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Imee Marcos: Congress has No Power to Deprive Citizens of Constitutional Rights


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

Governor Imee Marcos was a former legislator. She knows that the power of legislative inquiry does not give Congress the power to deprive any citizen of constitutional rights. This includes the rights to freedom of movement. As well as the presumption of innocence.

Youtube video by; PTV
[VIDEO]: Posibleng detention room kay Gov. Imee Marcos, ipinakita

3-in-1 is Tyranny

The governor explains that when Congress acts as investigator, prosecutor and judge rolled into one, it is legislative tyranny. The principle of separation of powers prevents that from happening. However, House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez shows his being a tyrant by threatening to dissolve the Supreme Court or impeach the Chief Justice. The President once said that Alvarez has the tendency to act more superior than him.

Congress has No Power

She added that the 1987 Constitution did not authorize the Congress to “act as a prosecutorial or judicial body that determines the innocence or guilt of anyone for any charge of misconduct.” There is a clear violation of human rights here. There’s no way that the President would tolerate this as a popular democratic leader. He knows that his power is from the people, unlike Alvarez.

Supreme Court has the Say

“The judicial system, not Congress, is constitutionally empowered to do so,” she said. She cites Alvarez and Pimentel’s threats. Marcos admits that she can suffer the same fate as the six Ilocos Norte employees and officials. They are held by the House Sergeant-at-Arms office since May 29 for allegedly not rightfully answering questions during the inquiry. However, they may do this only through local arrest from her own hometown.

Above the Law

Some Congressmen is the House of Representatives are into power abuse in a major way. They probably think that they can get away with it. The people are not so keen on understanding the Constitution. This practice is rampant during the Aquino administration. That broke the spirits of good public servants like the late CJ Corona. This time, it’s the people against these abusive lawmakers who are fond of using the saying; “no one is above the law” to their advantage. They tend to forget laws exist. Marcos is here to remind them.

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The Humble Beginning of Imelda Marcos is Key to a Great President’s Wisdom


welcome By: Elena Grace Flores

It’s not all glamor for the ever popular former First Lady Imelda Marcos. Her cousin Loreto Ramos attests their humble beginning. A family helper, even bought her new shoes, because she was not raised in luxury but by the kindness to house helpers. She does not have to create a glamorous image. Her grace, charm, beauty, intelligence, and golden heart are treasures enough that allow her to be the hind legs of a great President full of wisdom and soon to be the mother of one.

Youtube video by; Rappler
[VIDEO]: Imelda Marcos, who turns 88 this year, is known for her lavish lifestyle when she was the first lady. Her jewelry collection is estimated to be worth at least P1 billion.

The Great President

Then Congressman Ferdinand Marcos may have given Imelda the life that she only dream of. But it is also true the other way around. A man with who manages to have a wife like Mrs. Marcos after 11 days of courtship must be a blessed one. They got married in 1954. He was elected President in 1965. That makes her the 10th First Lady of the Philippines and an envy to the world.

Virtuous Woman

Rep. Marcos also served as governor of Metro Manila and Minister of Human Settlements aside from being First Lady. She even resumed her political career even after her husband stepped down from power due to false accusations. She has served the House of Representatives from 1995-1998, and from 2010 until at present. Her husband can never be a dictator because there’s no such thing in a democratic constitution.

Tag Price

Marcos’s 3,000 pairs of shoes are her collections for the past decades. Some local and international brands still have tag prices on them from $11 for the locally-made ones to $100 each for the imported ones. This is an indication that she has not worn all of them. Media critics failed to investigate that most of the local pair of shoes displayed are the products of the Marikina Shoe Industry that she supported. The imported ones served as models for their designs. Some mainstream media still has a lot to learn.

Bongbong Marcos’ Wisdom

Bongbong Marcos never gives a boring interview. One is always inspired after listening to him. He is filled with wisdom that detractors can only self-destroy. His wit is a mixture of humility, knowledge, and hands-on experience. Supporters are hoping that one day, the people will wake up to witness his installation as the real Vice President of the country – the same way that he was robbed of it. Then, he can be the likely successor of the Presidency.