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Be a Man: Plea from the Alleged Rape Victim of Vhong Navarro

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
I considered myself a defender of rape victims but with the Vhong Navarro’s alleged rape case, I am very hesitant to side with Denise Cornejo. Although this video is very heartbreaking, there are very obvious mannerisms, facial expressions, accusations and even phrases or terms that are in connivance with the text messages and views of Cedric Lee who is the alleged mastermind of the setup:

Startalk Exclusive: Deniece Cornejo: Vhong, magpaka-lalaki ka!

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Magpaka-lalaki ka or be a man in English seems to be repetitive when it comes to Denise and Cedrick. Is Vhong Navarro not man enough to betray his girlfriend by succumbing to the invitation of Denise to go to her condo for unknown or obvious reasons? If this is a date rape situation, she I think, put herself into the plot willingly! Therefore, she is not in the position to teach Vhong right manners when she failed to follow the basic traits of a Filipina – plus, she have the wrong friends. It’s a pity for her family but it is also understood that a family will always defend a family member regardless if it is right or wrong.

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