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Atty. Trixie and Glenn Chong’s Plan B to Prevent 2019 Smart Election Cheating


By: Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Glenn Chong shared this petition form that Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angles started. They urge people to sign this form if they agree with their PLAN B. Its goal is to prevent the imminent widespread of smart election cheating: Protect the Philippine election from smart cheating  Please sign another petition and share this campaign instead of the payment option. This was launched after the Commission on Elections has opted to continue the use of Smartmatic for the 2019 elections. It happened despite the 2016 election revelations made by Atty. Chong and examination results in the Marcos vs. Robredo vice presidential recount that indicate possible massive electronic cheating.

YouTube video by Ang Malayang Pilipino

[VIDEO]: Latest na PASABOG ni Atty. Glenn Chong – Oct.19, 2018 – Ang Malayang Pilipino

Signature Campaign

As of this writing, 41,918 have signed. At least 50,000 signatures are needed to compel Comelec and Smartmatic to follow the people’s wishes. A simple solution can check this cheating procedure and return the people’s trust in the electoral exercise by counting the voter’s receipts.

1. A voter enters the precinct, check the BEI if registered, and get a ballot.

2. Vote for the favored candidates

3. Enter the ballot into the machine.

4. Retrieve the receipt of the casted ballot and while still near the ballot box, check whether the intended votes are correct or not as per the record on the receipt. (Confidential)

The Importance of the Voting Receipt

They propose that at the end of the voting day, the Board of Election Inspectors convene with the watchers of the national candidates or their parties and count the votes contained in the voters’ receipts. These receipts are kept in a separate box that the BEI can open and count. The counting may be limited to the candidates for senators, congressmen, governors, mayors, and party lists.

5. At the yellow ballot box, the voter should check:

a. If the machine did not make a mistake as per the receipt. Drop the receipt into the box and go out of the precinct.

b. If something is wrong in the receipt, let the poll watchers know while they are still there to record the error. Go to the BEI to record the complaints on the Minutes of Voting where the receipt is filed.

6. Poll watchers and accredited citizens’ volunteers will make sure all receipts are dropped into the yellow ballot box.

7. After the polls, while submitting the results and printing 30 copies of the results for up to 2 hours, one of the BEI officers will be responsible for the Manual Audit Committee (MAC).

Manual Audit

After counting, these can be compared with the tally posted at the door as well as those transmitted to the city. This simple procedure will require no extra cost except for the small amount of time allocated for this activity.

8. Poll watchers and the accredited citizens’ volunteers will become MAC members to perform a manual count of votes on receipt. Since the data is printed on the receipt and it is clear, the process can be very fast after the manual audit. (GENERAL DEVELOPMENT)

9. The vital positions are for the Senators, Party Lists, Congress Representatives, Governors and Mayors only.

10. The public may observe manual audits outside the precincts.

11. After manually counting the votes on the receipt, the result is compared to the number of votes made by the machine.

Minutes of voting

b. If the difference in the manual count from the automated count is significant, it is already a sufficient reason to suspend the proclamation of the winners. Ballot counts must be done in a public place. The final ballot manual count results will prevail.

12. Uncovered voter complaints recorded by poll watchers and BEI in Minutes of Voting, if any; and the general variation of the manual count on the automated count, if any, should be posted in a centralized public reporting facility in Manila with the app to study it and take appropriate action. COMELEC and accredited citizens’ volunteers can implement their own reporting facilities.

A separate written petition will be sent to the COMELEC to formalize this petition. If the manual count is incompatible with the automated count, this is enough reason for a candidate to protest.

Only the Cheaters are Against this Election Plan B

There is no doubt that there are many methods of automated system fraud. But the voters or any group cannot effectively control all these methods with one and a half steps. If there is a validation of the correct reading and the correct counting of votes done, all the different forms of automated system fraud will be effectively recognized and therefore prevented using a the double-verification process of the receipt of the votes. This is an effective warning to deceivers to allow a clean and reliable election to happen.

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Don’t Mind Trillanes, June 16 is Marcos-Robredo Petition Big Date


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The submission of the briefs for the preliminary conference is retained on June 16. This is the same petition date for both Bongbong Marcos and Leni Robredo camps which was initially set at five days before the original date of the preliminary conference on June 21. That is now moved to July 11, 2017. This is more of a public interest than Trillanes’ usual intimidation strategies just to ruin political enemies.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: ‘Di pagdalo ni Pres. Du30 sa Independence Day celebration sa Luneta, binatikos ni Sen. Trillanes

Tactless Trillanes

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV slams the President’s absence during the Independence Day rites at Luneta Park. He calls him tactless for skipping the official event just because he lacked sleep. Trillanes just simply takes advantage of the opportunity to criticize the hard-working leader who is very hands on to the Marawi siege. Trillanes is indeed the tactless one. It’s time to disregard a dishonorable Senator who is only out to discredit the president.

Ballot Boxes Custody

On the same PET resolution, the Supreme Court grants authority to the HRET Secretary to take custody of the ballot boxes. This goes the same with the other election paraphernalia used during the May 2016 elections. This is in respect to the election protest cases pending with the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal. HRET is the sole judge of all contests relating to the election.


Transfer of Ballot Boxes

The PET also grants the COMELEC through the Office of the Executive Director clearance to transfer the 2016 ballot boxes. The same goes for all the files pertaining to the May 2016 elections to the New Municipal Building. However, this must be with prior notice of the date of the said transfer to the PET and the parties.

Other Resolved Petitions

Bongbong Marcos is also notified on June 9 that a panel of 3 Commissioners to preside over the reception of evidence of the present electoral protest are appointed as per his petition. Robredo’s 24 February 2017 Motion for Reconsideration for the details of the contested areas are deferred because this is what the preliminary conference is for. That is to shortlist the agenda of the recount for a faster resolution.

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