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Susan Roces Leaves Inheritance Greater than Wealth


By: Elena Grace Flores

Celebrity PH
[VIDEO]: Sheryl Cruz’s Reaction to Grace and Lovi Poe’s Inheritance from Susan Roces

Susan Roces Divided her Wealth

Sheryl Cruz said that she respects what her aunt Susan Roces did to her wealth. She named each of them to her rightful heirs. This includes Grace and Lovi Poe. She added that it’s the right thing to do. That’s why their family remains harmonious.

7 Decades of Work

The late actress who just died of heart complications accumulated wealth from her 7 decades in the showbiz limelight. She did leave a substantial amount of properties. Plus her husband’s. There’s no denying that despite being adopted, Grace is the legal daughter and Lovi also gets her share as the biological daughter of FPJ. Roces chose forgiveness. So, that made their unconventional family intact.

More than Wealth

Grace and Lovi plus the rest of the family members just didn’t get a fair share of inheritance from Roces but also the bond that they will always be family. Great love is certainly better than wealth in this regard. That’s what everyone needs.

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Lovi Poe’s Character Shown to the Wife of her Father is Better than Cord Blood

cord blood

By: Elena Grace Flores

Chika Blockbuster
[VIDEO]: Lovi Poe’s Reaction to the Passing of Susan Roces

Better than Cord Blood

Lovi Poe is Fernando Poe Jr.’s daughter from the former actress, Rowena Moran. On her Instagram post, she wrote with a heavy heart about losing a true gem and a beloved pillar of the entertainment industry. She sent love and prayers to the family of her adopted half-sister, Senator Grace Poe her love and prayers. The Senator’s son, Brian Poe Llamanzares was grateful for her condolences. This kind of relationship is really better than cord blood. It heals all wounds.

The Good Character

Former Star Talk Host, Butch Francisco attests to the good character of Lovi Poe. It’s better than cord blood. Once, Lovi Poe learned that Susan Roces is in the next room where she was, she immediately went to see her. Gave her the utmost respect that impressed many.

Unconventional Family

The late Susan Roces’ family may be unconventional. But this is a proof that with love and respect, people with relationships outside the traditional one can co-exist harmoniously.

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PBBM’s Degree of Closeness with Grace Poe’s Family Outside of Politics


By: Elena Grace Flores

Celebrity PH
[VIDEO]: PBBM Visits Susan Roces’ Wake

The Degree of Closeness

Not many people knew the degree of closeness between Presumptive President Bongbong Marcos and Grace Poe’s family, the daughter of Susan Roces who just passed away. Not because of the alleged blood tie speculations. But because they were friends and colleagues when both were senators. PBBM visited the wake of Roces recently.

Past Intrigues

There were rumors in the 2016 elections that Grace Poe and Bongbong Marcos are half siblings. However, both denied the gossip. Poe was adopted and is not even blood-related to the Poes. This did not break the degree of friendship they have.

Family Ties

The real score according to Marcos is that; Poe is a strong woman. She does not need his help but he just wanted to be there to console her and to pay respect to the Queen of Philippine movies. Roces is a big loss not only to the industry but to the world, he insinuated. He will always be there for his friend who is like a sister to him.