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Will the Marcoses Seek Immunity on Wealth Handover for the Congress to Approve?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The wealth of humanity that most mainstream media refers to as stolen by the Marcoses cannot be retrieved by anyone without the long process in the Congress. The late President Ferdinand Marcos’ family cannot even benefit from it. They face great risk of being persecuted for the crime they did not commit. As a lawyer, President Du30 said that it is logical for the Marcos family to ask for immunity from such suits in exchange for the handover of the wealth to the government. But they didn’t so far.

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[VIDEO]: Pinayuhan ni Pangulong Duterte ang pamilya Marcos na humingi ng immunity kung magbabalik sila ng inaakalang nakaw na yaman.

Du30: If I am the Marcoses

Although Du30 said he will not advise the Marcoses anything, he said that it doesn’t make sense for them to return the wealth and end up in jail. “If I am the Marcoses, and I would return that wealth, it is logical to “ask for immunity.” Otherwise, keep the treasures because you might go to jail. If you give them immunity, fine. If you don’t give them immunity, fine. But they might not return any money. Then you’ll have to look to the ends of the earth to get them.

Not Asking for Immunity

However, the President clarifies that; “they did not ask any immunity.” ” I could not guarantee it also. I know that I’m not the proper authority to do that,” he added. Aside from the Congress, the Supreme Court also has the say. Therefore, the end result could not happen during his term.

Long Process in the Congress

The President makes sure that Congress will pass a law for the turnover to happen. “It’s a long process,” he said. “It does not belong to me. It was just a signal from the Marcoses they will bring back what the people are believing to be theirs.” The Marcos family also has the right to defend themselves that the wealth was not stolen by their patriarch or else they could have direct access to it.

Not PCGG-Like Recovery

Du30 clarifies that the wealth that the Marcoses plan to return is different from the Presidential Commission on Good Government or PCGG’s efforts. It is the government agency tasked to recover the billions of pesos allegedly plundered by the late President Ferdinand Marcos under the Aquino administration despite not being convicted. This is due to the strong legal evidence that is recognized worldwide. The Marcoses are confident that once the actual status is disclosed through a proceeding, the truth will set them free.

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Imelda’s Call to Use Wealth for Humanity for the People Might be Heard Only When Bongbong Marcos becomes President

Bongbong Marcos

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

The anti-graft court Sandiganbayan’s Fifth Division cites in contempt the lawyer Imelda Marcos due to his failure to attend her trial for a 25-year-old graft case. Lawyer Robert Sison snuba the hearing on Tuesday, February 28. He also fails to attend the last hearing on January 17. Sison pays P2,000 in fines and effectively waives the right to present additional evidence. It is just confusing why our legal system is more inclined to the Marcos cases that go nowhere after many years than to process the release of the wealth for humanity for the good of the people? Perhaps it has to wait until Bongbong Marcos becomes president.

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Cases against Marcos

The 10 counts of graft against Marcos in 1991 stem from allegations that she creates private foundations in Switzerland from 1978 to 1984 while she is governor of Metro Manila. The prosecution rests its case in 2015. It said that the defense’s only evidence so far is the transcript of court hearings from Marcos’ dollar-salting case before the Manila Regional Trial Court (RTC), for which she is acquitted in 2008. No doubt why Marcos’ lawyer snubs it. Those cases should be dismissed already for lack of evidence.

Transfer of Dollars

Dollar salting refers to the removal of dollars from Philippine banks and their transfer to an overseas account without the approval of the Central Bank of the Philippines. Prosecutors move for the anti-graft court to issue a judgment on the case, after 25 years since it is filed. Instead of wasting time on these cases, the senate should work together with the Marcoses how the government can have access to the wealth for humanity.

Why is the Humanitarian Foundation Reserve Ignored by Senate?

Former First Lady Imelda Marcos pleads the senate to look into the wealth for humanity in the late president Ferdinand E. Marcos’ will under the management of the Humanitarian Foundation Trustees such as the Central Bank, World Bank, and the IMF. It is clearly stated in the will that the huge financial reserves are for the good for the Filipino and must be used for public services, infrastructure, healthcare, education, and more. Why is this plea ignored until today?

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Wealth for Humanity’s Hope is Bongbong Marcos

Does this mean that only Bongbong Marcos as president can listen to his mother’s plea? The Philippines is really not a poor country if we still have billions of credit lines at the World Bank and IMF. It can only mean that we have more gold reserves than we can borrow. This is on top of the already huge loans as a country. Take note, that has something to do with the wealth of humanity. So far, no administration after the late Marcos is interested in checking that out.

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What does Binay Know About Pnoy’s Marcos Gold Shipment to Thailand?


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Former President Benigno ‘PNoy’ Aquino III, former Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary, Manuel ‘Mar’ Roxas, and several officials are facing plunder cases filed over an alleged shipment of gold bars to Thailand. They are allegedly part of the late Ferdinand E. Marcos’ gold reserves allotted for humanity.

Youtube video by; Elena Grace Flores
[VIDEO]: Mainstream media is quick to fact-check details of alleged “fake news” pertaining to the illegal transfer to Thailand of Marcos’ gold reserves from the BSP – but wait, why is the name of the former V.P. Binay dragged along with it?

Mainstream Media Fact-Checks

The mainstream media is quick to fact-check the documents cited in the complaints and as expected, they found some discrepancies. Among them is the circular itself which is non-existent in the central bank’s circulars database. BSP issues five circulars in December 2014, both of which bearing three digits starting with “8”.

Binay Camp Noises

Ever since the elections, the Binay Camp groups on Facebook are already discussing the said gold reserves shipment to Thailand. The rumors just won’t die until the actual filing of complaints to the Ombudsman. Lawyer Fernando Perito and CPA Rogelio Cantoria, who claim to be a former examiner of the BSP, jointly filed the complaint against Aquino and his allies. Perito supports Binay during the elections.

6.8 Trillion Pesos

Perito and Cantoria claim that 3,500 metric tons of gold bars are transferred by the officials to Centennial Energy Company Ltd. located in Thailand from a Switzerland bank to secure the bank notes’ printing. Perito and Cantoria estimated the value of the gold bars to reach up to P6.8 trillion.

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Fake News or Smoke from Fire?

Critics cannot just say that the disclosure is fake news judging from some discrepancies in the documents as researched online. The real action is in the court. Will the complaints result to the Ombudsman’s ordering to audit the gold reserves as documented by the BSP or Central Bank of the Philippines? This must then be counterchecked with the World Bank documentations. The People would like to know what happened to this substantial part of the wealth for humanity. Ombudsman must investigate!

Aquino, Roxas Face Plunder Complaint Over Alleged Gold Shipment