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Robin Padilla is Willing to Lend his Balls to Senator Trillanes to Face Court Martial


By: Elena Grace Flores

Actor, Robin Padilla cannot understand why ordinary people have to comply to authorities at once upon the invitation for questioning for a certain case. While lawmakers like Senator Antonio Trillanes IV are also lawbreakers. The so-called showbiz bad boy was outside of the Senate building, where the lawmaker has been staying in protest of President Rodrigo Du30’s order voiding his amnesty and directing his arrest. As Senator Trillanes’ classmate,  Padilla is willing to lend his balls to Trillanes if he does not have it necessary to face the court-martial against him as a military man.

Youtube video by TATAK DUTERTE


Padilla’s Call to Senator Trillanes

Padilla is calling to Senator Trillanes to face the military court. He has been camping at the Senate grounds since the 4th of September. Despite his work, Padilla keeps doing this just to see Trillanes be brave and face the case against him.

Void Ab Initio (Void in the First Place)

With Du30 declaring Trillanes’ amnesty void ab initio, he orders him to be apprehended. This is for the uprisings he led in 2003 and in 2007 against the government. Trillanes remains defiant, however. He asserts that with his amnesty the criminal cases he faced was already dismissed. Furthermore, as he is already a civilian he could no longer be placed under court-martial. Arsenio Andolong, however, explains that with Du30 voiding his amnesty, he has been reverted as a Navy lieutenant. This is because he still hasn’t produced the copy of the original amnesty application.

Missing Documents

Andolong is saying that it seems that only Trillanes has the copy of the original amnesty application. There were forms that were signed but they cannot locate the original application. They also don’t know if Trillanes physically submitted the application to Malacañang or the temporary committee. Although the troubled Senator showed his alleged amnesty application, he also failed to show any acknowledgment that it was received by the concerned agency.

Detention while in Trial

Defense officials are saying that Trillanes must be tried by court-martial while the search for the missing form continues. In the cases of Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada, they were tried for plunder. This is despite either of them being from the military. While Revilla is still to be freed, Estrada is already free.

An Amnesty is a Conditional Pardon

Trillanes took an oath of allegiance to the Constitution on Jan 27, 2011. This is 94 other military men. The chief of the DND internal audit service, Patrick Rubin explains that the court-martial doesn’t lose jurisdiction over him despite being granted amnesty and separated from military service.

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Robin Padilla: Admires Marcos and Thinks that He’s a Hero


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
President Rodrigo Duterte feels that Robin Padilla deserves the absolute pardon he bestowed upon him because he has suffered so much already. Besides his good record and substantial contribution in the Bilibid prison, he has not hurt anyone. He’s case is just illegal possession of firearms. Padilla has served full 3 years of imprisonment displaying good character.

Youtube video by; CNN Philippines
[VIDEO]: ‘The Source’ speaks to Robin Padilla on the absolute pardon awarded by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Marcos is a Hero for Padilla

I am an admirer of Marcos. Marcos said to Americans that aid to the Philippines should meet our needs, and we don’t just need military aid. If Marcos did that, he is a hero to me. Padilla added that he considered Marcos one of those who fought the Americans.

Cannot Travel to the USA

Robin Padilla’s U.S. visa has been pending renewal since 2003. Also, the visas of her other children were canceled – despite having nothing to do with his case. He still cannot visit his new daughter with wife, Mariel who just gave birth there.

Padilla Backs Duterte’s Policies

Federalism, the death penalty, Marcos burial and of course the endorsement of Bongbong Marcos are all good for Robin Padilla. The fact that he is an admirer of the late strongman, for sure he would continue supporting the son who displays his greatness.

The President’s Humility and Clemency

Robin Padilla attested to the humility shown by the president when dealing with the campaign on illegal drugs. He does not believe that the police authorities are behind the extra-judicial killings. He also clarified that the death penalty is binding to out constitution and with Duterte’s clemency, it can work.