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What is the DOE Waiting for? Affordable Deuterium-Hydrogen Fuel for Filipinos or Protect the Oligarchs?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

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Bongbong Marcos already said in 2013 that hydrogen is a highly flammable substance with zero carbon emission is already being used in Canada, the United States, Germany, and Sweden as fuel for cars, trucks, jet planes and other vehicles. Hydrogen as a fuel nowadays is processed from petroleum, natural gas, coal, or biomass. However, deuterium or heavy hydrogen is abundant in the Philippines. Now, Shell starts to promote its imported Hydrogen fuel. This is much more expensive than the local one because it is imported and the hydrogen is separated through electrolysis which is a costly process. Since the country’s deuterium is more than twice heavier than normal water, it sinks. In the process, oxygen separates from hydrogen when the pressure becomes about 10,000 psi or more. So, what’s the DOE waiting for?

Youtube video by; OMV
[VIDEO]: Hydrogen: the key technology of the future

Gasoline Resources are Dwindling

Ever since people first discovered the energy contained in the fuel, we have been thinking about how to use it efficiently. Progress does not only have a positive impact. Our thirst for energy and environmental footprint is increasing at the same time as resources are dwindling. This video explores the “first element”, the technology behind it and its possible applications on the road and beyond. This is now very alarming in ASEAN countries if not the world after Brunei hints that their oil wells are running dry.

Expensive Electrolysis Process Overseas

Once separated, hydrogen can be used along with oxygen from the air in a fuel cell to create electricity through an electrochemical process. Production. Hydrogen can be produced from diverse, domestic resources including fossil fuels, biomass, and water electrolysis with electricity. Electrolysis is the process of using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen and is a promising option for hydrogen production from renewable resources. This can be very costly on top of the import duties and shipment costs.

Untapped Extreme Deuterium Advantage

Hydrogen exists only about one centimeter in every 3,000 meters deep water mass at the ocean floor. Deuterium is basically more than twice the weight of ordinary water. It normally sinks. So, oxygen separates automatically from hydrogen when the pressure reaches 10,000 psi. This vital natural gas is good as forgotten. The previous administration despite Bongbong Marcos’ plea.

Conflict of Interest

The oil and gas industry is a very high profile sector in the world economy. As early as now, we can already feel that there is some resistance to manufacture our own hydrogen fuel from countries who are pursuing their own products.  Sad to say that these business players may have some connections in the government that causes delay to Service Contract 64 since 2015 that covers the southern section of the Sulu Sea – East Palawan basins. So, what’s it going to be Department of Energy? Provide affordable and clean fuel to the people or protect the oligarchs?

Let’s use hydrogen fuel, senator tells gov’t

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Robredo Joins the President’s Call to End ‘endo’ but Quiet on Oligarchy


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leni Robredo said that ‘Endo’, or end of the contract that refers to the practice of hiring workers for five months at a time must be stopped. The practice hinders workers to qualify for employee benefits. This is condemned by the VP as labor abuse supporting the President’s pledge since 2016. However, Du30 turns to oligarchy as the culprit for labor malpractices. Will Robredo also join who is know to be funded by oligarchs?

Youtube video by; ABS-CBN News
[VIDEO]: Various worker groups and trade unions held Labor Day protests across the country. They called for a wage hike and a stop to illegal contractualization.

Robredo’s Lip Talk

Robredo added that it is not enough just to recognize the importance and the contribution of labor to the growth and improvement of the economy. The government like herself should focus more on their rights and welfare. She said it herself that it is time to go back to labor reforms that aid the progress of the people like perhaps during the Marcos regime?

Anti-Oligarch Speech

In his speech at the People’s Park in Davao City, the president gives the ‘oligarchs’ a deadline to return government lands to the people. He threatens them that he would allow the Filipino people to take-over the government lands they illegally managed without paying taxes.

Laborers’ Day

Du30 criticizes the oligarchs who enrich themselves at the expense of the people and declares that they must be stopped. An estimated 5,000 laborers from both government and non-government organizations attended the event.

Conflict of Interest

Robredo’s riding on with the president now becomes a conflict of interest for her. The woman who claimed that she does not have money but ended up spending half a billion of pesos for her vice presidential campaign during the 2016 elections, cannot fool the people anymore. Her SOCE says it all. She is well-funded by the oligarchs and it continues now while she faces Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest.