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Bongbong Marcos’ Reply on How Much Wealth the Family is Willing to Settle?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The late President Ferdinand Marcos was a wise man. His promise to take care of his people after death is possible if the sectors involved will cooperate with his heirs. His son, Bongbong Marcos does not even know how much their family’s wealth is worth. It’s just something that they have to settle. There’s a legal process to follow. However, DOJ Secretary, Vitaliano Aguirre said; “We did not receive any instructions from higher-ups yet. We are completely ignorant about it,” he explained.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos explains why ex-PCGG Chairman Bautista knows better about the sequestered Marcos wealth.

Sequestered Wealth by the PCGG

Bongbong Marcos bluntly answers that he does not know exactly how much wealth his father had kept. He recalls that when they were exiled in Hawaii, they only had the clothes in their bag. All documents and possessions were ceased by the American government. PCGG ex-chairman Andres Bautista knows better with regards to their personal treasures at that time. On the alleged golden wealth, the former Senator said that the government can have what they can find.

Wealth for Humanity

It is known in many pieces of evidence that the Marcos Foundation holds the rights to the gold certificates. Its beneficiaries are the Filipino people. It is recorded in the Central Bank. The government has the jurisdiction for its assignment in cooperation with the World Bank. Its claim from various overseas banks needs the bill of lading kept by the heir of the late President Marcos which is his wife. The World Bank is the globe’s martial for their intended use as willed by Marcos. The Senate must listen to Congresswoman Imelda Marcos and hear the sides of the trustees.

Logical Destabilization Theory

Bongbong Marcos frankly said in another interview that there are strong groups that are working to destabilize the Du30 administration. The president has a close alliance with the Marcos family.  Suspicious remittances, Marawi rebellion and, mind-conditioning surveys manifest all at the same time. The opposition continues to attack him using such black propaganda. This can go intense as the recount for the VP post is about to begin in February 2018. The destabilization efforts tend to block the administration’s cooperation with the Marcoses.

Compromise deal on Marcos wealth pushed to Palace back burner?

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Rep. Imelda Marcos: Golden Wealth, Not Ill-Gotten, the Marcoses are Not Thieves


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The fact that the Marcoses always win the plunder cases against them is the ultimate proof that the golden wealth is not ill-gotten. They are all documented and traded according to international laws. People who don’t know anything are the ones who made accusations against the Marcoses. It is also some kind of false hope that Filipinos can receive a cold cash share of those treasures. They are intended for long-term public service use that can surely benefit the country and the world in general.

Youtube video by; PH TODAY
[VIDEO]: Marcos Gold.

Golden Wealth, all Documented

The former first lady and now Rep. Imelda Marcos reiterates that the golden wealth labeled by his husband as the wealth for humanity is not ill-gotten. They are documented following the international trading laws at that time. This is why they always win the cases against them

Not Stolen

The President also clarifies that in making the offer, the Marcoses were not admitting that the wealth being returned was stolen. “Imee Marcos did not announce that it had been stolen. But she said whatever was under suspicion should be discussed and that I accepted,” he said.

The President’s Plan

Du30 explains that he could not possibly decide on the offer because he was not authorized by a law to do so. “When the proceeding would begin, we should start with Congress. They represent the people,” he said. “There could be more wealth but we have to start with the Congress. You know, the Congress must authorize, then it should be the Central Bank governor and the secretary of finance who would then negotiate,” he added.

No Sole Power Over Wealth

The President has this to say; “A President cannot negotiate by himself. It has to be the law and the law must come from the Congress, not from me. I cannot say with finality that this should be the way. There are so many stages to undergo. If it’s an arbitration because it’s settlement, it should go under an arbitration proceeding. But the Congress must authorize because that is a money to be recovered by the government of the Republic of the Philippines and that was the offer,” he elaborated.

Duterte: No deal yet on Marcos wealth

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Bongbong Marcos Hands-Off to Alleged Hidden Wealth, Account PCGG said Escudero


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos is always firm to say that with regards to the alleged hidden wealth battle in courts, he and his family are already hands-off from the cases. They do not wish to drag themselves into its controversy after 3 decades of legal issues. However, Senator Chiz Escudero suggests that to abolish the PCGG can follow only after the government accounts all of its assets first since 1986.

Youtube Video by; Bilang Pilipino

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos on his family’s wealth

Escudero’s Sentiments

Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero on the government’s plans to abolish some of the government agencies that include the PCGG said that, it must be accounted for first. It is a pity to know later on that the sequestered possessions are actually stolen already from the agency’s coffers.

Hidden Misdeeds of the Agency

Escudero adds that to abolish the agency may only “lead to the consequence of hiding misdeeds by the agency in the past.” The depreciation and deterioration of some assets like paintings, jewelry, buildings, shares of stocks show their lack of due diligence in its care. Not to mention losses,” he said.

30 Years is Enough

Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III, also stresses that the PCGG should already finish its task. It only has a single function and 30 years is a long time. Besides, the remaining target is just imaginary.All pending cases are in the courts.  It is not certain if there’s still wealth hidden for that matter.

Hands-Off to the Cases

Marcos explains that his family cannot linger anymore with any battles that relate to the alleged hidden wealth of his father. They are with the Marcos estate’s lawyers. Whatever the courts may decide on what to do with them are the jurisdiction of the laws and not of the Marcoses.

Chiz to gov’t: Account PCGG assets first before plan of abolition

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Anti-Marcos Worried over Pro-Marcos SolGen Calida to Head PCGG Soon


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Pro-administration lawmakers just filed a bill that would put the Solicitor General Calida in charge of the PCGG. It aims to recover the ill-gotten wealth of the Marcos family. If their bill is signed into law, ant-Marcos activists are worried on the Solicitor General’s judgment. It is not enough that they asked to stop the Php 25,000 pesos pension of former First Lady Imelda Marcos as the widow of a war veteran which is Php 5,oo0, and 20,000 as the widow of a medal of valor recipient.

Youtube video by; PTV
[VIDEO]: SolGen Calida: Imelda Marcos gets P25-K pension since 1994

True Blue Marcos Loyalist

Solicitor General Jose Calida is a true blue Marcos loyalist. He was an avid leader of the Alyansang Duterte-Bongbong or RRD-BBM alliance. He campaigned for the tandem and even expressed his utmost support for both candidates during a media interview in Ilocos Norte.

PCGG under SolGen

Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez pushes House Bill Number 5233. Together with Majority Leader Rodolfo Fariñas, and House justice committee chairperson Reynaldo Umali. It seeks to place the Presidential Commission on Good Government or PCGG under the Office of the Solicitor General. That automatically makes Calida the head of the PCGG that disturbs the anti-Marcos protesters.

Current Status

The PCGG has so far recovered over P170 billion. The same bill places the Office of the Government Corporate Counsel under Calida’s office and upgrades his rank, benefits, and privileges. So, Calida would be on top of the three departments once the bill is approved. Will he pursue running after the Marcoses or diverts his attention to other politicians who have questionable lifestyles?


Give Credit where it’s Due

These anti-Marcos people are filled with hatred in their heart. They cannot give credit anymore where it’s due. The pension of a deceased military man has nothing to do with any alleged ill-gotten wealth that after more than 30 years, no court could prove it or dismiss the complaints. Since in a democratic country, one is innocent until proven guilty, the heirs of the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos must not be treated unfairly. Are they really afraid that Calida will be biased in the Marcoses’ favor or worried that he examines the wealth of the anti-Marcos government officials instead?

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Why Pnoy almost Abolished the PCGG?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Immediately after the EDSA revolution, then President Cory Aquino’s first executive order is to create the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG). It is n agency that aims to chase corrupt officials, recover their loot, and implements measures to stop corruption.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: The Aquino government first executive order was to create the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG).

First Objective of the PCGG

To recover the alleged ill-gotten wealth of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos, his immediate family, relatives, subordinates and close associates here and abroad becomes the primary task of the PCGG.

Prevent Corruption

To conduct such investigations that pertain to graft and corruption as the President may assign to the Commission at any given time comes next to the agency’s responsibilities. The agency adopts of security means to ensure that corruption practices shall not be repeated in any case under the Aquino government. The institution installs adequate measures to prevent the occurrence of corruption.

Original Team is Gone

Jovito Salonga and Mary Concepcion Bautista who operated the original PCGG are man and woman of integrity. It is staffed by lawyers and researchers with annual budgets, that comes up with the initial resolve that leads people to think that it was, the primary agency of government tasked with returning stolen wealth.

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PCGG Under Pnoy

When Pnoy becomes president in 2010, many hopes that his anticorruption platform would let the PCGG to finish its job. Yet a look at the PNOY presidency raises more questions, as its directives let PCGG left a question mark for many. PCGG falls under the supervision of the Department of Justice, the previous DOJ Secretary Leila De Lima who reportedly sought its abolition. Why would Pnoy abolish the PCGG when a lot of work still remains unfinished? Where’s the sequestered wealth?

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The Late Corazon Aquino would surely dislike Kris’s wearing Imelda’s jewelry

Corazon Aquino

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Humanity takes its toll when social media fanatics posted Kris Aquino wearing somewhat the same  necklace with that of former First Lady Imelda Marcos. It is just intriguing to note how resourceful people can be when it comes to destroying other people’s character.

[VIDEO]: See Kris Aquino’s denial on the accusation that she wore Marcos’ jewelry and her family took some of the valuables on safe keeping by the PCGG.

Kris had enough

“ENOUGH! And the TRUTH is on my side – including credit card receipts. P.S. I have a long-standing event for #ARIEL on Tuesday, even if my necklaces aren’t appropriate for showing how you can remove more than 100 different types of stains – what the heck, I’ll wear them. After all, I paid for them with hard earned, tax paid income; says, Kris.

She is back

It’s not my problem if others are using me or accusing me in hiding those who are stealing. To be perfectly clear, I’m not referring to Mrs. Marcos. So this is FAIR WARNING – stop lying about me if you don’t want your rotting skeletons unearthed. #IAMBACK,”clarifies Kris.

PCGG’s Confirmation

The issue just did not die down. Even after PCGG confirms that it is impossible that Kris could have gotten the jewelry. It is locked-in to the vault.

If Corazon Aquino is alive today

The Late Corazon Aquino also would not be happy with such rumor. So, better let it rest and we move forward as a nation. Not as divided political parties.

Took off from Work

Kris Aquino has just returned from a long vacation in Hawaii. She also discloses that she was doing a new project under APT Entertainment Inc. It is a subsidiary of Television And Production Exponents Philippines (TAPE) Inc.

Leave it at that

For peace sake, it is best to leave the rumors at that. If something is missing from Marcos’ inventory, better let the PCGG answerable for it. For sure dragging Kris to this anomaly is now what the Marcoses want also.

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