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Robredo Denies that the Deciding Factor for her to Run is BBM


By: Elena Grace Flores

Robredo’s Realization
It’s clear that outgoing Vice President Leni Robredo swears that she will run for President if Bongbong Marcos does it. Sure enough, just a day after he declares, she files her presidential bid. Mayor Isko Moreno criticizes the act. He said that the Filipinos are at a loss if Robredo becomes President. However, Robredo denies this when the media pushes for her reason to finally run. She added that it’s her realization to do what is right for her.

Fight with the Marcos-Duterte Tandem is Expected

She further reacts that the Marcos-Duterte tandem is already part of their fight. whether it’s the President himself for VP or his daughter, Mayor Sara. It is said that nothing can beat when the north unites with the south.

Non-Negotiable with the Marcoses

Mayor Isko Moreno, another presidential aspirant has a different stand when it comes to the Marcoses than Robredo. The latter said that this is non-negotiable. The mayor then reminds her that she cannot even unite the opposition. How much more when it comes to the whole country?

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Do you Want a Unifying President Who can Lead the Country to Progress?


By: Elena Grace Flores
Filipino Future

Robredo’s Hate
The outgoing Vice President Leni Robredo will fight for the presidency to block one man. This is according to her own speech. While her staunch rival Bongbong Marcos aims for unity to lead the country to progress. The latter was very precise in his intentions for the Filipino people. That together, they will rise from the current challenges and in the future.

Yellow to Pink

The change of color is a clear indication that the Dilawans knew their unpopularity. As the chairman of the Liberal Party, Robredo runs as an independent candidate carrying the pink color. This means that she won’t hesitate abandoning her ship when it sinks. She just have to change her skin.

Fooling the People

Once again the Dilawans attempt to fool the people. Robredo is still their political prostitute. Her campaign manager is Bam Aquino, who is a real Aquino, an original Dilawan by blood. Despite the change of skin, the Dilawan smell is evident. Like the saying; a pig is a pig regardless of what clothes she’s wearing. take your pick.

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If Robredo has NO Decent Funds to Run against Bongbong Marcos, Who Would?


By: Elena Grace Flores
by ANC 24/7

Robredo has no decent funds to run as president for 2022
The presumptive Vice President Leni Robredo said in an interview that she has no decent funds to run as president. That’s why she leaves the option open to run for Mayor in Camarines Sur. However, as the leader of the opposition, she conducts an exploratory survey for their party’s presidential bet. Her popularity rating remains low. Very far from the 2016 arch-rival Bongbong Marcos. Therefore, they need a popular one like Manila Mayor Isko Moreno. At least, among showbiz fanatics.

Robredo Looks Bad in Surveys

Many people wonder why Robredo’s rating remains low in surveys. Presidential daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio and Marcos are the frontrunners of the presidential surveys. She can’t even beat the younger possible bets for the 2022 Vice Presidential race. Her rating is just 7%. If she really won the vice presidential race against Marcos in 2016, she should be at least in line with Marcos’ popularity right now. So, speculations loom over social media that perhaps they were really massive cheatings in 2016. Therefore, most people vow to correct it in the 2022 elections.

Robredo is No Match with Marcos

Even the opposition stalwarts admit that their electoral machinery is now very weak. Let alone their current reputation. Perhaps, the people are already awake from the propaganda dream they launched against the Marcoses. The death of Noynoy Aquino was also another blow to their party. It also did not help that she continuously annoys the president who vehemently prepares for the return of a Marcos in the presidency.

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Robredo Accuses Bongbong Marcos of Using Trolls Anew


By: Elena Grace Flores
GMA News

Robredo Answers Angelic Face Comment of the President

Duterte: Robredo has an Angelic Face but the Mind is of the Devil

VP Leni Robredo said that she doesn’t stoop down to the level of the President. She knows that she can irritate him with her slightest suggestion but she does it anyway. After all, it’s her mandate to do som she added. However, she admits that this creates a division between the DDS and the Dilawan. She’s also aware that Duterte favors Bongbong Marcos.

The Vaccine Issue

Robredo also mocks Palace spokesperson Harry Roque for defending the President. He said that her suggestions do not make sense anymore because they are 10 steps ahead. Then the VP can’t help by saying I told you so when the delays of the vaccines happen. She cannot comprehend why other vaccines are not suitable for other people. Maybe, she needs a consultant in this area.

Bongbong Marcos on Trolls

Malou Mangahas reminds Robredo that if the DDS has trolls, so as the Dilawans. She denies it by saying that she does not have money to pay trolls unlike Bongbong Marcos. The latter already answered this accusation in the past telling her that his supporters are real people. They are not trolls and also not paid by him,he clarified.

Trillanes is one of the Reasons why Duterte Doesn’t want Sara to Run

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Who is Destroying the Country? Marcos or Robredo?


By: Elena Grace Flores
Bongbong Marcos

Robredo Accuses Bongbong Marcos of Destroying the Country

Robredo: Marcos Destroys the Integrity of Government Institutions

Right after the Supreme Court’s decision of dismissing the entire electoral protest of Bongbong Marcos, VP Leni Robredo keeps on accusing Marcos of fake news, discrediting institutions and worst, destroying the country. So, here’s the fact check of what BBM said. First, they want to address the issue only after receiving the copy of the ruling. This way, they can have all the details of how the decision came about. Next, he only campaigns for transparency of the next election. Thus, explaining about the benefits of the hybrid system.

Integrity of Government Agencies

Robredo may not know that all evidence of the electoral protest came from the supporters of Marcos. Verification of fraud is necessary because of real testimonies. These are not propaganda. People had live posts when these happened. To rule out this one is the decision of the SC. But they cannot stop people from getting unsatisfied with their processes. After all, these are their votes that must be counted. Marcos’ zeroing in poll centers where they actually voted is already a big proof of cheating.

Transparency over Speed

In BBM’s recent vlog, he clarifies details about the hybrid system. It may be a bit slower than the automated one. But one thing is certain. It is transparent enough which is necessary to bring back people’s trust. The public should know that a good person does not go around accusing others. One can always campaign for their candidates this elections 2022. However, the Marcos way is mainly focussing on the political agenda. Never into destroying others.

Robredo lawyer accuses Marcos of wanting to revise PET rules

Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz is Viral on Google after Marcos Protest Ruling Did Not Change Duterte’s Stand

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Doubts on the Death of Jesse Robredo Loom as Sympathy for Marcos Grows


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
You Tube by ABS-CBN News
LP’s fear for the return of Ferdinand Marcos intensifies. This happens after Bongbong Marcos announces his 2022 plan. The real battle between the Aquinos and the Marcoses is back. It’s heart-breaking to many Filipinos to see Marcos lose to Robredo at only 263,473 votes. Robredo got 14,418,817 votes and Marcos, 14,155,344. She’s compared to the former President Corazon Aquino. Robredo often justifies her love life with the late Jesse Robredo. But public sympathy leans towards Marcos.

LP capitalizes on the the death of Jesse Robredo. He’s the former interior secretary. His plane crashed in 2012. People spreculate foul play on the accident. The plot can beat Marcos, just like the Marcos-Aquino scenario. The assasination of Ninoy Aquino triggers the Edsa revolution in 1986. They blame Marcos for his death. So, as the tide turns, the blame game also diverts to the other party.

Evidence of massive election fraud now haunts the widow. Smartmatic’s election automation is allegedly responsible. The recount in Bongbong Marcos’ election protest even adds 15,000 more votes for Robredo. This proves that there’s undisputable discrepancy between the server and manual counts. Senator Imee Marcos currently endorses Senator Tito Sotto’s hybrid election bill. It’s more likely to prevent cheating again in 2022.

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PDEA: President Duterte’s Drug War is NOT a Failure

PDEA: President Duterte's Drug War is NOT a Failure

By: Elena Grace Flores

PDEA Region VII Director, Wardley M. Getalla said that the drug war of the Duterte administration is heading to the right direction – given the many positive statistics which is contrary to Robredo’s statement. When asked st the 888 News Forum, Dir. Getalla said that it was sad to hear such comment from her. The VP who in under protest by former Senator Bongbong Marcos only had 18 days tenure as the drug war czar. She was fired by the President for being incompetent.

YouTube video by Elena Grace Flores
PDEA: The Drug War of President Duterte is NOT a Failure

Destruction of Marijuana Plantations

Getalla said that they were able to eradicate 11 marijuana plantations and 60 drug dens accross the region. They were also able to apprehend 15 cases of over half kilo of shabu operations. These are only few of the many statistics that they have on record.

Joint Operations with PNP and the Local Government

Continues monitoring of the ports for possible entry of the illegal substances are as tight as ever. K9 dogs are deployed to efficiently watch the region’s entrance and exit points. The PDEA also supports the operations of the PNP with the assistance of the local government that provides the facilities needed.

Protecting the Youth from the Harmful Substance

Entertainment places where the youth frequents are also under inspection. This is to make sure that no selling or distribution of illegal drugs can take place there. Such initiative happens after the numerous reports that the illegal drug trade is rampant in disco houses, hangout places, and drinking clubs.

DOST Region 7 Director Paradela clarifies that they are not meddling with the tasks of the Department of Education that was hit by

The Drug War is NOT a failure

The PDEA Director sure knows what he is talking about. At the beginning of his speech, he enumerates the many programs they implemented and their current status. He is certain that President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs is on the right track to success. This is because of the halt or reduction of massive illegal drug operations in the region.

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Anxiety Attacks the Presumptive VP on What Marcos Knows


By: Elena Grace Flores
Although the Presumptive VP, Leni Robredo hopes for a favorable ruling from the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, she is not confident. No matter how she convinces herself that the turnout of the ballot recount is for her, she still has anxiety attacks. There might be things that Bongbong Marcos knows that she doesn’t, she added. The high court postpones its ruling on Marcos’ poll protest with the possible voting to October 8.

YouTube video by
CNN Philippines[VIDEO]: Robredo camp claims Marcos’ group is attempting to cast doubt on the vice presidential vote recount.

Based on What Robredo Knows

We cannot decide for the court and I cannot discuss the case, but we hope for a favorable decision considering that we know what happened during the entire process, Robredo said. She then accuses Marcos of tarnishing her reputation. Despite her arguments, worries can never escape her.

Atty. Vic on Marcos’ Side

Atty. Vic Rodriguez for the Marcos camp explains how some election protocol breaches happened. Such as the missing audit logs among other things. Atty. Romulo Macalintal said that the protestant’s spokesperson is lying. However, it’s the public opinion that counts.

Election Integrity versus Anxiety Attacks

Back to Robredo, she claims that the landmark ruling is “bigger than Marcos and her. It also illustrates the integrity of the local elections and the judicial system. We need to trust the system because this electoral process declared me and the President as winners, as well as all incumbent officials. If we do not believe the electoral process, it’s like we’re saying that everyone in power now is a fraud, the one with anxiety said.

Possible Outcome of the Ruling

SC Spokesperson Brian Keith Hosaka explains that all 15 members of the high court have been given copies of the poll recount report. They are prepared by Associate Justice Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa. Although, they are yet to decide on Marcos’ poll protest.The recount result will determine dismissal or the extension of the recount scope to other areas beyond Iloilo, Negros Oriental, and Camarines Sur.

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How Can Chong Be Sure That Election Cheater is Responsible for Santillan’s Death?

By: Elena Grace Flores

Clean election advocate and candidate for Senator, Atty. Glenn Chong claims that his aide Richard Santillan is a victim of police brutality. This is contrary to the police report. He figures ambush after seeing his car with at least 30 bullet hits. Chong can only blame Smartmatic that aids election cheaters to manipulate voting results. The lawyer previously exposes the anomalies in the 2016 elections. This coincides with the Marcos-Robredo electoral protest proceedings. z
Youtube Video by Eagle News

[VIDEO]: Pagpatay sa security aide ni dating Rep Chong, kinondena

Spot Report is Inconsistent with the Physical Evidence

Chong is certain that his aide’s murder by the police happens at around 2 a.m. on Dec. 10 in Cainta, Rizal. This is based on a video that they got. According to Chong, the footage shows patrol cars in front and at the back of Santillan’s car that he owns. Quite a contrary to the police spot report that there was a shootout. He also puts logic on the authority’s claims about Santillan’s alleged possession of shabu. Then accuses the cops of planting evidence there.

Loopholes to be Proven

He also points out some loopholes in the police spot report on the allegations that Santillan is a suspect as a member of the Highway Boys Group which operates in Taytay, Cainta, and Pasig City. Santillan is a constant companion of Chong in his political errands in the last 8 years. Santillan’s autopsy reports that his body tests negative of paraffin. He is also not a drug trader. No gun and it is unlikely that the grenade found can be hidden inside Chong’s car.

Sacked Policemen

All 14 policemen that have to do with the brutal attack are now relieved from their posts. Sacked were Senior Supt. Lou Evangelista as provincial director of Rizal and Supt. Pablito Nangang, as chief of police of Cainta. The others are 10 members of the CALABARZON Regional Intelligence Group and four cops from Cainta police station.

Administrative Relief Pending Investigation

Chief Supt. Edward Carranza, director of the CALABARZON regional police, said his order was an administrative relief pending the investigation on the death of Richard Santillan in Cainta.

Election 2019 Senatorial Candidate

To avenge Santillan’s death, Chong runs for Senator in the 2019 elections. He said that it was his close aide’s intention to serve him while he remains true to his country. He vows to continue his fight for clean elections in the Senate should he win a seat. The generous support of his followers and allies really overwhelms Atty. Chong.

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Election Probe: Character Assassination against Atty. Glenn Chong using Bongbong Marcos Failed


By: Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Glenn Chong emerges as the man of the hour during the automated election probe as the resource person of the Senate inquiry on the anomalous Comelec procedure powered by Smartmatic. He backs up the earlier claims of Senator Tito Sotto that advance transmissions indeed happened. The young lawyer is not only an enthusiast for clean poll since 2010 but also an IT expert. He can explain the malicious acts clearly both technically or use an analogy for the general public to understand. Besides, he made sure that the evidence in hand is from the Comelec itself as per the subpoena requested by Sotto.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]:  Drilon asks Atty. Glenn Chong if he is a counsel of Bongbong Marcos which he reputes by saying that he did not accept the nomination.

A Character Assassination against Atty. Chong

It must be clear that the recent probe was not the VP election protest of Bongbong Marcos. However, it is evident that on the seats of the resource speakers for the opposition headed by Senator Franklin Drilon, Vice President Leni Robredo’s media consultant and lawyer were among them. In fact, Atty. Bernadette Sardillo, Robredo’s counsel was caught handling a note to Drilon. That was for him to attack the credibility of Chong.

Atty. Chong was more than Ready for the Election Probe

Youtube video by; PILIPINAS Ngayon
[VIDEO]: DRILON TAMEME KAY GLENN CHONG ‘Hindi sila nakasagot kasi handa ako’ – Maharlika w/ Glenn Chong

Atty. Chong was ready with his technical expertise, wit and documentary evidence. The Comelec representatives were safer not opening their mouth or they could give Chong more power to expose their incompetence. Their only means to recover is to use the media to assassinate Chong’s character. They insist that he is Bongbong Marcos’ lawyer which he denied since he is smart enough not to accept the nomination. That shows his strong dedication to his advocacy that money can’t buy.

The Analogy of the Findings

He calls Sardillo as the tutor and Drilon as the pupil. He said that it seems that the tutor failed to teach the pupil because the instruction concerning the election probe does not match the document showed by Drilon which is for the electoral protest of Marcos. As per the May 8 illegal transmissions, the DNS serves as directory assistance. It directs the VCM machines where to send the results. Chong can read this through the actual technical behavior of the system when the machine is asking the DNS server where it has to forward the results to on hand. 459 machines were asking where to sent the results even before the election day.

Media Blackout

James Arthur B. Jimenez, Comelec’s spokesperson admits that the impact of Chong’s revelation is quite overwhelming. This is despite the mainstream media blackout. Jimenez is quite right that the incident is powered by social media. However, it is not just solely that but it is most especially powered by the people. He can hope all he wants that this news will die down but at the rate, it is going, the Filipino people are united in educating the rest when it comes to the sins of the Comelec and its cohorts that benefit from its fraudulent activities using Smartmatic.

Powered by the People using Social Media

Atty. Chong can trust that this time, he is not alone in his quest to strive for a clean and honest election. Social media users are intensely reactive to his disclosures as shared non-stop over Facebook and other online communities. Many accounts are blocked but Chong is once again ready to file a complaint to any online messaging tool operators violating the Freedom of Speech provision. This man is really something and the Filipinos can only support such a figure for the good of the country.