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Bongbong Marcos’ Recount Looks Brighter as Supreme Court CJ’s Impeachment Progresses

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welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The House justice committee declares that the impeachment complaint against Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno has “sufficient grounds.” She is an appointee of Pnoy. The complaint of lawyer Larry Gadon cites at least 27 points against the Chief Justice. This occurs when COMELEC asks for additional time to comply with the SC’s show cause order on Bongbong Marcos’ recount preparation. Will this speed up the VP electoral protest? Sereno vows not to attend the hearings to prioritize her work. However, Marcos is confident that he will soon be Vice President.

Youtube video by; PTV

[VIDEO]: Impeachment complaint vs CJ Sereno, idineklarang ‘sufficient in grounds’

Majority Votes against the Supreme Court CJ

Twenty-five members of the committee voted in favor to declare sufficient grounds for the complaint. Only two opposed it. Albay 1st District Representative Edcel Lagman and Dinagat Representative Kaka Bag-ao argued that the sufficiency of grounds must be discussed one by one. Lagman who belongs to the minority, cannot vote. He is not a member of the committee.

Timing Coincides with Recount

The committee is to deliberate if there is probable cause to pursue the impeachment complaint. Committee chairman Reynaldo Umali said this would happen in November when the recount is expected to start. The impeachment session is set to adjourn on October 14. It resumes on November 13.

Alliance with President Du30

Bongbong Marcos confirms that his family was in talks with the President, a political ally. This is to end the previous government’s hunt for billions of dollars worth of national assets deposited by the Marcos patriarch for the welfare of the people at the World Bank. The son insists that they do not need immunity because they are innocent of any wrongdoing. They are willing to help in the proceeding.

The Real Vice President

“We are definitely sure that when the recount starts the true result will emerge and prove that the votes in the vice-presidential election had been incorrectly counted,” Marcos addresses the media during a press conference. It seems that he is really aware of the current moves of the government given the circumstances. Perhaps Sereno’s impeachment and the recount timing is not a coincidence.

Bongbong confident he will soon be VP

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If Imee Marcos is Prostituting the Constitution, She Resorts to President


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

House justice committee chairperson Reynaldo Umali has this to say to Gov. Imee Marcos’ quest to free the Ilocos 6; “They should not manipulate justice system for questionable ends. This is prostituting the Constitution and manipulation of the judicial system.” If for Umali, it is prostituting to seek intervention to the right channel, what if Gov. Marcos goes directly to the President?

Facebook video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: House justice committee chair Reynaldo Umali holds press con on Ilocos Norte tobacco funds probe.

Constitution Disrespect

Umali hit Ilocos Norte Governor Imee Marcos for allegedly disrespecting the Constitution. This is because she attempts to stop the congressional probe into the alleged misuse of local tobacco funds for her people to be free first.

Omnibus Petition

He reacts to the omnibus petition filed with the Supreme Court by Marcos and the 6 Ilocos Norte officials. The Ilocos 6 members are currently detained at the House for giving the best answers they know during the congressional probe.

CA Moves but not Honored

The Marcos camp’s omnibus petition urges the SC justices to take over the detention case that is still pending before the Court of Appeals. The CA grants their request to order the Congress to provisionally release the 6 provincial officials. However, the House leadership refuses to honor the ruling. So, naturally, the next step to do is to seek the intervention of the SC which Marcos did.

Face-Off Challenge

Majority leader Rudy Fariñas also challenges his political rival for a face-off to answer his allegations. Fariñas swears to battle Marcos’ accusations in a separate press conference. Naturally speaking, the media battle is on.