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Tell the Truth on who respects their dead; Marcos or Aquino?

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Benigno Aquino Jr was assasinated in 1983 that ignited a revolution. Jovito Salonga corrected that he did not die as a hero. Edsa participants did not even reach 10% of the Philippine population. He certainly died for his ambition to replace Marcos in the presidency. Ninoy has not done anything for the country except to talk; Salaonga said as Ninoy was noted to use his media influence to ruin Marcos through media propaganda.

Whereas former President Ferdinand E. Marcos died in exile at St. Francis Medical Center after a long battle with heart, lung and kidney ailments on September 28, 1989. Imelda, former first lady was at his bedside during the time of his death. He died without facing trial on United States criminal charges that he plundered the Philippine Treasury of more than $100 million in his 20 years in power.

Now, just looking at the images of their deaths, which family do you think are users of circumstances for their own gain and who respects their dead more by at least giving them the kind of burial they deserve? Aquino or Marcos?


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