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Atty. Gadon’s Different Treatment to Robredo’s Face Mask Criticism


By: Elena Grace Flores

Atty. Gadon. It’s Robredo who is a bad model.

Face Mask Treatment Debate

Atty. Larry Gadon has a different kind of treatment to the presumptive VP Leni Robredo’s comment. He answers her criticism on his unconventional use of a face mask. Robredo said that Gadon is not a good model. It’s because he wears it in an open area by attaching it to the face shield. Gadon challenges her with a debate. Saying that studies show that the face mask can’t help much in an open field. However, it must be used in crowded or secluded areas.

Model of Fraud

He continues to retaliate to Robredo by calling her the model of fraud. She is a very good cheater, he said. If she wants to be a good model, she should not have submitted to the Liberal Party’s cheating Smartmatic way. Since she cheats on Bongbong Marcos during the 2016 election, she becomes the queen of all cheaters and the Liberal Party’s political prostitute.

Destroying the President

As the VP, talking against all the policies of the president just shows what’s important to Robredo. If she really is a good public servant, she would adhere to the efforts of the people’s president. Not going around in every opportunity there is just to destroy the Filipino leader and the country. She’s really LP’s puppy, stressed Gadon.

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The Unfair Treatment of Irene Marcos by the Atenean Brats Explains UP and Princeton’s Anti-Imee Marcos Stunts

By: Elena Grace Flores

An Atenean is one whose mind, body and spirit, have been molded according to the Jesuit philosophy of education. It is exemplified and implemented in various Jesuit-run Ateneo schools in the Philippines. The students are generally from wealthy families. Recently Ateneo students are demanding an apology when Irene Marcos was invited and attended the alumni event. Acting like brats, they say that, ‘The role of Ateneo is not to condone the fabrication of lies, but to be a pillar of human rights in a society that celebrates the mockery of the truth.’ This is in unison to the hypocritical treatment of the UP and Princeton to Imee Marcos, another daughter of the late President, Ferdinand Marcos. They deny her of her credentials as influenced by the elite and activists.

YouTube video byRappler

[VIDEO]: Irene Marcos was invited to Ateneo, and students are up in arms.

A Mockery?

Ateneo De Manila University’s student council condemns the presence of Irene Marcos during the launch of the campus’ Arete Ampitheatre. It calls it a “mockery” and a “grave insult” to martial law survivors. In a statement , Sanggunian ng mga Paaralang Loyola ng Ateneo de Manila (Sanggu) demands an apology from the Arete administration. It wants an explanation of why Marcos, the third child of the demonized first couple Ferdinand and wife Imelda, was there in the first place.

Invited but Mocked

Sanggu said the amphitheater’s director confirms Marcos’ invite to the event. For them, it is “ironic.” Sanggu cites the use of the amphitheater to stage “Dekada ’70” and “Desaparecidos” – both depict the abuses during the administration of Irene’s father.They also refer to the the move as a “shameless compliance” and “disrespect” to Ateneo’s ideals. Doing so is like erasing crimes allegedly committed during Martial Law. Are elite Catholics this inconsiderate and judgmental to others?

The Unfair Treatment is a False Vindication

“Arete is the university’s central space for creative, adaptive, and independent thinking”. For them, those are the values that the Marcoses allegedly destroyed but this is contrary to the massive of Filipinos who are the witnesses of their pro-people but anti-oligarchy system of governance. Arete’s invitation is a is deal for them because to mingle with a Marcos appears as a form of shameless compliance to the very movement that the Ateneo vehemently opposes. They are afraid to erase the Martial Law propaganda from history. It might be beneficial to Imee Marcos’ campaign efforts for the 2019 Senatorial Elections where she runs as Senator.

Imee Marcos is Likely to be Senator

The eldest daughter of the ex-President Marcos runs for senator under the Nacionalista Party. She forges an alliance with Davao City Mayor Sara Du30’s Hugpong ng Pagbabago regional political party. This is Marcos’ first senatorial bid. Her brother Bongbong Marco is a former Senator from 2010 to 2016. His electoral protest against Vice President Leni Robredo awaits the decision from the Supreme Court. Gov. Marcos is a hot bet among overseas contract workers and would likely to win a Senate seat pretty soon.

No Diploma for Imee Marcos is Due to her Alliance’s Anti-Oligarchy Stint

The highest official of Ateneo de Manila University apologizes for the said action and currently resigns from the post. It is clear now that some Catholic institutions like schools and churches connive with the oligarchs whose businesses would likely suffer from the present administration in alliance with the Marcoses that prioritize the common Filipinos. No wonder the yellow media works overtime in discrediting the Du30 and Marcos families nowadays.