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Lacson: SC’s P81.46 M Deposit Requirement for Marcos Electoral Protest is a System Flaw

Marcos electoral protest

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

After the Supreme Court, acting as the Presidential Electoral Tribunal or PET ordered Bongbong Marcos and Vice President Leni to pay a total of P81.46 million for the Marcos election protest, the latter said that he will protest not to say whereas Leni Robredo’s camp said that they will issue a statement after the holidays.

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[VIDEO]: 24 Oras: Robredo at Marcos, pinagbabayad para gumulong na ang pagdinig sa election protest

Supreme Court Rule

The tribunal’s rules mandated that the cash for the protest and counter-protest is P500 for each precinct involved to bring the contested ballot boxes and election documents for the recount. Marcos requested for a manual recount of 36,365 clustered precincts while he requested for the annulment of the results of 2,756 clustered precincts. The total 38,221 clustered precincts are composed of 132,446 precincts.

SC’s Calculation

In a resolution, the tribunal required Marcos to deposit a total of P66,223,000 for the 132,446 precincts. Meanwhile, Robredo was ordered to pay P15,639,000 for the 31,278 precincts included in her counter-protest. Both camps are required to pay the cash deposit in two installments on or before Good Friday, April 14 and July 14.

Lacson’s Move

Senator Panfilo Lacson questioned a Supreme Court’s order asking the Vice Presidential rivals in the Marcos election protest to pay millions of pesos for the case to continue with the case. He calls it a system flaw that needs to be corrected.

Further Delay on Marcos Electoral Protest

Lacson explained that the winner of an election who is already harassed with a poll protest or cheated must not be made to pay an enormous amount of money to be proclaimed the winner. This is a flaw in Tthe system, Lacson thinks. “Therefore, I will study and propose legislation to correct that flawed system on electoral protests,” he said. So, further delay in the Marcos electoral protest can certainly be expected.