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SM, Robinson, and Ayala Malls Explain Communication Transfer Delay for Optional Wearing of Masks


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: SM, Robinson, and Ayala Malls Issued EO No. 7 on Oct. 28 for the Optional Wearing of masks

Communication Transfer Delay

The representative of the country’s malls and department stores said that they communicated the president’s directive to their branches immediately on October 28. But there’s a communication transfer delay. This is evident through the complaints of some netizens. Caution is still encouraged though.

EO No. 7

The representative added that Executive Order No. 7 was circulated to their branches on October 28, 2022. But no one seems to be aware of this. This was not on the news. People knew that it was okay not to wear masks outdoors. Except in public transport vehicles. Indoor air-conditioned facilities like the malls and department stores seemed to remain strict. Hence the communication transfer delay.

Christmas Shopping

Medical facilities like clinics and hospitals would definitely require wearing masks still. Vulnerable people like the elderly and immune-compromised individuals should also wear masks. The Christmas shopping rush may soon happen. So, these establishments are getting ready with their security and health measures. It is necessary to follow the president’s directive to normalize the economy under the circumstance.

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No One can Question the Transfer of Wealth among PBBM’s Relatives


By: Elena Grace Flores

Kaalam PH
[VIDEO]: Wealthy Nephews of PBBM

Transfer of Wealth

Alfonso and Louis Araneta are the children of Irene Marcos. She’s out of politics. But her husband is Gregorio Maria Araneta. They are directors of Philweb Corporation founded by their father for the mining industry. They also have gaming businesses including casinos. Their father can only transfer their wealth to them. That’s the norm.

False Accusations

PAGCOR establishment in 1977 by the late President Ferdinand Marcos became a controversy. But in reality, it exists to collect the revenues from legal gambling operations. Even Greggy Araneta’s wealth was frozen by PCGG. But later released because of a lack of evidence.  The transfer of these accounts was indeed legitimate.

Wealth for the Country

If only most people would help the president in his tasks to improve the lifestyle of Filipinos, results would happen quickly. However, some figures still cannot accept defeat and they are doing everything to ruin him. So, it’s the job of the 31 million Philippine voters who are on his side to support him in his endeavors for the good of the Philippines.

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Sandro Marcos’ Total Transfer from a Heartthrob to a Congressman


By: Elena Grace Flores

[VIDEO]: Impromptu Speech of Congressman Sandro Marcos

Total Transfer

Sandro Marcos is now a lawmaker. His speech tackles his plans for the Ilocos Norte’s first district. From infrastructure projects to battling high prices of commodities. All these for the progress of his constituents with the help of his family and the people around him. Especially Senator Imee Marcos and her son Governor Matthew Manotoc. Indeed a total transfer from a heartthrob to a Congressman.

The First Marcos

As the first Marcos to run in the first district of Ilocos Norte, Sandro takes pride to emerge victorious. He vows to hit the ground running. Solar light, a bypass road of Loaog city, and to re-initiate the government internship program to ease unemployment are some of the immediate projects. It looks like he can easily transfer to the administrative side in the near future.

A Presidential Son

There’s a big demand for a presidential son and a congressman. The time for politics has ended and public service starts. He asks people to stand as one. Supporting the administration is a way to progress. He is reminded by his father that only Ilocanos helped them during their exile in Hawaii. So, his message of unity is something to live by and he’s now ready to serve the Ilocanos.

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Why is President Bongbong Marcos Safe from Arrest Despite the Transfer of Human Rights US Verdict?


By: Elena Grace Flores

CNN Philippines
[VIDEO]: Bongbong Marcos welcome to visit United States

Transfer of Human Rights Verdict

President-elect Bongbong Marcos can invoke his immunity as head of state during visits in the United States. This is what Wendy R. Sherman said during their meeting recently. She’s the United States Deputy Secretary of State. The two also discussed ongoing PH-U.S. relations. He’s now safe from arrest which is a transfer of verdict from his father’s alleged human rights violations as the administrator of their family’s assets.

Human Rights Talks

In the US, cases harass Imelda, Imee, and Bongbong. They allegedly failed to comply with the decisions of a Hawaii court’s rulings. This is on how the family’s seized assets should have been disbursed to the alleged victims of human rights violations. Their appeal was denied. So, it’s set aside because for the family, the transfer of verdict or the cases themselves are questionable. Anyway, the US government got their properties there.

Visiting Force Agreement

Back to Sherman, she’s happy that the visiting forces agreement is back before the end of the Duterte administration. They are looking forward to it to continue under the new Marcos administration. So, they better be good to PBBM. For most Filipinos, such human rights violation charges are just desperate means to extract money from the Marcoses.