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If Elections Under Aquino can be Cheated, Removing UP Records is Easy

Imee Marcos
By: Elena Grace Flores

If Princeton can deny the records of Imee Marcos to retain its perceived reputation from protesting entities not to stain the university’s image with the black propaganda against her family, the University of the Philippines can too. This is very possible granting that the former President Benigno Simeon Aquino or Noynoy vows to block the Marcoses from gaining back power to the extent of cheating during the 2016 elections that prevents Bongbong Marcos from bagging the Vice Presidency. In fact, a Senate inquiry on election fraud already conducts various hearings with credible resource speakers like Atty. Glenn Chong and Toti Casino. z

YouTube video byImee Marcos

[VIDEO]: Fast Talk with Governor Imee Marcos

Mainstream Media Report on Imee Marcos

Governor Imee Marcos is the talk of the town these days. Thanks to her detractors. Their black media propaganda is working to her advantage. She becomes more popular than ever in time for the 2019 senatorial election. This is to the verge of becoming a role model for successful people with no relevant degree to their field.

Conflicting Details Despite the Class 1983’s Evidence

The report said that the school’s record does not have the name of Imee Marcos as a 1983 graduate. A certain yearbook in the library does not include her as well but a 2008 edition made by class 1983 themselves shows that she is one of them who garnered recognition and distinctions in prestigious educational establishments locally and abroad.

Ignored Repetitive Inquiries

Imee Marcos snubs the repetitive questionings of the mainstream media reporters on the same topics that voters are not interested in. They would even vote for Senator Manny Pacquaio if he runs for higher position despite not finishing his college credential yet. Her detractors do not realize that the Filipinos become mature in their criteria in selecting a leader. All they want to know are in Marcos’ Fast Talk video.

Fast Talk with Imee Marcos

Marcos explains her long name, favorite foods, color, movies, music, TV shows, restaurants, toiletries, clothes, and the habit of reading anywhere. Some destinations, digital, analog, plus of course her Imee Solutions campaign was also mentioned in her fun video. She also admits that she is disappointed that she cannot sing, and many more relaxing issues. Her humanitarian nature is also featured here. He aims to be the voice of the Filipino masses.

Aquino’s Cover Ups

Ex-Pnoy’s Edsa speech only criticizes the Marcoses. However, based on the records, his and his mom’s regime are the most chaotic with many human rights violations. Under Aquino, the Philippines scores steadily dipping ratings in recent years from international groups monitoring the state of human rights, media freedom, and freedom of expression such as the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), Amnesty International, Reporters Without Borders, Human Rights Asia, and the Southeast Asian Press Alliance. In fact, during Aquino’s first 40 months in office, from July 2010 to October 2013, at least 23 journalists were killed, among them 16 radio broadcasters and seven print journalists.

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No Imee Marcos at Princeton? Check Maria Imelda Josefa Romualdez Marcos

Imee Marcos
By: Elena Grace Flores

Imee Marcos who runs for Senator insists that she was able to complete her studies at Princeton. This debunks the mainstream media’s propaganda. It claims; Princeton University spokesperson Michael Hotchkiss said that although she was enrolled at the university in the 1970s, she was not “awarded” a degree. The Ilocos Norte Governor’s real name is Maria Imelda Josefa Romualdez Marcos. She discloses in many interviews that as far as she knows, she got the degree. Sure enough, a verified official report of the school using the IPFS system shows that a certain Maria Imelda Josefa Marcos and not Imee Marcos completes a B.A. degree in Religion and Politics. z

YouTube video by News5Everywhere

[VIDEO]: Gov. Imee Marcos, nanindigang graduate siya ng Princeton University

PR Crises Management Effort of the School?/h3>

Michael Hotchkiss is the deputy University spokesperson who works as part of the media relations team of the school. The department shares the University’s story through the media for image building purposes. When the news broke out about the alleged corruption by the late father of Imee Marcos, former President Ferdinand Marcos, a story also followed. A Princeton alumnus, Richard Klein surfaces and said that the lady governor flunks out of Princeton. It also says that Princeton refunded Imee Marcos’ tuition to the Philippines on the grounds that her parents had obtained the money illegally.

The School Cannot Deny Official Records

InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a protocol and network designed to create a content-addressable, peer-to-peer method of storing and sharing hypermedia in a distributed file system. IPFS provides a high-throughput, content-addressed block storage model, with content-addressed hyperlinks. This means that the content can be traced back to the ultimate source of the facts. On the case of Imee Marcos, the data link to the Princeton web system itself.

The Mainstream Media Cannot Destroy Imee Marcos Anymore

Imee enrolls in Princeton in 1973 for her college education. It was the same year that her father signs the 1973 Constitution that solidifies his one-man power. It makes him both the country’s president and prime minister at the same time. Prior to Marcos’ admission into Princeton, more than 50 students protested the university’s decision to accept her. The protestors were mostly black and Asian students who criticized the admissions office for allowing the daughter of Marcos to study at Princeton. This can be the reason for the school’s crises management efforts. However, if the mainstream media can only pick up the negative sides, IT experts who are for the truth can use digital software that can verify official files no matter how an establishment bury or delete them. Traces still exist.

Resurfacing Black Media Propaganda

The mainstream media always romanticize the governor’s insistence and the school’s alleged denial of the hidden fact during elections. This obviously for the hope to destroy her reputation and that of her family. Nevertheless, most Filipinos are already aware of the manipulation of the nation’s enemies. They even don’t care if Imee or Bongbong Marcos finish their university stints. Both have been instrumental in the makings of the country’s programs for the welfare of the people. The good thing is, they work hand in hand with the current Du30 administration that ignites the opposition even more.

Positivity on the Hidden School Record

For Imee Marcos, she knows that she is for the politics of performance. “I know what I am doing. I also entered UP like you and we know that what’s important here is who can deliver as well as one’s track record”, she said. It’s really election season. Critics also did that to Bongbong and to some people I also know. My performance, track record will show what I have done. I have many solutions that can help many people, she added.

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Truth on Imee Marcos’ Bongbong-Like Scandal Propagated by Rappler

By: Elena Grace Flores

Senatorial bet, Imee Marcos only confirms that election time is here again. This is why the Bongbong-like scandal about her Princeton degree status resurfaces. She never addresses the question directly as what Rappler publicized. She said yes to the record speaking for itself especially when it comes to her performance. That she always has the solution to the nation’s problems. z

YouTube video byABS-CBN News

[VIDEO]: DZMM TeleRadyo: Imee Marcos, may sagot sa netizens

The Yellow Media only Aims to Destroy Marcos

Rappler claims that Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos said on January 16 that she got a degree from Princeton University. It elaborates that deputy university spokesperson Michael Hotchkiss in an email said; Our records do not show that Ms. Marcos was awarded a degree.’To the extent of posting an edited video to make it look like Marcos answers the Princeton questions directly when she said: “Oo Naman” or of course. It was cut so it is not clear as to what topic she said yes to. However, it is suspicious that Rappler did not show the email that is allegedly from the university.

Addressing the Scandal

The daughter of late President Ferdinand Marcos did not give a categorical answer when asked on her educational background during DZMM’s “Ikaw Na Ba? The Senatorial Candidates’ Interview.” Marcos talks about her public service experience instead of directly answering the question. This triggers Rappler to dig dipper spreading only the uncertainties of her educational attainment and disregarding the many relevant things she mentioned that are necessary for the country’s progress.

Yes is for the Election Season

Yes, right, it’s really election season, even if Comelec has yet to declare that, Marcos said. Critics also did that to Bongbong and to some people I also know, she added. This refers to her brother, who was also accused of falsifying the details of his educational attainment that differ only in the terms used.

Main Economic Solution

My performance, track record will show what I have done. I have many solutions that can help many people, clarifies the former governor of Ilocos Norte. She takes pride in promoting her work in the mountains that aids farmers for profitable harvests. Marcos stresses that foreigners were learning from us in planting rice before. That must be restored to help the economy. Importing staple products like rice should only be temporary which makes a lot of sense.

Changing Public Mentality

Most dropouts that made it big in their respective field can attest that they made such an unpopular decision of not finishing their degree because the university can’t enhance the passion that made them successful. Bill Gates is one example. This is why the scandal is bound to fail in discrediting Marcos. In fact, she has become more popular because her ideologies fit with the digital age. The era of innovation when people are reminded to go back to basic to be innovative.