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Gov. Imee Marcos is a Leader who Unites Political Parties as she Runs for Senator


By: Elena Grace Flores

Gov. Imee Marcos who runs for Senator joins the ribbon cutting of Consumer’s Welfare Week 2018 at the Makati City Hall. She hails the leadership of Mayor Abby Binay and her Vice Mayor Monique Lagdameo. Marcos explains that there’s not much difference in managing a progressive commercial district compared to being a governor in a small province in terms of public service. However, it is obvious that the city has more funds and her territory only has a larger area. She also jokes about the Yabuts, the good and the bad.

YouTube video by FILIPINEWS Today

[VIDEO]: Governor Imee Marcos joins the ribbon cutting of Consumer’s Welfare Week 2018 at the Makati City Hall.

Inflation Treatment

Gov. Marcos prides herself in initiating or bringing back the Kadiwa system that allows direct trade from the producers themselves to the direct consumers. This eliminates the added costs of the agents in between thus lowering the costs of the basic commodities. She wishes to distribute their processed meats to the city hoping that the buyers can also benefit from the affordable prices.

Local Trade

Since her province, Ilocos Norte is a producer of vegetables and other crops, she aims to have trade relations with Makati for these raw products in a major way. Makati is no doubt the commercial district of the Philippines and a model for a successful city, she said. It would be a boost for her products to be directly distributed to this highly developed urban area.

Alliance with the Du30s

It is widely known that Marcos forges an alliance with the Hugpong political party of the President’s daughter, Davao Mayor Sara Du30. She also defends the Filipino leader by saying that there was no such thing as militarization under the Duterte administration. She points out that the military officials appointed in various government positions were no longer in active military service.

Friendship with the Binays

It was also in the news that Gov. Marcos met with Senator Nancy Binay to thank the latter for filing a resolution for the Senate’s electoral fraud investigation during the 2016 elections. The revelations during such hearings put Bongbong Marcos in a good light. Now, she shows support to the incumbent mayor of Makati. This is despite the Binay siblings’ rivalry in the mayoral position in 2019. The situation is not really surprising because of the fact that even the Binay patriarch, former Vice President Jojo Binay is not worried about it. Eventually, one of his children would surely be elected regardless.

Uniting Political Parties as Senator Bet

Earlier, Mayor Abby Binay said during a forum at Malate, Manila, answering questions whether UNA will form an alliance with Mayor Du30’s Hugpong ng Pagbabago (HNP). “Historically if you look at my dad, he is always not aligned particularly with ruling parties,” she added. Nevertheless, as a supporter of Hugpong, Gov. Marcos, can definitely bridge the cooperation of the two parties by simply being friendly and cooperative with both. After all, they are only against the yellow-minded stalwarts.

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Mayor Sara Du30 and Gov. Imee Marcos’ Merging for Next Election Raises the Oppositions’ Eyebrows


By: Elena Grace Flores

Supreme Court Associate Justice Alfredo Benjamin Caguioa who is currently the justice-in-charge of the Marcos-Robredo electoral case, wrote to the Supreme Court sitting as PET in a letter-memorandum about his intent to have the case unloaded from him prior to Marcos’ filing of a motion for his inhibition. He does not intend to inhibit from the case so that he may still participate in the deliberations and voting. The Presidential Electoral Tribunal has denied the request. As this happens, the Du30-Marcos merging with the Presidential daughter Mayor Sara Du3o and Gov. Imee Marcos now attract the mainstream media. The yellow news platforms even use the alliance in their negative interpretation of President Rodrigo Du3o’s plan not to quit if the questionable Vice President takes his place instead of the VP election protestant, Bongbong Marcos whom Caguiao is reportedly against of.

Youtube video by DU30 News


The Supreme Court’s Decision

There are no changes to be made in the PET’s management. Caguioa’s plea has been denied unanimously. Furthermore, the high tribunal also says that the evidence presented to them was both internal and privileged. This could only have been accessible with unofficial means.

Marcos’ Motion

On account of the bias of Justice Caguioa towards the yellow brigade, Marcos filed a motion. He seeks Caguioa’s recusal. Caguioa is a close friend of former President Aquino. Furthermore, Marcos also alleges that Caguioa’s wife supports Robredo actively. She had campaigned for Robredo in the 2016 elections and continues to support her cause.

Yellow Media’s Bluff

Now the yellow media is talking about Sara Du30. She will eventually succeed his father as some experts say. Sara Duterte right now is shoring up support for the ambitious policy agenda of his father. Furthermore, she is becoming a power-broker in her own right.

The Opposition’s Interpretation

The president admits that he is flagging, the yellow media said. He fears that he is hardly making a dent in tackling the illicit drugs and the corruption of the state, it added. He is being vocal that he is ready to step down and retire from the presidency.

Election Preparation

Sara Du30 had already started to expand her small party and build political alliances. She is emerging as a political juggernaut of the southern Davao region.  She has served a key role in the ousting of the former lower house speaker Alvarez, as she brought together political factions. This moved is marked by the alliance between Sara Du30, and Imee Marcos. Putting in place Gloria Macapagal Arroyo as a House Speaker who is friendly to their alliance ready for election 2019.

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Mayor Sara Du30 Endorses Gov. Imee Marcos for Senator while She Braises for Re-election or VP Post in 2019?


By: Elena Grace Flores

Mayor Sara endorses Ilocos Norte Gov. Imee Marcos among her other endorsements for Senator and some other officials for the senatorial slate plus local positions during the launching of the Alyansang Bol-anon para sa Kausaban (Abaka). She was the guest speaker at the event. Meanwhile, the governor is also an avid supporter of the mayor’s “Tapang at Malasakit” campaign for her new political group. Gov. Marcos is a great believer of the Marcos-Du30 tandem or vice versa.

Youtube video by; DU30natics


Stop Giving the Country a Bad Image

Inday Sara as the mayor is popularly known, explains to the audience that it is okay to have dissenting opinions while discussing issues internally. It is not necessary to bring them to the international front. Doing so can be detrimental to the country’s reputation. She urges politicians to settle things in the country because it’s wrong to announce disagreements to the world without solving them first.

Make Terrorism Insignificant

Filipinos from the different sectors can contribute a lot in making terrorism efforts insignificant just by not elaborating on them. The terrorists seek for massive media exposures to popularize what they are fighting for. Mayor Sara implies that the people must not give satisfaction to the destabilizers by ignoring their crimes and to let the authorities deal with them head-on.

Plan for 2019

Mayor Sara Du30-Carpio reiterates that she has no interest in running for Senator in the May 2019 elections. “My plan is to run for mayor of Davao City for the 2019 elections,” she said. She feels that she is still effective as mayor of Davao City, which is a good neighbor to other places in the country.

Not Interested to be Senator

Mayor Sara told more than 1,000 participants of Abaka that the Senate is not for her since she is the silent type. “I feel that Davao City can help other LGUs with all the years of best practices. Davao City LGU produces relevant projects all these years. I think I can help more if I am mayor. I will ask everybody to come to Davao and look at what the local government has done for  Davao City,” she added.

The President is Human

The President is very imperfect because he is just human, said his daughter. This is quite true for all human beings who want to be true at heart. One can’t be genuine if perfection is projected. Immortals are vulnerable to life’s natural influences may it be in the manner of speaking or in expressing personal stands on various issues. As the mayor often said; experienced politicians will never announce to run for a  post way before the election. Since she already announced her alleged plan, this could very well change to VP if a transitory election for Federalism pushes through.

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Imee Marcos and Sara Du30’s Alliance Secures the Marcos-Du30 Tandem in 2019 or 2022


By: Elena Grace Flores

It was in the news that Mayor Sara Du30 was at the wedding of Atty. Michael Manotoc, Gov. Imee Marcos’s son with Cara Manglapus. However, it seems like the alliance did not stop there. There are seen in various occasions and have fought their own fights adjacent to each other. The governor is a staunch supporter of Inday Sara’s political party that Congressman Pantaleon Alvarez is not happy with. Gov. Marcos also had a separate issue with Majority Floor Leader  Rodolfo Fariñas. They are prominent proofs that the President is not anti-women. In fact, they are the foundation of the Marcos-Du30 executive tandem for 2019 transitory government election or the 2022 national elections. Take note that both are daughters of the country’s popular Presidents.

Youtube video by; PH Radar


The Alliance of the Marcos and Du30 Women on Top

Youtube video by;  News5Everywhere

[VIDEO]: Mayor Sara Duterte, may banta kay House Speaker Alvarez

The Imee Marcos-Sara Du30 alliance creates a strong north-south partnership that cultivates the already well-grounded constituency. These are composed of the millions of Du30-Marcos voters and supporters. Mayor Du30 appears to be at odds with the two leaders of the House of Representatives. It is also not a secret that Gov. Marcos had a spat with Majority Leader Rudy Fariñas. The Presidential daughter also had a conflict with Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez.

President Du30 on Daughter’s Political Career

Youtube video by;

[VIDEO]: Pahayag ukol sa pagpalit ni Mayor Sara Duterte bilang susunod na pangulo

Empowered Female Politicians

Anti-Du30 women campaigners, who are also anti-Marcos, have painted an inclusive discourse of standing up for women. However. Imee Marcos-Sara Du30’s alliance can only force them to give the benefit of a doubt to the men they hate and demonize. This is where those groups can be tested if they are indeed pro-women. Another possibility is that – they are merely partisan feminist. It is not basically the gender of Imee and Sara that matters to them but their fathers’.

The Opposition’s Scary Tandem

Youtube video by; Tatay Duterte News


The Promise

In the end, an Imee Marcos-Sara Du30 alliance is an exciting political development. It can happen as early as 2019 if the transitory election during the Federalism shift can pass through the Congress. If not, the alliance may just plant the seed of a Marcos-Du30 tandem in 2022. If it does develop into such a thing, and regardless of who ends up on top of the ticket, this will certainly be a great challenge to any parties that are ambitious enough to block their quest. Needless to say, it is evident that Gov. Marcos is the groups’ senator bet whereas Bongbong Marcos is for President and Mayor Du30 is his running mate as VP.

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Bongbong Marcos’ Response to President Du30’s Plea for Transitory Election


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The opposition earlier expressed its fear that the Philippine President Rodrigo Du30 asks for a transitory election to extend his term. Presidential spokesperson Atty. Harry Roque disputes this by explaining that the leader even wants to cut 3 years of his term to allow the people to vote for their next head of state. Former Chief Justice Hilario Davide floats his fear that Du30 will run again with Bongbong Marcos as the Vice President. The tandem could easily win, he said. However, Marcos hints that the President is indeed true to his word that he is not into term extension. In fact, the former Senator already confirms with the media. He intends to run as President in the next election – may it be in 2019 or 2022.

Youtube video by;  DUTERTE NEWS REPORT


Eyeing for the Presidency

The namesake of the late President Ferdinand Marcos eyes to become the next president of the Philippines. The former senator said this in a media interview.  He aspires to gain the highest position in Philippine politics. However, the presidency is not something that he wakes up in the morning and plans on it,’ he added. His return to Malacañang is the hope for the majority of Du30-Marcos supporters. So, if Du30 is not running, they can also do the reverse: Marcos-Du30 with Inday Sara as the running mate for VP.

Mayor Sara Du30 Jokes to Run as VP in 2019

Youtube video by;

[VIDEO]: Will Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte run for Vice President? The President’s daughter was at the Commission on Elections (Comelec) on for a hearing on the petition filed by her new party,

Capitalizing on Du30’s High Approval Rate

Davide’s fear is real. The Du30-Marcos tandem or vice versa can surely win the national election. This is because of the high approval rating of the President despite the massive destabilization efforts of his detractors. When both Marcos and Du30 loyalists merge, they certainly generate majority votes.

The Opposition’s Near Demise

The opposition’s near demise is now felt by their conspirators. Aside from having an unpopular head of their party elected in the executive office in the person of Leni Robredo, their forces in the other branches also dwindled. The removal of former Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno is a demonstration of Sol. Gen. Jose Calida’s great influence. The pro and anti-Marcos senators and congressmen are still battling many issues. One thing is certain though, that the Marcos-Du30 alliance has the number to make this strategy a reality hopefully soon.

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Inday Sara’s Unity Call: Relevant to Binay’s Early Presidential Bid to Aid Bongbong Marcos via Boy Saycon


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Mayor Sara Du30’s Tapang at Malasakit Alliance Unity Call says it all. She clarifies that it is not a move to campaign for any public post. She said that politicians know by experience that to announce a candidacy early can hamper its success. So, why did former Vice President Jejomar Binay announce early on to run for President in the 2016 election? We know for a fact that prior to the campaign, an alliance between the opposition of the former administration was formed. Believe it or not. The ultimate goal is to aid Bongbong Marcos to return to power. Therefore, Du30’s win is also Binay’s victory. Analyze these scenarios:

Youtube video by; GMA News

[VIDEO]: Tapang at Malasakit Alliance for the Philippines, binuo ni mayor Sara Duterte.

BiHoMadu Alliance of Binay, Honasan, Marcos, and Du30

Kingmaker, Pastor Boy Saycon who heads the Binay Camp progresses in his Du30-Marcos bid after the BiHoMaDu players come out into the open. The group stands for the Binay, Honasan, Marcos, and Du30 alliance with an ultimate goal to aid Bongbong Marcos’ return to power. It is evident that while the President and his family are under the attacks of Senator Trillanes, Binay retaliates by filing more libel cases against him. It is remembered that Trillanes did whatever he can to destroy Binay and succeeded. What he did not realize is the easy win of another Binay ally who has the same objective for Marcos.

Malicious Claims by a Senator

Binay’s spokesperson Joey Salgado said the DOJ’s resolution to file a libel complaint against Trillanes in the Makati Regional Trial Court proves that Binay was just maligned by false accusations. The DOJ’s move, he added, only confirmed that the Senate hearings “were purely in aid of political demolition, not legislation.” This is what Presidential daughter, Mayor Sara Du30 is calling all Filipinos for. Unity is a must instead of destroying each other using lies. If one cannot agree with another, it is best to stay positive. After all, we are all Filipinos regardless of political colors.

Father of Fake News Blocked by Binay

According to Salgado, the DOJ’s resolution also exposed Trillanes as “a fake crusader against fake news,” calling the senator the “pioneer of fake news” since 2015. “He was spreading fake news since 2015. He deserves the unflattering title ‘father of fake news in the Philippines,’” he added. It is just a mind-boggling situation that Trillanes still enjoys full-time coverage by mainstream media despite the fact that he is a notable liar.

Informant and Adviser to the President

Meanwhile, Pastor Boy Saycon is always the informant of President Du30 ever since during the 2016 elections campaign. To this date, he continues to be the Presidential advisor for territorial affairs. He previously hands out the evidence of the Aquino administration’s involvement in the PDAF scam to the DOJ. Saycon also protects the main witnesses to the digital fraud allegedly committed by some LP personalities. These circumstances show that the alliance is working non-stop to give justice to Marcos’ voters. Supporters of the LP opposition must come together first – then everything else can follow.

Trillanes is ‘father of fake news,’ says Binay camp