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Tequila Shot Looks Steamy with Jessica White and Somaya Reece

welcome By: Elena Grace Flores
Sexuality display, fun tripping or unknown exploration? Whatever the purpose of this steamy shot, many are surprised why it was necessary to do such thing. Others find it sexy and fun. However, for your sure the girls just want to have fun and it’s all captured. You judge…

Eonline posted:Oh, what a night!
While the rest of the celebrities are out on their romantic dates, model Jessica White and former Love & Hip Hop star Somaya Reece end up making a surprising connection during ladies’ night in this steamy clip from Tuesday’s all-new episode of Famously Single! “I’m just looking at your lips,” Jess tells her from across the table. “I want to take a shot with you and then kiss you on your mouth.” Without hesitation, Somaya flags down the waitress to immediately bring the tequila!

Find out what happens next by clicking the link below for the video:


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