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BBM’s Precon Absence was Triggered after Attorney Rodriguez Tested Positive for Covid-19


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue

[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos apologizes for skipping Comelec preliminary hearing

Attorney Vic Rodriguez is Positive

The two people who are with Marcos almost every day have been tested positive of Covid-19. His chief of staff, Attorney Vic Rodriguez and his security escort. This prompted the former senator to go in isolation that resulted to his absence in the disqualification case’s preliminary conference.

BBM’s Precon Absence

Bongbong Marcos failed to show up for the Commission on Elections’ pre-conference for the disqualification petitions filed against him. He had an order from the poll body to attend physically or virtually. But he experienced symptoms that included speaking difficulties due to throat inflammation.

Too Insensitive?

No one in their right mind who is a Covid-19 survivor experiencing its symptoms again would show his face on camera in an important proceeding. It would be very insensitive for the Comelec to force him to show up even just virtually. Considering the virus’ psychological implications. Besides, his case can proceed with the representation of his able attorneys. Besides, why insist on a BIR receipt issued many years ago when the agency already certified that the dues were paid?

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Senator Imee Marcos’ Claim on the Nuclear Power Plant Economically Wise


By: Elena Grace Flores

NET 25

[VIDEO]: Sen. Imee Marcos’ Take on Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

Senator Imee Marcos’ Claim

Senator Imee Marcos explains her claim on the Duterte administration’s 3 bills for the economy. This is in her capacity as the chair for economic development. Senate Bill 2094 seeks to amend some provisions to improve the delivery of basic services in the country. The Senator also said that the use of nuclear is now regulated. But there are Korean and Russian offers to revive the Bataan nuclear power plant. Although she is confident that the new technology allows the country to get a better renewable source of energy and internet.

Relaxed Laws on Foreign Investments

Senate Bill 1156 amends some provisions of the Foreign Investments Act of 1991. It considers e-commerce business entities as “domestic market enterprises” in particular. This means that those can now be fully owned by non-Filipino nationals with not much hassles.

Lower Paid Up Capital

Senate Bill 1840 seeks to amend the Retail Trade Liberalization Act of 2000 to lower required paid-up capital for foreign enterprises. Senator Imee claims that there’s a need to prevent red tape in this area.

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What’s Next with President Duterte after Senator Bong Go’s Withdrawal?


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Senator Bong Go: If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

Senator Bong Go’s Withdrawal

As expected, Senator Bong Go withdraws from the Presidential race. He said that he suffers from running for the top post with his family’s disapproval and his heavy heart. It was not his intention to run for President but Vice President only. It’s the president’s call now who he supports for after his withdrawal from the race, Go added.

Just a Public Servant

The senator clarifies that he can continue serving the people as a public servant. He cannot even believe until now that he’s already a lawmaker. Go believes that he does not need a position to be able to serve the people. He would keep his doors open to those who might need him.

The Senator is Not a Politician

Senator Go stresses that he is willing to make sacrifices for the sake of unity. Is this a hint that the Duterte administration would already join the BBM-Sara Uniteam? Besides, Attorney Harry Roque already runs as Senator under their umbrella. Bong Go doesn’t want the president to suffer anymore. He also cannot bear dirty politics. So, is he giving way to the most powerful alliance?

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Mark Villar’s Filing of COC for Senator Left Go or Carpio as Marcos’ Possible Running Mate


By: Elena Grace Flores
Manila Bulletin Online

Mark Villar and Bongbong Marcos File for COC
Former Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Secretary Mark Villar files his certificate of candidacy (COC). This is for Senator under the PDP-Laban Cusi faction. Not with the Nacionalista Party of his mother. On the same day, Bongbong Marcos also files his COC for President. Villar is the key person for the “build build build” administration project that follows the late President Ferdinand Marcos’ blueprint.

Bong Go for VP under the PDP-Laban

The Duterte-Marcos alliance is evident in the COC filings of the administration bets. Senator Go may not be popular the same as the president’s daughter, but he’s the most loyal aid of the president. Naturally, when he pairs with Duterte’s choice of president, he can improve his number.

Between Go and Carpio

There are two scenarios that can happen in November. Mayor Sara may withdraw her reelection bid. Then, run for Vice President under her Hugpong ng Pagbabago party. Senator Go can only retract his candidacy when this happens. Another way is to do a substitution where Sara can join the PDP-Laban and do a substitution for Go. However, this is unlikely.

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Senator Imee’s Marcos-Duterte Sign Confirms the Greatest Fear of the Opposition


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue

Carpio’s Duterte-Marcos Alliance Interpretation in line with Senator Imee’s flash sign.
Senator Imee Marcos flashes the Marcos-Duterte sign after Manny Pacquiao announces his boxing retirement. It also coincides with Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio’s drop from the presidential race. Retired Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio said that he can still see the possibility of a Sara Duterte-Carpio and Bongbong Marcos tandem. He’s also the 1Sambayan convenor. The opposition bets identify themselves with the group.

Senator Imee’s Support

Senator Imee Marcos is instrumental to the closeness of the Marcos-Duterte families. She supports President Rodrigo Duterte during the presidential election in 2016. President Duterte’s daughter is also her constant companion during public and private events. Therefore, ex-Justice Carpio is right. It’s not surprising that in the end, it would still be Duterte-Marcos or Marcos-Duterte tandem for that matter.

The Marcos Loyalists

The outcome of Bongbong Marcos’ electoral protest against Robredo made the number of Marcos loyalists increase even more. The series of fraudulent pieces of evidence that the Supreme Court ignore can’t stop them from vowing to do their revenge at this time. Besides, true loyalists cannot sway their votes. It would only be for Marcos regardless of the positioning.

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Bongbong Marcos Endorses Atty. Larry Gadon for Senator


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

Bongbong Marcos for President, Atty. Larry Gadon for Senator
Atty. Larry Gadon is always vocal about his admiration to likely presidential candidate, Bongbong Marcos. He said that Marcos really knows what he’s talking about. He’s the best candidate for the top post this coming 2022 elections. In return, the son of the late President Ferdinand Marcos also endorses Gadon as Senator. Adding that he’s very brave.

Gadon and Marcos Relationship

Atty. Gadon always answers the critics of Marcos in a very direct way. He’s brutally frank. He had something to do with the impeachment of former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. She is said to favor the anti-Marcos faction. Gadon also tries to do the same to Associate Justice Marvic Leonen, an appointee of the late President Ninoy Aquino. But this did not push through. Leonen happens to be the one in charge of Marcos’ protest versus the unpopular VP, Leni Robredo. But the magistrates voted in his favor.

Gadon for Senator

People must analyze what politicians do. Not what they say in interviews. At least before the filing of candidacy. Because they are still adamant to declare early. Gadon praises Marcos in the video. The latter reiterates by endorsing him as Senator. They may not admit it yet. But actions speak louder than words. So, this is clear. Bongbong Marcos for President and Atty. Larry Gadon for Senator. Therefore, let’s track their actions.

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Senator Imee Marcos: Brother is Honored to Tandem with Mayor Sara


By: Elena Grace Flores
by ABS-CBN News

BBM in tandem with Mayor Sara
Bongbong Marcos certainly goes around to possibly go for the top spot. Although, he is open to other possibilities. He can also run as Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio’s VP. It is his honor to do that. He needs a job after all, his sister, Senator Imee Marcos explained in an interview.

Another Duterte could be Bad for the Economy

Senator Imee Marcos is a staunch supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte. Mayor Sara is stressed out with her name often mentioned in this election maneuverings. Bother Bongbong Marcos is open to run as the VP of Mayor Sara. However, all these are mere possibilities. Another Duterte or his man may be bad for the economy but Senator Marcos said that the country needs the determination and passion of a Duterte.

Possibility of the BBM-Sara Tandem

To be in tandem with Mayor Sara is definitely a marriage made in heaven. This is where the possibility is the strongest. The Marcos family remains an ally to the President whatever happens. Bongbong Marcos prepares to run for President. But he can adjust later. Senator Marcos doesn’t want him to run for the presidency because it’s very difficult. However, if destiny calls for it, a recovery plan should be on top of the long list.

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Senator Imee Marcos: Bongbong is Open for the Presidency in 2022


By: Elena Grace Flores
by News5Everywhere

Bongbong Marcos is Open to the Presidency
Senator Imee Marcos denies that she intends to go back to Malaca├▒ang this coming 2022 elections. She confirms that it is Bongbong Marcos who is open for the presidency. He might also run as a senator or Vice President. Although he’s emotionally ready for the top position. Besides, the millennials are very open-minded. There’s no more hostility felt from the previous black propaganda against her family.

Bound for Duty

The senator added that her family is bound to serve their supporters who believe in them from the start until now. As a matter of fact, they initially try to avoid politics. But they somehow realize that it’s their duty to contribute what they can in terms of public service.

Strategizing Still

There are many alliance scenarios floating around nowadays. Like Mayor Sara and Gibo tandem. Manny Pacquiao seems to join the band wagon as well. Plus Senator Bong Go. However, Senator Marcos reiterates that everything is not set yet. It’s better to wait and see. She somehow did not agree with the interviewer on the possibility of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s candidacy. It’s simply because he’s already too tired. But he could also be strategizing, she quipped. So, why stress out? Just wait.

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Inday Sara Shots Trillanes’ Mouth on her Alleged Running For Senator


By: Elena Grace Flores

Inday Sara Warns Trillanes that he might pay billions for slander.

Inday Sara Warns former Senator Trillanes

Presidential daughter Inday Sara warns the former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV not to drag her name in any controversies. Her mother already told her that she does not have a heart. So, Trillanes better believe her mom. Because she will do everything to make him regret it. He and his party could pay billions for slander.

Inday Sara’s Alleged Senatorial Bid

The former barking Senator said that Inday Sara is just like her father. They usually say that they won’t run for office but in the end, they will. Filipinos also like candidates who as if trying to be down to earth. Not showing their interest in the top position. Then realizing afterward that the drama got them. He added that the mayor of Davao has to run for senator to save her father from legal disputes after his term as president.

Trillances is a Nuisance Presidential Candidate

Meanwhile, Trillanes receives criticisms after he poses himself as a nuisance presidential candidate. He even said that Leni Robredo will only run for governor in her hometown. That’s why he’s now ready to run as president. Many bloggers find this ridiculous but even Trillanes himself knew that he can’t win. So, he’s riding into the strategy of the administration. This is to confuse people on who really is running for president in the 2022 elections.

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The President Channels Attention to Senator Bong Go to Mislead Opponents


By: Elena Grace Flores

President Duterte Announces that Senator Bong Go Wants to be President

Joking with the Senator

In one of the speeches of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, he announces that Senator Bong Gong wants to be president which Go denies. The senator elaborated by saying that the Filipino leader likes to joke around. Perhaps, he would only change his mind if Duterte runs for Vice President. But he’s also quick to clarify that he is not saying what position he runs for if the President does so. Besides, his term would only end in 2025. So, he has a lot of time to serve.

Floating Rumors

Rumors float with uninterested political figures like Senator Go every time the president suggests a certain presidentiable. This stars from his daughter Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio. She condemns the Run Sara Run calls. Senator Manny Pacquiao is also furious about these talks amidst the pandemic. Pacquiao wants his party to concentrate on facing the challenges that the Covid-19 virus brings into the country.

Just a Joke or Misleading Opponents?

To solve the pandemic is the top priority right now, said Senator Go. This coincides with Senator Manny Pacquiao’s plea. Despite Duterte’s mentioning names, it is obvious that he does not talk about Bongbong Marcos anymore which is very unlikely. Marcos was his favorite during the 2016 elections. The Marcoses also have a strong alliance with his family especially now that the Build Build Build project is on its way. As a political strategist, the Philippine president simply knows that divulging his endorsee too early can ruin their chances of winning.

BBM Announces Sandro Marcos’ Service Kingship amidst Granting of ADB Loan