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Sandro Marcos’ Trending Moments with BBM

Sandro Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

Bongbong Marcos

[VIDEO]: Questions I’ve Never Asked My Son | Bongbong Marcos

Sandro Marcos is Trending Always

Diehard detractors of BBM work so hard with trending negativity after he boycotted GMA’s Presidential interview. However, it’s obvious that he does not need to prove that he’s the best. Bonding with his son, Sandro Marcos is more worthwhile and he’s trending all the time.

Sandro’s Greatest Challenge

Running for Congress is Sandro Marcos’ greatest challenge, he admitted. He also cannot compromise transparency. If given the chance to choose, he wants to be called Bongbong after his father. But his original Alexander Ferdinand name was shortened to Sandro by his parents.

Ex-Girlfriends and More

Sandro Marcos confessed that he has had 5 girlfriends already. His first crush was Emma Watson of Harry Potter. Sandro argues that he does like his father’s music but it was BBM who does not like his. Anyway, he’s hopeful that he’ll come around and see the light in the end.

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The Girls’ Rockstar Treatment of Sandro Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores

The Sari-Sari Channel

[VIDEO]: Sandro Marcos is like a rockstar in Bukidnon.

Sandro Marcos is Like a Rockstar

Just like his father, Sandro Marcos is like a rockstar. This was when he represented the BBM-Sara Uniteam in Bukidnon. The girls never stopped screaming. It was a dream come true for them to be able to have a selfie with Bongbong Marcos’s eldest son. He reiterates by saying that there’s a lot of beautiful people in Valencia.

One Minute Hug

One very daring fan said that one minute of hug with Sandro Marcos is like heaven for her. The passion and sentiments never stopped pouring despite the character assassination against him and his father. This explains why BBM gets stronger whenever he’s accused of something by his detractors.

Eye to Eye Contact with Sandro Marcos

The young Ferdinand Marcos also plays his role sincerely. It is obvious whenever he looks at his fans. His eye to eye is obvious. He felt every appreciation. He is thankful to all supporters and pleas for them to vote for the BBM-Sara Uniteam.

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Sandro Marcos Gets Bukidnon Cheering for the BBM-Sara Uniteam 100%


By: Elena Grace Flores

Mami KP

[VIDEO]: BIR: Sandro Marcos Gets the Crowd Cheering for the BBM-Sara Tandem

Bukidnon Crowd is 100% Supportive

The Bukidnon crowd is 100% all out for the Sara-BBM Uniteam. This is despite the absence of the tandem. However, Sandro Marcos is more than enough to replace them as usual. The young Ferdinand Marcos normally replaces his father in events should he can’t make it for very important reason.

Sandro Marcos Gets the Crowd Cheering

Not only that Sandro Marcos is a charmer but he’s also a very good speaker. He introduced the candidates under the Uniteam umbrella. This includes former palace spokesperson, Harry Roque. Marcos thanked the attendees in behalf of his father and Mayor Sara Duterte.

The BBM-Sara Uniteam Promise

Sandro did not fail to mention that when the Uniteam takes their turn in governing the country, they will return the favor by serving and providing the people with what they deserve. The overwhelming support in Bukidnon was too warm that it can drive away evils.

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Golden Asset: Unity Call Turnouts Doubled with Sandro Marcos in BBM-Sara Gatherings

golden asset

By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Sandro Marcos’s Wit is Second to None

Golden Asset: Doubled Turnouts

The turnouts of the BBM-Sara motorcades, caravans and other political gatherings were doubled with Sandro Marcos around. Organizers find their numbers excessively more than their estimate. He hopes that the trend would continue to achieve unity among the voters. He’s indeed a golden asset for the campaign.

Master’s Degree Graduate

Sandro’s excellent educational achievements showed that he’s an over-achiever. He graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science: Masters in Development Studies. The young Marcos also graduated with honours in BS International Politics prior to that. He has everything to be proud of. But manages to keep his feet on the ground.

BBM is Not a Second Choice

With Senator Bong Go’s withdrawal from the Presidential race, the golden asset of the Marcoses appeals to the public not to make his father a second choice. Some were irked about this statement. But in reality, Marcos haters would never vote for Bongbong Marcos. So, Go’s move has little effect on BBM.

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Sandro Marcos Learns from his Father on How to Respect Other People’s Interests


By: Elena Grace Flores

Sandro Marcos Topics

[VIDEO]: Performance doesn’t lie.. – Sandro

Other People’s Interests are Respected

Sandro Marcos said that to give freedom of speech to people is important. Their interests must be respected. Even if those mean criticisms for his family. After all, performance doesn’t lie. That’s what he learns from his father, Bongbong Marcos.

It’s Nice to Help

The young Marcos also said that public service is good because it’s nice to help. All along, he always know that his father’s desire is to make the lives of Filipinos better. That’s why he gets into politics. He wants to serve his fellow citizens of the Philippines.

Performance Doesn’t Lie

Despite other people’s criticisms, the Marcos family continues to serve their countrymen. Just like Bongbong Marcos’s example to his son. People can see the real score in the presidential aspirant’s performance. Truly, performance doesn’t lie. It’s highly visible.

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A Real Asset: Amidst the BBM-Sara Cheers, there are Screams for Sandro Marcos Too


By: Elena Grace Flores

Sandro Marcos Topics

[VIDEO]: Ladies have goosebumps with Sandro Marcos.

Sandro Marcos is a Charmer

There’s no denial that Sandro Marcos is a real charmer. He’s a real asset. He stole the hearts of many during the first gathering of the BBM-Sara tandem. Mayor Sara also endorsed him for congressman of the first district of Ilocos Norte.

He Stole the Show

While the event was ongoing, ladies can’t help but scream for Sandro Marcos. His presences is so powerful that no one can ignore. It’s not just the looks. When he starts to speak, the people are mesmerized.

Beware of Fake News Involving Sandro Marcos

The third Ferdinand Marcos is very thankful to Mayor Sara and has full respect for her father, President Rodrigo Duterte. He urges everyone to ignore the fake statements allegedly from him or his family members regarding the President. An asset for many generations to come indeed.

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BBM and Son Sandro Marcos on Good Vibes via Social Media in Response to the Localized Media Propaganda

Sandro Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
Bongbong Marcos

BBM and Sandro Marcos are Trending

Marcos supporters’ Tiktok compilation is trending. It features young voters registering for the first time. It’s their intention to vote for Bongbong Marcos for president in this coming 2022 election. Some also defend him against fake news. Like, he authors 37 proposals, and 4 of them became laws. It includes the creation of the youth commission and the department of energy. However, his son Sandro Marcos just excels no matter what he does.

Sandro Marcos is a Heartthrob

In a zoom interview of Sandro Marcos, many viewers can’t help but say hi to him in the middle of the session. He appreciates the attention and is also quite fond of his admirers. He might be running for a congress seat. But he already won as a heartthrob. There’s just no space anymore for negativity. The media propaganda against the Marcoses is already a thing of the past. Who can beat heartthrobs?

Use Social Media on Spreading Good Vibes

In response to the localized media propaganda, Sandro Marcos and his father urges people to share good vibes instead. BBM added that social media is a good avenue for helping people. Relocating missing people, distribution of relief goods, and organizing activities for a worthy cause during calamities and pandemics deem effective via these online platforms. Despite a media platform’s efforts to translate their anti-Marcos messages into various dialects, people are more driven to the Marcoses because they inspire them.

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Will the Anti-Marcos Media Dare to Discredit Sandro Marcos?

Sandro Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
Filipino Future

Being a Marcos is Never a Disadvantage

Ferdinand Alexander A. Marcos III or better known as Sandro Marcos mimics his father’s explaination that being a Marcos is never a disadvantage. In fact, it is an advantage. Although he urges people to look at his credentials and political platform for his quest to be a congressman of Ilocos Norte.

Political Platform for a Congress Seat

Sandro Marcos said that he brings the same brand of Marcos leadership. This is the same as his father and aunt, Senator Imee Marcos. He puts forward a comprehensive plan for the rebuilding process after the pandemic. Strategies for resiliency are also on hand. Plus some moves to make the most of technology for the economy. He will divulge his political platform soon.

Expected Bullying Stunts on Social Media

Online bullying is not new to Sandro Marcos. He can inherit all accusations against his father but they do not affect him. He’s quite used to them. The young Marcos urges everyone to look at his track records and not just his family name. The question is, would the anti-Marcos media dare to malign him? Perhaps to recycle their repetitive propaganda against his grandfather. So, they can only try. But risk the end of their network.

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Sandro Marcos Certainly Has a Mind of His Own

Sandro Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores

by Bongbong Marcos

Sandro Marcos is the New Ayuda Sensation
Sandro Marcos recently becomes a social media sensation again after an eye-to-eye encounter with a lady while he gives out ayuda or pandemic assistance goods. His charm is just irresistible to many youngsters. People would want to know more about him, said his father, Bongbong Marcos. So, they do some fast talks in this video.

He Knows what he Wants

This promising congressman to be for the first district of Ilocos Norte, Sandro Marcos is into music. When given choices by his father, he insists on “house.” Because he neither likes rock nor pop. He’s definitely unpredictable because no one can limit him on anything including his father.

He Avoids Controversial Issues

Dealing with Sandro Marcos means no drama at all. He remains neutral on controversial issues like choosing between mom and dad. He simply said, parents. That’s it. Other personal issues like love life and intimate questions are private for him. So, he’s definitely very interesting to follow. How much more when he becomes an official lawmaker? Very exciting and interesting indeed.

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See How Sandro Marcos Stole his Father’s Limelight

Sandro Marcos

By: Elena Grace Flores
by Bongbong Marcos

The Three Ferdinands include Sandro Marcos
The real name of Sandro Marcos is Ferdinand Alexander. Thus, making him the third Ferdinand in their family. The three has the wit, wisdom, good character and looks. They resemble each other as they all excel in their generation. However, Bongbong Marcos denies that Sandro is the most handsome.

Sandro Marcos may be Better but not in Good looks

Bongbong Marcos reiterates that people can say his son, Sandro Marcos is the most intelligent and has the best character overall. But, he cannot accept that he’s the most handsome. His father, the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos would also agree with him, he added. In fact, he cites a comment that during the Marcos regime, girls would line up to get provisions from Bongbong himself. This is just like the recent viral post with Sandro distributing rice.

Prioritizing his People Serves Bongbong Marcos Well

Bongbong Marcos stresses that the camaraderie in the military made him realize that to be a good leader is to prioritize the needs of his constituents. This is quite a good reassurance that Filipinos would greatly benefit from his leadership. All he asks for is to unite. This is where Sandro Marcos can help to make the younger generation know the good side of the Marcos family.