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Yellow Media is Still on the Alleged Ill-Gotten Wealth Propaganda


By: Elena Grace Flores

ANC 24/7

[VIDEO]: ‘It’s a mixed bag’: Analyst on track records of Marcos-Duterte senatorial slate

I’ll Gotten Wealth Propaganda

It is a fact that the yellow contender for president, Leni Robredo was the highest mainstream media advertiser in 2016. They have to repeat the black media propaganda against Bongbong Marcos for Robredo to have a chance in 2022. The alleged ill-gotten wealth of the Marcoses is one of them. No respect at all to the more than 30 years of court trials with no final convictions. Here’s how to spot biased news outlets.

Son of the Late Dictator

Any newscasters who call Bongbong Marcos the son of the late dictator have either no clue about the Philippine Constitution or are just following the orders of their bosses to character assassinate Marcos. A democratic country can never have a dictator because he is voted by the people. The late President Ferdinand Marcos had no absolute power as a ruler and never used force during his reign.

Disregarding More than 30 Years of Trials

The reporters of these biased news outlets may have to act innocent. Disregarding what they knew of the trials of the century that led PCGG to nowhere. There’s also no mention of the evidence shown by former first lady Imelda Marcos. They must be in line with their candidate’s stand who talks about the Tallano Gold just to dig up the said propaganda.

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Carpio Becomes a Laughing Stock Upon Insisting to Get Back the Alleged Marcos Ill-Gotten Wealth


By: Elena Grace Flores

UNTV News and Rescue

[VIDEO]: Marcos ill-gotten wealth, hindi na mababawi kapag nanalo si BBM na pangulo — Carpio

Ill-Gotten Wealth Accusation

Former Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio becomes a laughing stock after he repeated the alleged Ill-Gotten Wealth black propaganda against Bongbong Marcos. He cites figures out of nowhere. He seems out of tune knot knowing that all the cases filed on this subject are all dismissed in the last 30 years or so.

Not Stooping Down on Carpio’s Level

The lawyer and spokesperson of the Marcos camp, Atty. Vic Rodriguez refuses to comment on Carpio’s Ill-Gotten Wealth accusation. He said that it is a waste of time to answer such allegation. For this can only disunite the people. It is best to not stoop down on Carpio’s level because the people already know the real score on that matter.

Rehashed Black Propaganda

All this rehashed black media propaganda against Bongbong Marcos do not work anymore. The people’s eyes are already open to the truth. There’s no ill-gotten wealth. What we have is the wealth for humanity as per the outcome of the many court cases.

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Wealth for Humanity is Real – Not for a Few Individuals but for the World


By: Elena Grace Flores

Exploring with DJ Manny

[VIDEO]: Karen Hudes collaboration about the Gold and other important video

No Wealth is Missing

There’s a vast of gold sitting illegally at the World Bank. This is what Karen Hudes, a World Bank lawyer for 20 years divulges. This coincides with former First lady Imelda Marcos’s interview with Mel Tiangco. She also showed the documents that would prove her claim. However, no wealth is missing, added Hudes. Therefore, Ferdinand Marcos is not guilty of the alleged hidden wealth.

FEM’s Secret Account

The gold is in a trust fund. It was deposited by Ferdinand Marcos in the 1950s, Hudes explained. He was not yet president at that time. Therefore his widow is right that her husband already had those wealth even before he became president.

For the Benefit of Humanity

Mrs. Marcos stresses on TV that she wants to survive at a very ripe age because of the world’s benefit. She’s the keeper of the documents at 92 years old. Although, trust funds need the approval of the trustees in coordination with the government and the heirs. This is not for her or for her family anymore. But for the world. When Bongbong Marcos is president, Congress has a task to do for the movements of the said wealth.

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There’s One More thing that Bongbong Marcos Feels Lucky about aside from Family and Wealth


By: Elena Grace Flores


[VIDEO]: Mayor Sara: Bongbong Marcos is a firm decision-maker.

Lucky Not Just in Wealth but also on his VP’s Choice

Ilocos Sur Mayor Chavit Singson proudly introduces Bongbong Marcos as an experienced government servant who is destined to lead. Then, Marcos takes the stand to first say that he’s very lucky to be the choice of Mayor Sara Duterte as her running mate. The BBM-Sara tandem is definitely a wealth to behold.

Bongbong Marcos’s Unity Call

Marcos never mentions his father’s wealth for the Filipino people during his speeches. Instead he call on all Filipinos to work together for the common good. Regardless of their political affiliations. He just wants to give a little ease in his countrymen’s financial situation. A little more happiness, and some hopes for a bright future.

The Filipino’s Nature of Love

Marcos is the kind of leader who believes in his people. They are his real wealth. This is why the last will and testament of his father is a priority in his presidency. Just on top of his political platform for progress.

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The People’s Wealth: Know Why Aquino’s PCGG Lost all Cases against the Marcos Family


By: Elena Grace Flores
UNTV News and Rescue

Gold Reserves and Not Ill-Gotten
The Philippines have so much gold starting when the late Ferdinand E. Marcos was still a young, and dashing lawyer. He was one of the two richest Filipinos because of the trust of the Tallano royal family. The collection even grew abundantly when combined with the Maharlika gold and the Yamashita treasures. Brilliant as he was, Marcos made sure that this wealth are documented for humanity. This serves as the Filipino people’s economic support in the form of gold reserves. That’s why the country never gets bankrupt despite the world’s financial crisis.

Proof of Legitimacy

Former First Lady Imelda Marcos discloses to the world that she is in possession of the bill of ladings for the gold shipments to the different parts of the world. She even explained this to the U.S. court that acquitted her from the graft and corruption charges. She was also hailed as a very honest First Lady and the Filipinos are lucky to have her. The Marcos family does not have the rights to this wealth. The Filipinos do. This is under the Marcos Foundation.

The Filipinos are the Beneficiaries

The Marcos Foundation holds the rights for the wealth as registered in the Central Bank of the Philippines. The foundation’s beneficiaries are the Filipino people. The 50 year validity period has already expired at the Central bank so, the government has the jurisdiction for its assignment in cooperation with the World Bank. It is expected that the claim can be honored only when the bill of lading and the representative for the beneficiaries which is the government can be presented to the World Bank. Hand in hand with the trustees. The overseas banks where they are deposited do not own them. The World Bank only acts as the globe’s martial for their intended use as protected by the late Marcos using his expertise in the law.

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Marcos Treasures Remain for the People’s Welfare Contrary to the Ill-gotten Wealth Media Bluff


By: Elena Grace Flores

Youtube video by; Sky Player

The Richest Country
Why did George W. Bush think that the Philippines is the richest country in the world? It is because of the gold collections that the late Ferdinand Marcos deposited in more than 150 countries of the world. A Trust Fund at the Central Bank under the Marcos Foundation for the benefit of the Filipinos secures it. Meaning to say, that his family is not even the direct heir of this alleged ill-gotten wealth as the late president Cory Aquino promulgated via the media just to discredit his presidency.

The Ultimate Truth

The wisdom of the late strongman and his knowledge as a lawyer were enough to make him secure the gold finds. If finders get them with only a percentage to the government, they would be rumbling to claim the treasures that are not theirs in the first place. That would bring chaos to the country. Instead, he sent these golds to different countries with a bill of lading under the care of his widow, Imelda Marcos. The document at the Central Bank hereby said that those deposits are registered under the Marcos foundation for the benefit of the Filipinos. By having these gold reserves, the country will not suffer from the tremendous amount of interests rates from debts. Thus making the country not prone to the global financial crisis.

Imelda Marcos’ Hand

Former First Lady Imelda Marcos is vital in managing these people’s wealth. These are her husband’s collections. Although she cannot move them alone. They are under the Marcos Foundation for the citizens of the Philippines. The government must urge the Senate to write a bill on how to manage it. At the moment, they are just sitting in Central Bank and other countries overseas. So, the time for Bongbong Marcos to prioritize that has come.

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Why Does the Marcos Wealth for Humanity Requires Unity


By: Elena Grace Flores
by Filipino Future

The Imminent Opening of Marcos Wealth for Humanity

Wealth of the Filipinos

The Filipino people are beneficiaries. So unity is crucial in the year 2022! It’s about time! Remember what the late President Ferdinand Marcos said: “My earthly goods have been placed in custody. This is for the disposition of the Marcos Foundation. It is dedicated to the welfare of the Filipino people.” He is truly so brilliant that corrupt power figures cannot steal the wealth of humanity. Gold is really God’s money. Whoever has the most gold, rules the world.

Marcos Wealth for Humanity is Timely

The pandemic made a lot of countries broke. The monetary system by the US that uses credit can less likely survive. An economic reset might be necessary with all the bad debts. This is where the gold system can come in. The 2022 elections can really change the course of time. People have the power to elect a president who can influence Congress to fast-track the Marcos wealth resolution or not.

Unity against Conspiracy Theory

The alleged conspiracy theory accusation on the Marcos wealth by the opposition has no effect on the people in unity. Filipinos must know these things. Technology is really the tool to uncover the truth. The great talents of the country can now go places with all the infrastructures, services, and privileges the last will and testament of Ferdinand Marcos preserves and provides to its worthy owners. So, help us, God.

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Wealth? Only the Son could Hear the Pleas of his Mother, Imelda Marcos


By: Elena Grace Flores
by AP Archive


Imelda Marcos: Implement the Last Will and Testament if my Husband

Former First Lady Imelda Marcos begs the Senate to implement the last will and testament of her husband. But the Congress was more interested in the gossips pertaining to Danding Cojuangco, the man behind the Coco Levy fund scandal. This is how the Dilawans block the legal process to return the wealth for humanity to the country. Despite the efforts of the current president Rodrigo Roa Duterte, it cannot even start. There are more battles in the Congress, Supreme Court, and most agencies in the government that people know about.

The Wealth for Humanity

The wealth of humanity by the late president Ferdinand Marcos are in the hands of trustees. Legal proceedings must push through to process its release to the country. Duterte’s power as president is not enough because he is not one of the heirs of the deceased Filipino leader. Bongbong Marcos, Ferdinand Marcos’ namesake is the only hope.

Only the Son can Hear the Laments of the Mother

Imelda Marcos can only put her hope through her son. She dreams that he will be president someday to relieve the Filipinos from their sufferings. This is not just a sentimental drama but very legitimate by law. Congress must sign a resolution that the majority of the lawmakers conforms to the decision of finally claiming the deposits of FEM from the trustees for the sake of the Filipino people. This wealth is so huge that the whole world can benefit from them as much as the Philippines. Stop the hatred as what Bongbong Marcos said. It’s not the culture of Filipinos.

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Bongbong Marcos’ Wealth of Evidence at the Bar of Public Opinion


By: Elena Grace Flores
Bongbong Marcos

Bongbong Marcos at the Bar of Public Opinion

Wealth of Evidence

Bongbong Marcos presents a wealth of evidence on fraud with regards to his electoral protest. This is not possible before according to the law. But now that the decision is out, he feels obliged to make them public. Therefore, at the bar of public opinion, he seeks further justice.

Justices Did Not See Wealth of Evidence

Marcos blames Associate Marvic Leonen for hiding the wealth of evidence he presented. Most justices did not see those during the en banc. That’s why he gets the unfavorable verdict. Nonetheless, the people must judge for themselves.

Unity for Everyone’s Welfare

It is a constant debate among Marcos’ supporters that their social media pages must be exclusive for the Marcoses. However, many believe that to achieve unity, non-loyalists must know the side of Bongbong Marcos too. This is the true quest of the former Senator. He doesn’t even mind the commercial ads on social media pages dedicated to him. He urges everyone to support these kinds of businesses on the net.

Robredo Accuses Bongbong Marcos of Using Trolls Anew

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Doy Laurel’s Testimony: 90-10 Offer of Marcos Wealth


By: Elena Grace Flores
YouTube Video by Filipino Future

Doy Laurel wrote in his book the confidential message of FEM to Cory Aquino.

Marcos Wealth Offer

The 1992 book of then Vice President Doy Laurel, Neither Trumpets Nor Drums contains this confidential message from the late President Ferdinand Marcos. The story “From the Lips of a Dying President” of the Manila Bulletin confirms this. Laurel’s Honolulu visit in 1989 after the call of former first lady Imelda Marcos in February that year was unforgettable for him. He was in the opposition but Marcos trusts his principle. Ex-President Marcos offers 90% of his wealth to the people. Only 10% he would retain for his family. Did then President Corazon Aquino heed his plea?

Principle vs. Humanity

Tell Aquino to stop her relatives asking for too much from me, said Marcos. Laurel tries to talk to Aquino but the latter refuses. She advices him to talk to the media himself. However, the message was meant for Aquino personally. And she could decide to tell the public about it. Laurel might be against Marcos when it comes to martial law. But the late president knew about his former VP’s humanitarian character.

Aquino’s Response to Laurel

Aquino did not even have 3 minutes for her Vice President. She has an hour for Tom Cruise but not for Laurel. Aquino’s alleged transparency stand did not make Laurel betray his confidentiality promise to Marcos. He seriously believes until his death that if only Aquino listens to Marcos, the country will solve all its financial problems. Since he cannot convince her, he made sure that proper documentation is made before his demise.