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Maxine Medina on Being Herself: Got an Interpreter but Bravely Speaks in English

Maxine Medina

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Miss Philippines did a good job representing the country. Never mind not making it in the top three of the 65th Miss Universe pageant. She is under a lot of pressure as the host country and the bashes over social media. In the end, she stands on her ground. She gets an interpreter but answers in English. That’s how she is – a woman who faces her fears!

Youtube video by; SUPER SEVEN
[VIDEO]: MAXINE Medina apologizes to the public after she made an erroneous remark that former first lady Imelda Marcos supposedly “invented” the traditional Filipino Terno.

Advises of Beauty Queens

1969 Miss Universe Gloria Diaz advises Medina to get an interpreter. This is for her to express herself well in the question and answer portion. 1973 Miss Universe Margie Moran leaves it to destiny to win the crown. There’s no formula for it but gives credit to Medina for improving a lot after going through the stages of the competition.

2015 Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach’s advice is for her to be calm and think that she is with her all the way.  Medina opted to be herself with considerations of the other pointers as what her aunt, former Miss Universe Philippines 1990 Gem Padilla-Thomas told her.

Bashing on Imelda Marcos’ Terno

Maxine Medina is definitely not a history or communications expert but she is honest and speaks her mind on what she knows. In her own special way. former First Lady Imelda Marcos “re-invents” the elegantly beautiful Filipiniana gown version of the original Terno. She popularizes the enhanced Terno by wearing it proudly in relevant events. Various matching styles with the “Iron Butterfly” sleeves are displayed. Since it is really Marcos who is associated with the distinctive Butterfly sleeves, who can blame Maxine Medina for giving her credit? Only the politically biased people cannot accept this fact.

Not a Bad Answer

The many people that join together in unity for one great event like the Miss Universe pageant is indeed an important event but not quite a big change. That’s Medina’s view – but some people think that she needs a somewhat controversial answer to excel in the pageant. Like President Rodrigo Duterte’s victory perhaps and his verbal attacks against former President Barrack Obama and the United Nations who are condemning his war on drugs? It can also be when the Americans voted for a black man during Obama’s time for the first time?

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Look at the Bright Side

Medina is breathtaking in her gown, the two-piece, and national costume. Miss USA and Miss Kenya both have strong and inspiring answers to every question thrown at them – but like Medina, they are not included in the top three. This time, destiny’s choice is Miss France.

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Excuse my French? Get Ready for Bisaya: Abella’s Defense on Duterte’s “Killing” Talk Style

President Duterte

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

If the western world has the term “excuse my French” when swearing, the international community should now understand the native Visayan ways of talking called “Bisaya” in colloquial terms in the Philippines.

Youtube video by; OPLAN TOKHANG
[VIDEO]: Spokesman Ernesto Abella defends Pres.Duterte interview by Mehdi Hasan British political journalist- Abella Defends Duterte.

President Duterte’s Style

In Bisaya, firm and intimate language to emphasize an issue often includes the term “patyon teka ron” – which means “I will kill you.” However, that does not mean literally. In the Visayas. If one Bisaya really wants to kill another person like in ancient times, he is not telling anyone about it. If one announces that he will kill so and so, he is warning the public to comply or else the law will be upon them.

Media should See where Duterte is coming From

President is misjudged in not tolerating delays in implementing the laws of the land. He might swear a lot but as a lawyer and a public servant, he knows the right from wrong. It is also about time that the nationalistic spirit is again enhanced. The colonial mentality of the Filipinos are not helping in making the country better than it should be. This leads other nations to look down on them.

Philippines is a Sovereign Country

Other nations should understand that Philippines is a sovereign country. It is free to implement rules that are right for the country. Regardless of whether the international community who have no idea what’s going on inside the nation understand them. The Filipinos together with the President are not depending on aids from other countries. We have brilliant work force, vast natural resources, and the management supported by the majority at the present time.

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Stop Criticizing the President of the Philippines

If it’s world peace that Duterte’s critics are after, The should come to terms with the President as mandated by the people. Despite surveys showing that people are pro-Americans, most of them are more on pro-Duterte. Meaning to say that whatever the president decides on, he has the public support.

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Robredo’s Increased Disapproval Rate Paves way to Pimentel’s Ambition to Challenge Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Leni Robredo with 62% and Senate President Koko Pimentel’s 55% approval ratings are considered high. However, there is a major significance in the in the increased disapproval rating of Robredo from 9% to 16% according to Pulse Asia. This only supports the rumors that the Liberal Party is looking at Senator Koko Pimentel as Bongbong Marcos’ challenger.

Youtube video by; Pilipinas Cnn News
[VIDEO]: President Duterte enjoys a high approval rating, but the latest Pulse Asia survey shows Vice President Robredo’s score tumbles in the last quarter of the year.

Pimentel Dismissed New VP Speculation from Electoral Protest

When media asks Koko Pimentel on Marcos taking over Robredo’s place, Pimentel tries to elude because whoever wins should be declared the winner, according to him. “It’s a rule of law.,” he added. Based on experience, the ruling won’t come overnight. Pimentel files an electoral protest against Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri, whom he accuses of robbing him of a Senate seat during the allegedly fraudulent 2007 senatorial race. Zubiri resigned in August 2011, and Pimentel serves the former’s remaining term. Both are now members of the so-called “supermajority” bloc in the Senate.

Lengthy SC Process Shortened

Senator Koko point has a point saying that the electoral process with the Supreme Court is lengthy. However, the Filipino has seen the quickness of the process when it comes to the Marcos burial at the Heroes’ Cemetery under the Duterte administration. This is something to consider also.

Pimentel is not Duterte

Pimentel does not share the same sentiments as President Rodrigo Duterte when it comes to Bongbong Marcos. He is in fact against the Marcos burial but keeps silent about it. Now that he vows to be more open to the media, it will not be surprising that he will soon show his disagreements with the president and dislike to Bongbong Marcos.

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Scapegoat for Robredo’s Unpopularity

It is noted that Leni Robredo is not comparable to the popularity of Bongbong Marcos. Despite the media propaganda of the martial law that involves his father, the millions of votes he garnered during the last election prove to show that the so-called martial law trauma is over. Now, can Koko Pimentel be the alternative or scapegoat of Vice President Leni Robredo?

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Robredo’s Martial Law Scare is a Laughing Stock for the Duterte-Marcos Supporters


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Being a lawyer and vice president at that, president Rodrigo Duterte’s comments that he wants to revise the constitution to bring back the absolute power to the president should not scare Leni Robredo that much. She should know what Senator Juan Ponce Enrile said that under the new constitution, martial law cannot be revised just because the president says so.

Youtube video by; Roy Navigator
[VIDEO]: After resigning from the Duterte cabinet, what is next for Vice President Leni Robredo?

Minority Anti-Marcos

Vice President Leni Robredo believes President Rodrigo Duterte can change his decision on the hero’s burial for former president Ferdinand Marcos. That is if he hears “one great voice” of dissent. “If we have one voice, we have a greater chance of being heard,” Robredo said. Duterte believes there is only a minority of the population that is against Marcos’ burial at the Heroes’ Cemetery. she added according to Rappler.

The President’s Stand

In a speech in Angeles City, Pampanga, Duterte said he wanted to amend the provisions of martial law declaration. This includes the term limits for local officials under the 1987 Constitution. Duterte said wants the declaration martial rule to be the sole prerogative of the President. That is without the approval of Congress and the Supreme Court. “Martial law powers are subject to review by the SC and by Congress. If you declare martial law and in the event of invasion or war, I cannot proceed and especially when there’s trouble, I still have to go to Congress and go to the Supreme Court,” Duterte explained.

Bongbong Marcos is a Separate Person from Martial Law

Manila Times wrote: Bongbong Marcos, Jr. was indisputably the most qualified among the vice presidential candidates. His rivals were political and moral midgets. Nothing can convince his opponents to think they could occupy the second-highest post in the land. Only Bongbong proved to be intelligent, moral, and courageous as to fight President Aquino’s two major plots. This is seen when they convert the Supreme Court into his stamp-pad by removing Chief Justice Renato Corona from his post. On top of that, they lay the groundwork for an independent “Bangsamoro” state in the heart of Mindanao. Only Marcos, Jr. could boast of a lengthy experience in both the executive department. He served for 12 years as governor, and Congress, where he has served for nine long years. Then, he was a senator before joining the vice presidential race.

Why is V.P. Robredo Undermining the Truth?

If Vice President Leni Robredo stick to the truth, where would she be? Back to her hometown of course if she still can. She is nothing compared to Bongbong Marcos and so she has to ride into the Liberal Party’s media propaganda using Martial Law. It’s not that she’s dumb. She perhaps just pretends not to know the legal process to make a drama out of it. Imagine, Duterte’s worst Christmas gift? Even if the president speeds up the martial law revision, there’s no way something would come out of that this Christmas season.

Unfair, and stupid to ask Bongbong to apologize for Martial Law

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Philippine President says No to Martial Law this time

Martial Law

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
PhilippinePresident Rodrigo Duterte is already struggling is solving illegal drugs crime in the country. However, martial law is not yet an option at this time.

How could I solve this?; he asked. I cannot just imprison them nor kill them. But I also don’t like Martial aw; he added.

Martial Law Anniversary Speech

Speaking on the 44th anniversary of the declaration of martial law during his visit at Camp Elias Angeles San Jose in Pili, Camarines Sur, Duterte said the drug problem had corrupted government officials and personnel. Also including members of the National Bureau of Investigation, the police and judges.

“This will destroy your children, your grandchildren. and the next generation,” he said, referring to the drug menace.

Blamed for Extra Judicial Killings

Duterte is being assailed for rampant extrajudicial killings happening in the course of his war against illegal drugs even as he maintains that the government has nothing to do with such incidents.

He has tapped the Armed Forces of the Philippines to join the police in the drug war, along with the fight against terrorism as he placed the country under a state of national emergency due to lawless violence after the Sept. 2 Davao City bombing.


He is not like Marcos

Duterte had earlier said he was ready to bury the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani as a former president and war veteran. But he stressed he is no Marcos.

Malacañang stressed no civil liberties were being curtailed and that the government was committed to due process and human rights that were sacrificed during martial law years, where atrocities were committed by uniformed authorities.

In his speech, Duterte noted how the drug problem caused infighting among those involved. He directed Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana to look into his latest list of 1,000 narco-politicians in a bid to prevent them from continuing their illicit trade.

Narco-politicians’ List

As a former prosecutor, Duterte said he assessed the names in the latest narco-politicians’ list one by one to determine if evidence would warrant the filing of cases against them.

At the Philippine Army’s 10th Infantry Division in Camp Manuel Yan, Mawab, Compostela Valley on Tuesday, Duterte said it was important for him to have a strong military and police force that would not be corrupt so he could effectively lead the country.

“I cannot run a country with a weak Armed Forces, and I cannot run a country with a corrupt police,” the President said.

He said this was the reason he named the police generals allegedly involved in the illegal drug trade.

No intention to declare Martial Law

Earlier yesterday, National Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon Jr. said the President has no intention to declare martial law even if the option was presented to him during past discussions with close allies.

Chief presidential legal counsel Salvador Panelo admitted toying with the idea of “constitutional dictatorship” so Duterte could have powers over both the executive and legislative branches to speed up reforms.

“Believe me, from what I have seen, he will not go for martial law. There are other (ways)… that would support his (campaign)… including the declaration of a simple state of lawless violence in Mindanao right now,” Esperon said at the Kapihan sa Manila Bay at Café Adriatico in Manila.

Martial Law is not Duterte’s Solution

“In fact, many have recommended the declaration of more stringent setups, including the declaration perhaps (of) martial law… but he did not go for it,” the former AFP chief said.

Duterte, 71, can be cited for using an iron-hand strategy in addressing crimes and illegal drugs, but he is not a dictator, Esperon insisted.

“So should we call him a constitutional dictator or do we call him a forceful law enforcer? Enforcer of the laws of the land, enforcer against criminality, enforcer for good governance,” Esperon added.

The Punisher Image

On Duterte’s moniker as “The Punisher,” Esperon explained that the President was keen on seeking retribution for the criminals.

“Yes, because he will have to punish. That’s exactly part of it, maybe an iron fist in enforcing the laws. He said, ‘What right do you have to manufacture or cook shabu and feed it to my children, to the next generation?’ I hope by now, we have realized the magnitude of the situation,” Esperon added.

Reacting to the recommendation of Panelo for the President to declare a constitutional dictatorship, Esperon doubted Duterte would consider this since the Chief Executive had been advocating federalism.

Constitutional Authoritarianism Association

“I don’t know why constitutional authoritarianism would be associated with the President. All I know is that he is very strict, and he is bent on enforcing the laws of the land,” Esperon said.

“He is a lawyer, and therefore he knows his rules but this is my take on it. I joined the campaign of (then Davao City) mayor Rodrigo Duterte on the common platform and that is federalism (which)… for me, is the key of the peace process in Mindanao,” Esperon added.

“Let me tell you this, if a candidate for president is going for martial law or for authoritarian rule or for consolidation of powers in unilateral central government… why would he go for federalism which will break up the country into several states?” Esperon asked.

Business as usual

Presidential Communications Office Secretary Martin Andanar said Sept. 21 was a regular working day so it was “governance as usual” but this “does not mean the significance of the day is lost to the collective memory of the nation.”

He said the government was open to anti-Marcos protests but they must be done peacefully.

Meanwhile, the Official Gazette noted the declaration of martial law should be commemorated on Sept. 23 and not Sept. 21.

In its article, the OG said the announcement made by Marcos on live television occurred on Sept. 23, although the official date on Proclamation No. 1081 was Sept. 21.

“Yet accounts differ… Two things emerge: first, whether they conflict or not, all accounts indicate that Marcos’ obsession with numerology (particularly the number seven) necessitated that Proclamation No. 1081 be officially signed on a date that was divisible by seven. Thus, Sept. 21, 1972 became the official date that martial law was established and the day that the Marcos dictatorship began. This also allowed Marcos to control history on his own terms,” it added.

Marcos Loyalists

Marcos loyalists based in Australia and those in Pangasinan vowed to continue their call for a hero’s burial for Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani in Taguig City.

Pearly Gardiner, public relations officer of Ilocano Associations of Australia, was quoted by the Ilocos Norte provincial government media office as saying they would organize vigil rallies and spearhead a signature campaign urging the burial of Marcos at the heroes’ cemetery.

Some Pangasinenses, for their part, are insisting that thousands continue to benefit from the programs of the Marcos administration and the Bayanihan Bayan Movers Pangasinan Organization of Genuine Inhabitants is also calling for the late strongman’s hero’s burial.


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Philippine President expects the Davao night market blast and others too

Philippine President

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The Philippine President expects acts of revenge by the insurgents group like the Davao market blast recently. The sad part is, there’s more to come in other places as the war with the rebels is ongoing in Jolo. Read the full story here:

DAVAO – President Rodrigo Duterte insisted there was no “failure of intelligence” in the Davao night market explosion that claimed the lives of at least 14 people and injured at least 67 others Friday evening.

“I remember warning everybody that there’s going to be a reprisal because of the ongoing war in Sulu,” Duterte said.

“We were forewarned. We were ready for this. There was a warning, not only in Jolo but (in) other places also,” Duterte said earlier in a press conference, admitting the blast may be connected to the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG).

Duterte declined to give more details about information that the military and police have, saying authorities are still “trying to link the pieces together.”

Presidential Communications Secretary Martin Andanar earlier told ABS-CBN News that although the ASG and drug lords are primary suspects, authorities have yet to rule out other angles.


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Philippine President Duterte boasted that Manila is now crime-free as he hits on Chief Justice Sereno

Philippine President

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Many people would think that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is either dreaming or out of his own mind when he urged Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno to walk along the streets of Manila and find out for herself that Manila is now almost crime-free. Just recently, a 5 year-old girl was shot dead during a buy-bust operation while the war on drugs is ongoing. She was shot in the head along with 3 suspects that the police tried to arrest without warrants.

Duterte bluffed Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno over her warrants speech before arresting anyone. “Madame Justice, you are again wrong when you said, ‘Do not allow yourself arrested to be arrested if there is no warrant.’ You are adding to the death toll,” Duterte said in a speech  in Panacan, Davao City.

Duterte  insisted that if the crime is “committed in your presence arrest can be made – even by citizens themselves.”
Sereno already angered the President when she had advised judges allegedly linked into the illegal drugs trade that they are making themselves “physically accountable” if there were no warrants issued for their arrest.

“It is a very dangerous statement. You will promote anarchy. There is no anarchy under my watch,” Duterte reiterated.


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Philippine President’s drug war left indigents with no medical allocation

Philippine President

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
A bulk of tax payers’ money has gone to the spending on war on drugs and not where it should be – which is public service, the ultimate reason why taxes are collected from the citizens of the country.

It is evident that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte reduced the Department of Health’s or DOH’s budget from P125 billion to P94 billion for 2017, lowering it down to P31 billion. This is the result of his boasting police incentives to motivate them in their war on drugs campaign – and leaving Filipino indigents with no sufficient medical allocations that is the very concern for tax expenditures.

The Philippine President prioritized the developments of his office particularly the military to get the backing needed for his drastic actions that has alerted the UN. Aside for the DOH budget, Duterte also lowered the budget for health services in barangays, agriculture, labor training and employment sourcing, and foreign affairs which are more important than his show of toughness that will go nowhere as per experts.

This is in contrast with the Aquino administration, where allocation for the DOH increased upgrading medical facilities in the provinces and the addition of barangay health clinics in remote areas.


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Duterte’s Faction Orchestrated Revenge against De Lima by Launching Bilibid Probe


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
A “comprehensive investigation” into drug syndicates at the New Bilibid Prison that allegedly implicated former Justice Secretary and now Senator Leila de Lima during her term has been launched by allies of President Rodrigo Duterte in the House of Representatives.

Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and ten more lawmakers filed House Resolution No. 105 to enable the organization of a probe on the alleged involvement of the previous government while under De Lima’s watch that has been blamed for the advancement of illegal drugs inside the prison facility.

This is their response to De Lima’s chairing of the Senate committee on justice and human rights, leading the Senate investigation into the rising death toll without due process while war against drugs is ongoing.

Majority Leader and Ilocos Norte Rep. Rodolfo Fariñas, Batangas Rep. Raneo Abu, Rizal Rep. Michael John Duavit, Antipolo Rep. Romeo Acop, Davao City Rep. Karlo Nograles, minority leader Quezon Rep. Danilo Suarez, Iloilo City Rep. Jerry Treñas, Cavite Rep. Abraham Tolentino, Oriental Mindoro Rep. Doy Leachon, and Valenzuela Rep. Eric Martinez co-authored the resolution as per The Inquirer..


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To Duterte: Filipinos are interested in public service improvements – not what lawmakers do inside their bedroom


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
It was a noble thing that President Duterte reminded Congress, about the government’s responsibility to ensure the efficient delivery of basic services to the public when the Department of Budget and Management or DBM submitted his administration’s proposed P3.35 trillion estimated budget for 2017. He once again repeated the essence of toppling corruption in the bureaucracy to win public trust – but forgot to remind himself that his credibility through words and actions can divide the nation.

His conflicting words however while addressing the congress that they should not have the “mindset that the power and resources of the offices we occupy are ours to enjoy” – when he himself is fond of bad-mouthing detractors and addressing them with criticisms and allegations that are personally and brutally below the belt

Well, Mr. President please know that the general public excluding perhaps your loyalists who would bow down to you even if you let them eat your feces, are not interested of what you people in public service do inside your bedroom. We are more into our daily sustenance, no killings, good educational and medical facilities accessible even without money and safety for our loved ones not only from extra judicial killings but also from libels which are rampant these days.


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