiago is now a presidential adviser for revenue enhancement. The position has an undersecretary. He was appointed last March 2 but announced only recently.

Santiago’s Credentials

Santiago holds the same post under former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo from 2004 to 2010. He has served as undersecretary for interior and local government also under the Estrada administration. USEC Jun has extensive experience in his field and his wife’s alliance with Bongbong Marcos who found favor in the president’s eyes just made him very appropriate for the job during this sensitive period in the Du30 administration.

Du30-Marcos Tandem Evident

In spite not physically having Bongbong Marcos in the Vice Presidential seat, it seems like the government’s direction is functioning following the Du30-Marcos tandem. These things are still rumors at the moment but as the saying goes; when there’s smoke, there’s fire – it’s likely that Bongbong Marcos is not as quiet as he seems nowadays.


Tribute to the Good Wife

The new Revenue Adviser on the other hand who wishes that people’s act of kindness to his late wife can be much appreciated when she was still alive – rather than after death can be certain that he has full support from pro-administration camps regardless of their political affiliation.