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The Liberal Party Died Politically as Compromised Democracy is Revealed


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The black media propaganda launched by the Liberal Party against the Marcoses has boomeranged to them in the form of fake news. Most of these are actually for real. They are comments from disgusted citizens of the Philippines who are deprived of democracy. Stephen Sackur’s interview with Senator Antonio Trillanes IV has opened the minds of Filipinos as to what democratic actions are contrary to the principles of Trillanes and the Liberal Party members.

Youtube video by; PINOY SHOCKING NEWS

Black Propaganda Disguised as the Truth

Trillanes is from the Nacionalista Party but is a notable Liberal Party player. LP capitalizes him to destroy the former Vice President Jejomar Binay’s chances to be President through false accusations. They use the Senate as the stage for their media propaganda against him. Other LP members like Rep. Rudy Fariñas shifts to the PDP-Laban Party of the President. However, the “yellow” character remains. He implicates Governor Imee Marcos into the alleged anomalous purchase of vehicles using the tobacco funds.  They are currently using the Congress the same way as how Trillanes and his colleagues used the Senate against Binay.

People’s Pulse Must be the Basis of Governance

The Liberal Party is noted to stick to traditional politics. Their principle as a coalition partner of all administration parties since during the time of the late Cory Aquino is inexistent now, They tend to go against the current President who is voted for by the majority because. He is popular because he implements the will of the people.

People’s Pulse Must be the Basis of Governance

In a democratic country, each and every vote during elections must be accounted for. Leni Robredo won by a hairline over Bongbong Marcos. It is a victory that is contested before the Presidential Electoral Tribunal. Robredo is the highest official in the government from the Liberal Party. She is the key for the party to gain back their dominance. She tries to delay the recount in any way she can. This is the reason why she is a favorite bashing target via social media. She blames her plight to her arch-rival.

Compromised Democracy

The BBC Hardtalk interview explains it all. The reason why a bully Senator like Trillanes thrives in local politics because mainstream media in the country only report how events happened in full context. They do not ask the right questions based on ample research like Sackur did. Right after watching the said interview, Filipinos realize that democracy is already compromised when the Liberal Party matriarch replaced the elected late President Ferdinand E. Marcos through a mutiny. She is therefore not the democracy icon but the dictator that they labeled Marcos with. That eye-opener marks the death of the Liberal Party.

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Mocha Uson is Anti-Fake News Unlike Senator Trillanes and VP Robredo


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Presidential Communications Office Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson defends herself against “fake news” controversies. Uson said that the public must be aware of what Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and VP Leni Robredo are doing in spreading “fake news.”

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: UB: Panayam kay Asec. Mocha Uson, PCOO

Trillanes and Robredo’s Fake News

Uson pointed out Trillanes’ interview with BBC HARDtalk’s anchor Stephen Sackur as to why the senator is a “purveyor of fake news.” He only says negative things about the President when the facts show otherwise. He is the same with V.P Leni Robredo. She garnered lots of hatred when she spoke at a UN side event against the drug war with the wrong data.

Past Mistakes

Uson, who was previously blamed for the spread of fake news admitted that she had committed mistakes in the past. This is particularly about her social media post on a corporation that owed the government some P96 billion in taxes based on “Article 263” of the Philippine Constitution.

Facebook Post

Uson also defended her Facebook post where she shared a photo of Honduras policemen while calling for prayers for the Philippine military battling the Maute group in Marawi City. She said she only wanted the public to join in praying for the government forces in Marawi City. Not at all intending to mislead the public.

Anti-Fake News Act

Also, Uson clarified that she neither supports nor opposes Senator Joel Villanueva’s Senate Bill No. 1492 or the proposed Anti-Fake News Act. She remains neutral at this time but lamented that she should not be singled out just because of some mistakes. Those were unintentional. The nature is totally different from Trillanes and Robredo’s lies.

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Don’t Mind Trillanes, June 16 is Marcos-Robredo Petition Big Date


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The submission of the briefs for the preliminary conference is retained on June 16. This is the same petition date for both Bongbong Marcos and Leni Robredo camps which was initially set at five days before the original date of the preliminary conference on June 21. That is now moved to July 11, 2017. This is more of a public interest than Trillanes’ usual intimidation strategies just to ruin political enemies.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: ‘Di pagdalo ni Pres. Du30 sa Independence Day celebration sa Luneta, binatikos ni Sen. Trillanes

Tactless Trillanes

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV slams the President’s absence during the Independence Day rites at Luneta Park. He calls him tactless for skipping the official event just because he lacked sleep. Trillanes just simply takes advantage of the opportunity to criticize the hard-working leader who is very hands on to the Marawi siege. Trillanes is indeed the tactless one. It’s time to disregard a dishonorable Senator who is only out to discredit the president.

Ballot Boxes Custody

On the same PET resolution, the Supreme Court grants authority to the HRET Secretary to take custody of the ballot boxes. This goes the same with the other election paraphernalia used during the May 2016 elections. This is in respect to the election protest cases pending with the House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal. HRET is the sole judge of all contests relating to the election.


Transfer of Ballot Boxes

The PET also grants the COMELEC through the Office of the Executive Director clearance to transfer the 2016 ballot boxes. The same goes for all the files pertaining to the May 2016 elections to the New Municipal Building. However, this must be with prior notice of the date of the said transfer to the PET and the parties.

Other Resolved Petitions

Bongbong Marcos is also notified on June 9 that a panel of 3 Commissioners to preside over the reception of evidence of the present electoral protest are appointed as per his petition. Robredo’s 24 February 2017 Motion for Reconsideration for the details of the contested areas are deferred because this is what the preliminary conference is for. That is to shortlist the agenda of the recount for a faster resolution.

Protest Watch

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Trillanes: Robredo is Naive to be Fooled in Accepting PDu30’s Dinner Invite


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV must be in great despair upon knowing that Leni Robredo accepted the President’s dinner invite with her family. He previously lamented that she wasn’t even given full discretion to appoint her own people in her department -and even kicked her out of the Cabinet. Now, he’s doing it again. Only the naive would be fooled,” Trillanes stressed.

Youtube video by; Philippines Daily News
[VIDEO]: VP Leni tinaggap na ang dinner invitation ng Pangulo at may birthday wish

Open Anytime

The questionable Vice President accepted the dinner invite but no specific date yet since the president stays in Davao City for the Holy Week. Interior Secretary Mike Sueno told her that it is aimed to happen after Holy Week. There’s no problem in Robredo’s side. She said that she would show up “anytime” based on Du30’s availability.

Common View

She is grateful that the President mentioned that he was not in favor of impeachment moves. He cited that a year had not even lapsed since they were elected. Robredo agrees that they should instead buckle down to work. Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and DOJ Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre still pursues the impeachment moves against her despite the president’s opinion.

Betrayal of Public Trust

Betrayal of public trust based on her video to a UN event is one of the grounds under the Constitution for the impeachment of an official, Alvarez said. She humiliated the Filipinos before the international community with her drug war pronouncements. Aguirre also said that what she did hurts the economy. In fact, Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo’s team already have difficulties in selling the Philippines as a tourist destination. OFWs are also treated indifferently because of her unfounded revelations.

Trillanes’ Negativity

Lawmakers are appalled with Trillanes’ comment on the Robredo-Du30 dinner. Chief presidential legal counsel Secretary Salvador Panelo said there’s nothing unusual with the invite. It was also suggested for Trillanes to join the dinner. Senator Ping Lacson almost blurts out for Trillanes, not to be a killjoy. What is he afraid of?

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Not Robredo but Trillanes is Involved in Boy Saycon’s Undeclared Napoles Campaign Funds Evidence


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

11 lawmakers received campaign contributions from PDAF scam mastermind, Janet Lim Napoles. This is based on the documents Pastor Boy Saycon gathered from 2010 to 2016. Saycon is in possession of the documents for a long time but refrained from giving them to Senator Leila de Lima during her time as justice secretary. De Lima was former president Aquino’s alter ego. Most of her party mates are allegedly among the beneficiaries of the said corruption. Senator Antonio Trillanes IV who is part of a destabilization plot against the President is among those who received contributions but did not declare them in his SOCE,  Saycon revealed.

Youtube video by; PTV
[VIDEO]: NEWS BREAK | Boy Saycon: Dating Pangulong Aquino, tumanggap ng election campaign contribution mula kay Janet Napoles

Napoles was ex-Pnoy’s Campaign Contributor

Saycon is aware that Aquino and Napoles knew each other even before he became President. In fact, Napoles was his important contributor during the 2010 elections. This is why Napoles was fetched from Heritage Park, then they had lunch in Malacañang before ex-Pnoy sent her to Camp Crame to surrender. This has created a media stir why the then president Aquino has all the time in the world to accommodate Napoles’ surrender himself.

Pastor Boy Saycon

Council of Philippine Affairs secretary-general Pastor Boy Saycon alleged that former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III received up to P90 million in campaign funds from the PDAF queen. Janet Lim-Napoles. The accused is the mastermind of the Priority Development Assistance Fund or PDAF scam when he ran for the presidency in 2010. Saycon turned over to Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II evidence of corruption involving top officials from the previous administration.

Failure to Declare

There is nothing wrong with accepting campaign contributions from Napoles. The point here is that – Aquino did not declare the funds in his Statement of Contributions and Expenditure or SOCE. There’s no mention of it at all in the submitted document to the Commission on Elections or Comelec. Since Aquino is not anymore in office, what’s interesting here is Trillanes. Since the evidence in hand is legal, it’s likely that the so-called barking dog senator can be removed from the senate.


Jailing Napoles

Solgen Calida doubts Napoles’ cousin’s behavior during his three-month alleged detention by Napoles at the retreat house run by priests. Luy’s routine in the retreat house and in Napoles’ residence did not support his accusation that he was deprived of his liberty. Calida cannot convict Napoles for the crime of serious illegal detention.He thinks that Napoles had become a victim of injustice.  The theory that Napoles was jailed to protect the Aquino administration comes to light. She might be free from prison soon but the charges for the PDAF scam continue. Will she be the witness against Trillanes?

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Lascañas Gets All Expense Paid ICC Break in the Netherlands


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Philippine presidents have immunity from lawsuits, but critic the PDu30’s greatest critic, Sen. Leila de Lima says that Lascañas testimony is useful in an impeachment complaint. The opposition lawmaker is now in jail on drug charges that are allegedly politically motivated, according to her.  She challenges the president’s immunity in a landmark case before the Supreme Court.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Arturo “Arthur” Lascañas claims to have killed more or less 200 people in Davao City, supposedly because of his “loyalty” to the President.

Impeachment Strategy

Since the president cannot be impeached due to crimes committed in the past during his stint as Davao’s Mayor, Lascañas explains how the administration uses the Davao Death Squad formula for police operations in Manila for the drug war. He claims that it is better in Davao because they get to bury the dead in the Laud Quarry in Davao. Some journalists inspect the area but residents there do not have knowledge regarding Lascañas’ claims. He added that in Manila, they just cremate the supposed extra-judicial killing victims.

Afraid of the Family Curse?

Lascañas confesses in an interview that if he won’t confess before he dies, his family inherits the curse that is upon him. It is hard to believe that he even cares for his family when he can even get his two brothers killed as per his own words in his intention to stay loyal to the president. He claims that he orders to kill them if they fight during a buy-bust operation on illegal drugs.

God Fearing or ICC Package?

Lascañas allegedly sought refuge from members of the Catholic Church shortly after he retired. Then reached out to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV to help facilitate his “public confession” of all people. If he is afraid of God, then why go to Trillanes? Is he really for clearing his conscience or for the prize that they would pay to topple the president? How much are we talking here on top of the all-expense paid testimony at the ICC in Netherlands?

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Simple Truth about ICC Possible Aftermath

Lascañas should know that PDU30 becomes president because of the rumors about his fierce strategy of solving Davao’s criminality problems. Nevertheless, successful or not, he for sure gets his reward from the Liberal Party that Trillanes and De Lima serve. The truth is, people just don’t care if his testimony is true or not. The majority of Filipinos are at the back of the president because he genuinely works for the good of the country and his people whatever it takes. Besides, a real priest can advise him that he can repent in secrecy – not in public through Trillanes.

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Nancy Binay Agrees with Palace that Trillanes Has No Credibility


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV already lost his credibility. He must be ignored. Malacañang does not give in to his cravings. Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella said that the Palace would rather focus on “nation building” than entertain the accusation of Trillanes that President has P2.4 billion in his bank accounts. Senator Nancy Binay agrees with this when she said that Trillanes does not have an inch of credibility and yet he talks like a saint.

Youtube video by; GMA News
[VIDEO]: Palace Spokesman Ernesto Abella. Rehash has been dealt with 3 days before the elections. Trillanes has to go to higher authorities if he has basis on the alleged bank accounts of the president. Trillanes must be the one to prove that they exist.

Corrupt because of Arroyo?

Trillanes also accuses the president of being corrupt because he allows former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to be free from prison. She is released from detention over the court’s decision for lack of evidence on the plunder cases filed against her. Why blame PDu30? She is clearly a political prisoner of rival, former President Noynoy Aquino, Trillanes’ boss who pardons him for rebellion.

Bank Account Records Falsified by Trillanes

Abella sais that the document that shows the undeclared wealth of the President and his family is “falsified” when Trillanes brought up the issue during the 2016 elections. So, he’s a liar in the sense that he is capable of faking legal documents. He is no longer credible. He should not be given that kind of attention that he wants, that he craves for, Abella said. The presidential spokesperson added that the senator does not merit attention since he is making a claim sans integrity.

Nancy Binay: Trillanes does not an Inch of Credibility

Senator Nancy Binay’s statement saying that Trillanes does not have credibility and yet he talks like a saint to discredit her father’s presidential bid in 2016 applies to the current situation. Trillanes is noted to stage senate plays and media shows to destroy the reputation of his party’s political opponents. Since PDu30 is seen as the bridge of Bongbong Marcos to the executive office, the Liberal Party is expected to do everything to block that. This is from cheating as per the electoral protest against VP Robredo to media propaganda by Trillanes and the likes.

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Snubbed by the President

The President honors cases with integrity. He said that if Trillanes has evidence, he will resign. PDu30 merely shrugs off the senator’s “old and rehashed” claim on his alleged hidden wealth. Since he already won as president, that means no one believes Trillanes anymore.

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Many People Allow Trillanes’ Bluffs to Ruin Binay – Will you Do the Same to the President?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Up to this date, many people still hate Former Vice President Jejomar Binay after Trillanes’ highly publicized senate probe against him. He accuses him of massive corruption from millions of bank account money to the alleged Hacienda Binay assumptions. After Binay lost in the 2016 elections, it’s Trillanes who is arrested for libel. Since the oral defamation case is bailable, he is free on bail but continues the same trick – but this time against the President, an ally of Binay.

Youtube video by; 24Oras Nakatutok
[VIDEO]: TRILLANES calls DUTERTE’s order to AMLC a political bluff! Panoorin

Trillanes is Just Bluffing

Veteran lawyer, Bonifacio Alentajan said that Trillanes clearly has no proof to back his claims against the President. He calls his allegations “pure hearsays” as the senator couldn’t even disclose where he gets his information. Anybody can produce such a list and claim that it belongs to somebody else.

Ethics Complaint

Alentajan, who files a plunder case against former Budget chief Florencio Abad over the pork barrel scam in 2015, said that if he is the counsel of the President, he would file an ethics complaint against Trillanes. This can be filed before the Senate for unparliamentary behavior. Simply for making accusations against Digong in public instead of filing an impeachment case. He is willing to offer his legal services just like what he did with former Budget secretary Florencio Abad.

LP Loyalty

Alentajan said Trillanescan act on his own to gain popularity but it is also possible that some Liberal Party personalities back him up. Trillanes becomes a “dangerous person” not because of what he knows but because he has little knowledge on legal processes and use that innocence in talking nonsense that some people listen to.

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A Sociopath who has No Clue

Alentajan said that the senator displays in Senate investigations, how little he knows about interrogating a resource person.Trillanes should first study the basics of interrogation particularly its four techniques – confrontation, probing, undermining and insinuation. Trillanes is just a sociopath willing to do what it takes through manipulation, confusion, and pretension to achieve his goals to ruin a political enemy. Sociopaths are completely not capable of giving love or care to others. That makes him more dangerous.

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Binay’s Revenge: Trilanes Gets Grilled over the President’s Order to AMLC for Net Worth Info Release


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

If Senator Antonio Trillanes III under former President Noynoy Aquino uses AMLC manipulation to discredit then former Vice President Jejomar Binay, the current President also throws the same strategy back to Trillanes over his allegations that the leader’s family have a total of over 2billion pesos in their bank accounts. Unlike Binay who prefers to answer Trillanes’ challenges in court, Digong answers the challenge through the media, court, and AMLC. Both Binay and the President are avid supporters of Bongbong Marcos that Trillanes hates.

Youtube video by;
[VIDEO]: The Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) on Monday took a beating from President Rodrigo Duterte, the latter calling it a “part of the garbage that he resented” for failing to do its mandate.

Two-Way Propaganda

The President announces to members of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) Class of 1967 that he orders the Anti-Money Laundering Council or AMLC to release information on his net worth. This is in response to a challenge by Sen. Antonio Trillanes to disclose his bank accounts to prove that he does not have billions of pesos. This is quite an entertaining event for the public listening to the cross-fires. This is very different when Trillanes attacks Binay. It is evident that the libelous Senator will do everything to discredit a political enemy of his party. All he can say to Binay is that – he had no regrets or else, Binay would be President if he did not orchestrate a media propaganda against him.

Principle and Honor

The president vows to the PMAers that he aims to retain the honor of the PMA Class ’67 where he is an adoptive member – the reason why he ordered AMLC for the release of the information on his net worth in pesos. He does this as a matter of principle and honor, he said. This is his way of alluding to the military academy’s adherence to integrity.

Never Corrupt

The President swears that he and his family are never corrupt. This is his promise during the presidential campaign. Aside from his salary, he won’t avail of his allowances. This arrangement remains until the end of his term,” Digong said.

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The senator said vows to resign if Duterte could prove him wrong. On the same day, Palace Communications office releases a video of the president throwing back the challenge to Trillanes. He is also ready to resign if the senator could prove his allegations. Trillanes is even not satisfied and declares his wishes to imprison the president and not just resign if he is right. This definitely won’t stop here. The president is not the kind who remains quite like Binay. The ex-VP, however, manages to have Trillanes convicted with libel. This is why the libelous senator is just out on bail – and does not deserve any credibility.

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Anti Duterte-Marcos Triggers Coup d’etat by Creating a Stir on AFP, PNP Pay Hike – then Discrediting Bato


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The slaughter of a Korean national near the office of PNP Chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa sounds like a plot to discredit the head of the national police force. This comes after Senator Antonio Trillanes IV call on the Duterte administration to stop taking credit for the increase in the salaries of the military and policemen. He alleged that this is due to Executive Order 201 issued by former president Benigno Aquino III on Feb. 19, 2016 – and has nothing to do with the President’s double pay promise.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: In order to fulfill one of President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign promises, Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno submitted a proposal to increase the regular pay of uniformed personnel.

Pnoy’s Salary Standardization Law (SSL 2015)

In 2015, Congress appropriate P57.91 Billion in Republic Act (RA) No. 10717 or the Fiscal Year 2016 General Appropriations Act (GAA). This is to cover the requirement to implement the compensation adjustment of civilian personnel and military and uniformed personnel in the National Government. The SSL is a general law for salary and benefits standardization. The fulfillment of the law is expected to be during the new administration’s time.

Duterte’s Provision

President Rodrigo Duterte approves an increase in the combat and incentive pay of soldiers and police personnel as part of his campaign promise to improve the lives of the security forces. This is carried out in the Executive Order (EO) No. 3, which took effect on Sept. 1. Under EO 3, the combat duty pay of members of the Armed Forces of Philippines and the Philippine National Police is increased to P3,000 a month. This is six times the current combat pay of P500 a month for soldiers and nine times the P340 a month for police.

Fulfillment of the Laws Passed

Duterte orders the pay increase during the 3rd quarter last year and also promises a double of pay before his six-year term ends. However, during the congressional deliberations on the 2017 national budget last year, Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno admits that there are no funds to carry out the promised increases in one go.

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Anti-Duterte and Marcos Sentiments are Used for Destabilization

Duterte’s promises are still finding their way to be fulfilled. Diokno is working on it. Pnoy’s signed order is not specific to the AFP and PNP benefits and combat increases – so why the fuzz from Trillanes? There seems to be an attempt to lure the armed forces to go against the government. This is through the use of anti-Duterte and anti-Marcos sentiments. Discourage the armed forces by making a big deal out of the delayed salary hike, then discredit the PNP chief? Looks like the Liberal Party’s behavior pattern – visible during the Marcos anti-burial protests.,2016.pdf