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Shallow-Minded Media Feasted on PDu30’s Davao Rape Joke Again


By: Elena Grace Flores

President Rodrigo Du30 is making another joke. The mainstream media never failed to report this right on the spot. Commentaries loom. Du30 humorously said that the reason why the incidence rate of rape in Davao City is high is that there are plenty of pretty girls in Davao. Because of that, the President is under fire again. Malacañang, however, defends the president and says that we shouldn’t take seriously the jokes of the president. This shows how shallow some news sources are. Instead of covering Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against the presumptive VP, Leni Robredo, which is a public interest, they are more into petty things.

Youtube video by GMA News

[VIDEO]: Pahayag ni Pres. Duterte na maraming maganda sa Davao City kaya maraming nare-rape doon, binabatikos

The President’s Visayan Humor on Rape

The president is saying that as long as there are plenty of beautiful women, rape cases will always be high. He said so in Bisaya in Mandaue City on August 30.

Statistics of Rape Cases in Davao

With the data from the Philippine National Police, Davao ranks highest in the number of rape cases. There have been 42 cases in the 2nd quarter of 2018. With the PNP data on index crimes from 2010 to 2015 Davao City also ranks 2nd in the number of rape cases with 843 counts.

Many Media is Still a Stranger to the President’s Joke

Du30 can’t help but keep on making misogynistic remarks and making light of rape. For that, he faces heavy criticism. Back when he was mayor of Davao City he even joked about raping an Australian missionary as she was very beautiful. She was killed in a prison riot. This joke of his has caused an uproar. The media should know by now the nature of the President’s humor.

Can’t Change the Leader’s Manner

Malacañang, however, sees no problem with the President’s behavior. They say that it is just a part of his manner of speech and Most Filipinos understand his humor, especially the masses. This is actually one of the reasons why he is so popular. The majority of the Filipinos can relate to him.

The Presidential Daughter’s Point of View

As Mayor Sara Du30-Carpio explains,  the incidence of rape has decreased by 20.83%. There were 120 cases during the first half of 2017 and on the first half of 2018 it went down to 95. She is claiming that this is due to the government programs about teaching children on the topic of sexual abuse. And to all the antagonists of Davao City government, she is asking what have they done to help.

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The President Said that Death Penalty is Insufficient Without Rape and Other Heinous Crimes

death penalty

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez meets up with the president right after the successful final reading of the death penalty in congress. PDu30 is pleased with the results of the pro-death penalty votes but feels that it is not enough as what he promised during the campaign. The death sentence in the bill is only limited to drug-related offenses.

Youtube video by; Juan NewsTV
[VIDEO]: PDu30: Kulang ang Death Penalty Bill Kung wala ang kasong RAPE

Plunder, Rape, and Homicide Next in Line

Alvarez discloses that the president wants plunder, rape with homicide, specifically, rape on children next to the death row sentence. The majority of lawmakers in the House agreed to limit the bill on drug-related offenses. This is to increase its chances of approval in the lower House. Plunder and rape are among the heinous crimes initially taken out.

Alvarez’ Assurance

Alvarez assures the President that plunder and rape make it to the amendments – once the senate approves the death penalty bill. Both are colleagues in the 11th congress. Thus, the close ties.

Reality of the Death Penalty

Other bills just to punish rape and plunder with capital punishment are also on the horizon. House leaders just want to be realistic about imposing the death penalty initially on drug-related offenses. Then they can pursue it for other offenses after learning more.

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Satisfied with Explanations

Following the dismay of netizens, the president vows to know the reason why heinous crimes are dropped from the death penalty bill. Alvarez’ explanations seem to satisfy the president. As a popular leader, no doubt that the people will just trust his judgment on this matter.

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How do we go about Crimes not related to Drugs?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Incitement or resort to violence is the result of the President’s drug war. Crimes not related to drugs continue to happen in the Philippines. Little has been done about it. In fact, the PNP justifies that crime rate has gone done. Why is this not felt?

[VIDEO]: See the problems of society that include heinous crimes like rape and murder, robbery, arson and hostage dramas that are not caused by illegal drugs. Often due to poverty, anger mismanagement, mental illness and simply bad attitudes. How can these be prevented?

International Criminal Court

The International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda will be closely following developments in the Philippines in the weeks to come and record any instance of incitement or resort to violence

Inciting to Killings

Bensouda also raised the alarm over earlier pronouncements of government leaders which she said seemed to condone killings and encourage State forces and civilians to target individuals “with lethal force.

President’s Defense on Crimes

President Rodrigo Duterte in his speeches is far too defensive in his drug war. His announcements and comments in public did not help solve drug-related crimes. Instead, they incite or condone (inspire) other crimes not related to drug abuse.

Robberies, Rape, Arson and Murder

Robberies, rape, arson, and murder are crimes committed by some individuals without the influence of drugs. Oftentimes, it’s crime of passion that root from mental instability, aggression, and anger mismanagement.

Mental Health Care

When the poorest of the poor are stressed out and don’t know what to do, where can they go? The people they knew would likely have the same problems. This is one government public service that must be enhanced the same as the drug war.

Ills of Society

Social problems cannot be dealt with by the president alone. Each citizen of the country has the responsibility to take care of another or contribute to the community. If resources are scarce, services will do. But government agencies must initiate these moves to get a wider coverage.

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